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EMX-945GC-DVI p5nk60z 9pin rs232 D-connector to 25 pin rs422 SB2200 diode IR3J 11 pin 7-segment display SIMVME162 11 pin 7-segment display Bernstein D-32457 c2kc free usb to hdmi circuit diagram diode zener 5v1 79c SAA7136E HS 9338-2 HALT_INIT_WP RJ4-25V221MX amphenol 03554 P546G DSEI60-06A free usb to hdmi circuit diagram GBJ3510 MARKING code c6 sot-23-3 PN19-1-1 GBJ3510 SKiip 83 EC 125 T1 0967-LP-283-5010 M88E1111 GBJ3510 MJE13001 0967-LP-283-5010 AMD 880G PLH10A2911R2P02 LM044L LCD CA3-9-10 LM044L LCD HC00AG CA3-12-10 MHR0414 MC30100V1-000U-A99 "orange led" 5mm intel desktop board SERVICE MANUAL DP35DP M3592001-PA66 MEC0251V1-000U-A99 SIMATIC sm 431 ME70151V1-000U-A99 D70SF120V160QF LQH3KS/55D/66S Ptc transistor BP3020 1n60 256FSS330XY2JK CEP-2242 B72207-S950-K211 ikp15n60 hs26clv31 RAH01 B72207-S950-K211 mpx 40/100/21 ML4826ip-2 NTAG203 NC7SZ57P6X DB-PIM-10 F1765-1 74F1764 15AL8FX 74F1764 GM7130HVG ME80202V1-000U-A99 DILM150-XHI02 BCY21 1/MGDI-25 aztronic 1492/LT1493 ML7420A6009 futaba vfd module ML7420A6009 FLUKE-199C/003S ME80252V3-000U-A99 kt-88 ME80201V1-000U-A99 KDE1208PKV1 13.MS.A.GN MEC0382V2-000U-A99 kt-88 K6R4016V1D-T MB40100V2-000U-A99 3401056 KDE0504PFV2 11.MS.A.GN HL05006E3R000JE ME50151V1-000U-A99 KDE2405PHV1 MS MC35101V1-000U-A99 "LGA footprint" EEC0382B1-000U-A99 MC34119 equivalent MEC0381V1-000U-A99 PMD2408PMB2-A (2).GN IR94558/IR94558N/IR94559/IR94559N HA50151V4-000U-999 n170c2-l02 EE92252B1-000U-A99 PSEN 1.1P-23 PMD2412PTB3-A (2).GN EE80251BX-000U-A99 NYP05 SDIP-64/68HC05 PMD1206PMB1-A (2).GN 2SD2705S PE80252V1-000U-A99 BTX81/600R EEC0381B3-000U-A99 A6801SEPT MC30060V2-000U-A99 2SD2705S GW35HF60WD LD33 M61519 LM2950 IL 741 M rb 57 sfernice 6EH7 a/a/SP8K3 S4LS00 0.01 microfarad capacitor 10-01-1154 Intel GMA X4500 Intel GMA 4100 9802-05-00 NEC TUNER ICs ec229a 1/NTP 1010 S282UC-K40 gbs transistors BD907/BD908 electronic volume control SL3045C d421 "pin compatible" bg01g MCL Php-100 HDSP-2113 2N5911/MPS 1432 45DB240V25PD