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SN65LVCP408PAPR Texas Instruments 8x8 4.25Gbps Crosspoint Switch 64-HTQFP -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments Buy
SN55LVDS31W Texas Instruments Quad LVDS Transmitter 16-CFP -55 to 125 visit Texas Instruments
SNJ55LVDS32FK Texas Instruments Quad LVDS Receiver 20-LCCC -55 to 125 visit Texas Instruments
SN65CML100DG4 Texas Instruments 1.5-Gbps LVDS/LVPECL/CML-to-CML Translator/Repeater 8-SOIC -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments
SN65LV1224BRHBTG4 Texas Instruments 1:10 LVDS Serdes Receiver 100 - 660Mbps 32-VQFN -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments
SN65LVCP40RGZG4 Texas Instruments DC to 4-GBPS Dual 1:2 MUX/Repeater/Equalizer 48-VQFN -40 to 85 visit Texas Instruments

wkp 1n m

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power supply DVD schematic diagram

Abstract: orega flyback transformer 08.06.2003 WKP 1n M Wima 10mm 10mm 12,5mm 10mm 10mm 10mm SOT-54 DIP8 2,5mm Infineon
Infineon Technologies

Hitachi DSA00279

Abstract: /3814 Series. PA2/COM3 PA1/COM2 PA0/COM1 P97/SEG40/CL1 P96/SEG39/CL2 P95/SEG38/DO P94/SEG37/M , 72 P94/SEG37/M 22 54 P72/SEG19 P34 23 53 P71/SEG18 P35 24 52 P70 , /WKP1 /SEG 2 74 39 7 P50 /WKP0 /SEG 1 P94 /SEG37 /M X2 38 75 PA0 /COM 1 6 , output: This is the serial display data output pin for external segment expansion M 72 75
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi DSA00279 H8/38024 H8/38024F-ZTATTM HD64738024 HD64338024 HCD64338024 HD64F38024
Abstract: P G 13. 5 2 Omm PR 1 / 2 G L *D SERIES 59,2 2.33 E L E C T R 1C A L AC R A T 1N G /5 , 2.8 68, 8 2.7 Z DIM 6,4 .25 6,4 .25 6,4 .25 33,07 .300 2,7 .5 0,0 . 39 NOTES - H E A D S M A Y B E I N D E X E D IN 90^ I N C R E M E N T S L E V E R S M A Y B E K E Y E D T O T H E S H A L T A T 90^ I N C R E M E N T S . THEY MAY A L S O BE A T T A C H E D , B U T N O T K E Y E D A N Y W H E R E , E R I E S P R ODUCTS ONLY. T H E M A X I M U M V O L T A G E , Ve O E G L E A N D G L H S E R I E S Hitachi Semiconductor
H8/38024F-ZTAT HCD64F38024 H8/38023 HD64338023 HCD64338023 H8/38022

Hitachi DSA00313

Abstract: HCD64338023 5.1 Block Diagram of Interrupt Controller for H8S/2268 Group (Before) WKP (After) WKP Figure , ) WKP (After) WKP Description amended (Before) IRQn (After) IRQn Table 5.2 amended (Before) IIC , Block Diagram of 8-Bit Timer Module 11.3.5 Timer Control/Status Register (TCSR) M Prohibited , switchover Clock after switchover TCNT clock TCNT N N + 1N + 2 CKS bit rewrite 12.1 , Margin in Asynchronous Mode Revision (See Manual for Details) Description amended M = | (0.5 ­ 1
Hitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi DSA00313 sk 1872 ac din hfe nv HCD64338022 HCD64338021 HCD64338020 CT015 TCT45-060P
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