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ULN8126A Vishay Sprague Swithed-Mode Power Supply Controller, Voltage Mode Type, Bi-Polar, 18 Pin, Plastic, DIP 13 from $7.80 (Feb 2017) Quest Components Buy


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Abstract: ULN2151H ULN2151H MC1741CP1 MC1741CP1 ULN2151M ULN2151M ULN2803A ULN2803A ULN2804A ULN2804A ULN8126A MC1741CP1 MC1741CP1 ULN2803A ULN2803A ULN2804A ULN2804A SG3526N SG3526N UC2844BD UC2844BD ... ON Semiconductor

12 pages,
307.07 Kb

MC4741CP mc1455p1 LM317T applications lm339n china TA78012AP LM317t circuit TL497CN TA76494P lm358n substitution LM78M05CP MC1723CP MC3346P NE555V SN75150N RC4136N "cross reference" rc741dn RC4558DN LM317T 9667PC N5741V TEXT
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Abstract: SG3525A SG3525A SG3526N SG3526N SG3527A SG3527A UPC1188H UPC1188H HA11440 HA11440 AN5315 AN5315 AN5436 AN5436 LA7520 LA7520 TL494CN TL494CN ULN8125A ULN8125A ULN8126A ... Original

43 pages,
64.46 Kb

LA1201 M51517L UPC1185H2 ha12046 upc1031h2 ne545b sn76131n AN6677 X0238CE M51725L HA1457w PLL02A MN8303 x0137ce upc1018c ECG10 ECG11 UA78GKC ECG10 ECG11 MJ13005 ECG10 ECG11 LM1011N ECG10 ECG11 LM3171 ECG10 ECG11 jrc386d ECG10 ECG11 ECG10 ECG10 ECG11 ECG11 ECG12 TEXT
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Abstract: ULN2804A ULN2804A 96 ULN8126A SG3526N SG3526N 42 ULS2151M ULS2151M MC1741CP1 MC1741CP1 21 ULX8161M ULX8161M MC34060AP MC34060AP 39 ... Original

16 pages,
64.08 Kb

RC4136N "cross reference" MC3346P LM341P-15 UAA1016B "cross reference" UAA1016B MC1723CP equivalent LM703 IR3M03A Replacement CA3079 N5741V lm1981 REPLACEMENT FOR LM317t 9667pc LM317MP UVC3101 lm317t motorola LM317T rc741dn NE555V motorola LM317T TEXT
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Abstract: UPC1026C BT100A TMS3450NL NEC 78m12 CX20106A STK5481 M5L8155P kia7640ap KIA7313AP M53207P tlo72cp ULN8125A ULN8125A ULN8126A ULN8127A ULN8127A HA1370 HA1370 GL3101 GL3101 AN5316 AN5316 KA2919 KA2919 UPC494C UPC494C HA17524 HA17524 HA1350 HA1350 LA7851 LA7851 ... Original

314 pages,
272.52 Kb

sg264a n13t1 MA7812 jrc386d TBB1458B LA5530 2N3055 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA 2N3055 sn76131 2SC429GTM 2SC458 2SC458LG 2SC503 2SC504 TEXT
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Abstract: IN5365B ULN-20688 TMS4164-15NL tlo72cp MC145418CP TC5517APL2 TLO82CP MC74HC533N TLO81CP D2817A IN5355B sec c5088 TLO84CN ULN8125A ULN8125A ULN8126A ULN8127A ULN8127A HA1370 HA1370 GL3101 GL3101 AN5316 AN5316 HA17524 HA17524 HA1350 HA1350 LA7851 LA7851 CA3524 CA3524 LM3524N LM3524N ... Hewlett-Packard

143 pages,
22305.09 Kb

7bl12 diode cross reference in5388b toshiba f630 C3207 transistor transistor C3207 c5088 transistor TEXT
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Abstract: ULN2077B ULN2077B *85 ULN2993B ULN2993B ULN8125R ULN8125R *87 ULN8125A ULN8125A *87 ULN8126R ULN8126R *87 ULN8126A *87 ULN8127R ULN8127R *87 , ULN3751Z ULN3751Z *95 ULN2083A-1 ULN2083A-1 *91 ULN8125R ULN8125R *87 ULN8125A ULN8125A *87 ULN8126R ULN8126R *87 ULN8126A *87 ULN8127R ULN8127R *87 , Suggested Allegro Replacement Notes ULN8126A *87 ULN8127R ULN8127R *87 ULN8127A ULN8127A *87 UDN2936W-120 UDN2936W-120 UDN2936W UDN2936W ... Original

46 pages,
108.52 Kb

MC1468L an214q saa1024 upc1185h TA7609P x0137ce upc1031h2 M51517L LA1201 AN6677 MN8303 MJ13005 UA78GKC X0238CE upc1018c ECG10 ECG11 HA1457W ECG10 ECG11 ne545b ECG10 ECG11 LM1011N ECG10 ECG11 SN76131N ECG10 ECG11 jrc386d ECG10 ECG11 ECG10 ECG10 ECG11 ECG11 ECG12 ECG13 ECG14 TEXT
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Abstract: UVC3101 sfe10.7mhy TDA3048P TDA3048P TEA1009 TEA1009 TBA2800 TBA2800 MC34065P MC34065P BA6219 BA6219 SG3524N SG3524N ULN8125A ULN8125A ULN8126A ULN8127A ULN8127A HA1370 HA1370 GL3101 GL3101 AN5316 AN5316 KA2919 KA2919 ... Motorola

2677 pages,
34961.66 Kb

MC34063 MOSFET variable coils toko rcl lm317t motorola MC34063 Boost MOSFET IR power mosfet switching power supply IR3M03A DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAY L203 LM703LN schematic LG TV lcd backlight inverter uln2803 spice model atx power supply UC3842 diagram TL494 car charger schematic diagram LG color tv Circuit Diagram schematics Solar Garden Light YX 805 4 pin bpl color tv Circuit Diagram schematics TEXT
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Abstract: XR2203CP ULN2803A ULN2803A 97 ULN2804A ULN2804A ULN2804A ULN2804A 97 ULN8126A SG3526N SG3526N 44 ULS2151M ULS2151M MC1741CP1 MC1741CP1 20 ... Allegro MicroSystems

24 pages,
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UC3645 UGN3075U SS83CA ca1310ae UCN4401A PBD352302 ULN8160A UGN3013U HW200A CA1725E mc1417p uc3646 UCN4815A UDN2981LW ULN3782M AMS-105 SAS251 AMS-105 ugn3013 AMS-105 SAS251S4 AMS-105 L298D AMS-105 AMS-105 AMS-105 TEXT
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ULN8126A Sprague Dual-Output Voltage-Mode SMPS Circuit - 8V to 35V Oper,Dual 100mA Source/Sink Outputs

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NTE1722 Buy ULN8126A Buy
NTE1722 Buy ULN8126AN Buy

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SG3526N Buy ULN8126A Buy Various Direct

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Part Similar Part Notes
ULN8126A Buy ECG1722 Buy
ULN8126A Buy IP3526N Buy
ULN8126A Buy SK10025 Buy This OCR data book cross reference data includes some internal part numbers. Please review the part datasheets for accuracy.
ULN8126A Buy UC3526N Buy