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Three more Intel processor flaws

Intel has said it has found three new flaws in its processors. ‘When a program attempts to access data in memory, the logical memory address is translated to a physical address by the hardware, says Intel, accessing a logical or linear address that is not mapped to a physical location on the hardware will result ...

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Fully printed flexible display offers low power for simple IoT devices

Electrochromic technology is the key to low-cost simple displays, according to Swedish firm Rdot Displays. According to the firm, it can mass-produce reflective flexible displays on plastic substrates without needing metal or ITO layers – by either sheet-to-sheet or roll-to-roll printing. Viewing angles are wide and contrast is high for reflective technology. The underlying technology involves ...

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Partners bridge HLS and FPGA technology

Designers can used the integrated development environment (IDE) to quickly go from C++ to FPGA using the HLS and Achronix’s ACE design tools. The combination can reduce the development effort for 5G wireless and other design applications that require high performance FPGA technology in SoCs, configured using a proven C‑based design flow. Ellie Burns, director of marketing, Calypto Systems division, Mentor said: ...

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Apple to launch AMOLED phones

Apple will launch three new iPhones this autumn, says TrendForce, all with FaceID and two premium versions with AMOLED screens. TrendForce expects the initial production volume of the three phones to be 83-88 million units. The AMOLED versions are expected to be 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch and the cheaper, LCD version is expected to be 6.1 ...

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Toshiba aims Cortex-M3 MCUs at motor control

Toshiba is aiming at motor control in consumer and industrial applications with a set of Arm Cortex-M3 microcontrollers with 64 – 144pin packages, 256 – 512kbyte flash programme memory, and 32kbyte data flash memory. Licensed from Silicon Storage Technology, the flash is ‘Super Flash, where the code flash is rewritable up to 10,000 times and the ...

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Differential amps have 94dB minimum CMRR

Analog Devices has released a set of differential-in differential-out amplifiers win a minimum CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) of 94dB. Based on the existing LTC6363 differential amplifier which needs external resistors, they have built-in matched resistors. “Resistor matching is equivalent to a 0.002%. Initial gain accuracy is 45ppm maximum and varies by only 0.5ppm/°C maximum over temperature,” ...

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Nut spins for assembly, and can’t be lost

Need a nut that can be rotated, but can’t get lost? If it has to hold sheet metal, Pen Engineering is offering PEM SFN, a ‘spinning flare nut’ that can be made captive in thin metal. If two sheet metal assemblies have to be held together, it can be paired with a self-clinching stud in ...

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Pickering adds PXe verson of its USB 2.0 Hub

Pickering Interfaces, the Clacton-on-sea provider of modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification, has added a PXIe version of its USB 2.0 Hub module which offers the same capabilities as its PXI USB 2.0 Hub (model 40-738). This USB 2.0 Hub (model 42-738) is a single-slot 3U PXIe module that combines an ...

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Infineon sampling 650V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6

Infineon is sampling its latest TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 technology with a 650 V blocking voltage. The trench and field-stop technology co-packed with a soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Rapid 1 diode translates into reduced losses. The building block for motor drives up to 1 kW is marked by a good thermal performance, especially at higher switching frequencies ...

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Battery charger dev kit

The ST plug-and-play wireless battery-charger development kit (STEVAL-ISB045V1) lets users build ultra-compact chargers up to 2.5W with a space-saving 20mm-diameter coil, for charging small IoT devices and wearables such as smart watches, sports gear, or healthcare equipment. Built around the STWBC-WA wireless charging-transmitter controller, the kit comprises a charging base unit containing a transmitter board ...

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