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Abstract: SN8F2255BFG SN8F2253BSG T0 B0BCLR FT0IRQ ; T0IRQ A, #0xxx0000b T0M,A ; T0M bit4~bit6 T0 x000xxxxb ... SONiX Technology

119 pages,
1341.88 Kb

C3H 16-pin QFN SN8F22531BJ LQFP32 QFN16 C3H SN8F22511BX SN8F2253B SN8F22511B SN8F22521BS SN8F22521B SN8F2250B t1c8 sonix SN8f2253bsg SN8F2255B SN8F2251BJ SN8F2251B 8F2251BJ SN8F2253 SN8F2253BS TEXT
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