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SN55LVDS32FKR Texas Instruments QUAD LINE RECEIVER, CQCC20, CERAMIC, LCC-20 visit Texas Instruments
SN65LVDS31IDR Texas Instruments QUAD LINE TRANSCEIVER, PDSO16 visit Texas Instruments
SN75LVDS82CDGGR Texas Instruments LINE RECEIVER, PDSO56 visit Texas Instruments
SN75LVDS9637DGKR Texas Instruments DUAL LINE RECEIVER, PDSO8, PLASTIC, SO-8 visit Texas Instruments
DS92LV0411SQ/NOPB Texas Instruments 5 - 50 MHz Channel Link II Serializer with LVDS Parallel Interface 36-WQFN -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments
SN65EPT21DGK Texas Instruments 3.3V ECL Differential Receiver 8-VSSOP -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments Buy

wkp 1n m

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power supply DVD schematic diagram

Abstract: orega flyback transformer 08.06.2003 WKP 1n M Wima 10mm 10mm 12,5mm 10mm 10mm 10mm SOT-54 DIP8 2,5mm Infineon
Infineon Technologies

Hitachi DSA00279

Abstract: /3814 Series. PA2/COM3 PA1/COM2 PA0/COM1 P97/SEG40/CL1 P96/SEG39/CL2 P95/SEG38/DO P94/SEG37/M , 72 P94/SEG37/M 22 54 P72/SEG19 P34 23 53 P71/SEG18 P35 24 52 P70 , /WKP1 /SEG 2 74 39 7 P50 /WKP0 /SEG 1 P94 /SEG37 /M X2 38 75 PA0 /COM 1 6 , output: This is the serial display data output pin for external segment expansion M 72 75
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi DSA00279 H8/38024 H8/38024F-ZTATTM HD64738024 HD64338024 HCD64338024 HD64F38024
Abstract: P G 13. 5 2 Omm PR 1 / 2 G L *D SERIES 59,2 2.33 E L E C T R 1C A L AC R A T 1N G /5 , 2.8 68, 8 2.7 Z DIM 6,4 .25 6,4 .25 6,4 .25 33,07 .300 2,7 .5 0,0 . 39 NOTES - H E A D S M A Y B E I N D E X E D IN 90^ I N C R E M E N T S L E V E R S M A Y B E K E Y E D T O T H E S H A L T A T 90^ I N C R E M E N T S . THEY MAY A L S O BE A T T A C H E D , B U T N O T K E Y E D A N Y W H E R E , E R I E S P R ODUCTS ONLY. T H E M A X I M U M V O L T A G E , Ve O E G L E A N D G L H S E R I E S Hitachi Semiconductor
H8/38024F-ZTAT HCD64F38024 H8/38023 HD64338023 HCD64338023 H8/38022

Hitachi DSA00313

Abstract: HCD64338023 5.1 Block Diagram of Interrupt Controller for H8S/2268 Group (Before) WKP (After) WKP Figure , ) WKP (After) WKP Description amended (Before) IRQn (After) IRQn Table 5.2 amended (Before) IIC , Block Diagram of 8-Bit Timer Module 11.3.5 Timer Control/Status Register (TCSR) M Prohibited , switchover Clock after switchover TCNT clock TCNT N N + 1N + 2 CKS bit rewrite 12.1 , Margin in Asynchronous Mode Revision (See Manual for Details) Description amended M = | (0.5 ­ 1
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi DSA00313 sk 1872 ac din hfe nv HCD64338022 HCD64338021 HCD64338020 CT015 TCT45-060P
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