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Abstract: ML4663 l467
Text: Micro Linear Networking Products Selection Guide Ethernet, 10 Mbps Part Number Description LED Outputs Autopolartity Package Types M L2652 M L2653 M L2653EVAL M L464 2 M L464 4 M L4652 M L465 8 M L4662 ML4662EVAL M L4663 M L4663EVAL M L466 4 M L4664EVAL ML4665 M L4667 10BASE-T Physical Layer with A U I Port 10BASE-t Physical Layer Evaluation Kit for M L2653 A U I Multiplexer (2-port) A U I Multiplexer (4-port) 10BASE-T M A U 10BASE-T M A U 10BASE-FL M A U (without Quantizer) Evaluation

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PDF L2652 L2653 L2653EVAL L4652 L4662 ML4662EVAL L4663 L4663EVAL L4664EVAL ML4665 ML4663 l467
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