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uPD72103 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
uPD72103 NEC Semiconductor Selection Guide 1995 Original
uPD72103A NEC Original
uPD72103A NEC Semiconductor Selection Guide Original
uPD72103A NEC Semiconductor Selection Guide 1995 Original


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Abstract: . NEC Electronics Inc. NEC uPD72103 HDLC/Frame Relay Controller Description The pPD72l03 high-level data link control procedure con tro ller (HDLCC) is a CMOS single-channel HDLC com m unications controller. The /JPD72103 is well suited to applications such as high speed X.25 packet sw itching and fram e relay links. The fiP D72103 is a fu lly integrated com m unications peripheral on a chip. The /iPD72103 has both a DPLL and DMA con tro ller included. The DMA controller transfers all data into and out of -
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PD72103 D72107 PD72305 CCITT-16
Abstract: 72065BL NZ 72103 2 M I CTM uPD72065B uPD72103 - Single-double density floppy disk controller NEC
upd4993 f 49055 Z80 PROCESSOR in aerospace V810TM uPD7210 uPD71059 A10985EU1V0DS00
Abstract: , all references to the uPD72103 should be understood as referring to the uPD72103A. Note This , "3.4.8 Cautions regarding overrun errors". ORDERING INFORMATION Part No. Package uPD72103AGC-3B9 , MRD GND IOWR IORD CS VDD NC VDD D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 NC uPD72103AGC-3B9 80 79 78 77 , configuration example · Example of uPD72103A's operation sequence · Connecting HDLC controller to a Motorola , about the uPD72103A's functions Read this manual in the order shown in the Table of Contents. · Users NEC
PD72103A uPD72001 users manual uPD72001 manual PD72001 d70116 d71059 S10766E S10766EJ9V0UM00
Abstract: ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Package uPD72103AGC-3B9 80-pin plastic QFP (14 × 14 mm , numbers on the uPD72103AGC-3B9 (80-pin plastic QFP). 59 , 60 , 62 to 67 D0 to D7 48 , 49 , 52 to 54 , VDD D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 N2 NC uPD72103AGC-3B9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 , . Surface Mounting Type · uPD72103AGC-3B9 Soldering Method : 80-pin plastic QFP (14 × 14 mm , slave to bus master when DMA operation is to be performed in uPD72103A. 3 62 HLDAK (Hold NEC
X10679EJCV0SG00 MICROPROCESSOR Z80 uPD72020 UPD77529 2SJ 3305 UPD6487 uPC5102 Z80TM V20TM V20HLTM V25TM V25HSTM V30TM
Abstract: uPD3719 uPD3728 uPD3729 uPD6708 uPD72001-11 uPD72001-A8 uPD72002-11 uPD72042A uPD72042B uPD72103A uPD72107 NEC
transistor NEC 2SK2500 NEC 2SK2500 2SK2500 N13T1 2SK2500 equivalent UPC1037HA MIL-HDBK-217 C11178EJCV0IF
Abstract: uPD72002-11 uPD72042A uPD72042B uPD72103A uPD72107 uPD72305 uPD98201 uPD98203 uPD98401A uPD98404 uPD98405 NEC
uPD3599 MOS FET BUZ 444 nec 3S4M transistor nec 2SK2396 MC-7643 4305 regulator nec V20HL V30HL V30MX V40HL V50HL V55PI
Abstract: -11 ASYNC, COP, BOP (2 ch) uPD72001115 VuPD72001A83.3 V uPD72001-A8 uPD72002-11 uPD72103A HDLC NEC
UPD72103AGC uPD70116 UPD72103ALP
Abstract: controller Allows communication in ASYNC, COP, and BOP mode (1 ch) uPD72103A HDLC controller Packet NEC
uPD16305 uPC1237 uPD65656 upc1701 2SD1392 2sb1099 PD43256A X13769XJ2V0CD00 PD750004 PD750006 PD750008 PD75P0016
Abstract: operation is to be perform ed in ,uPD72103A. 3 62 HLDAK (Hold Acknow ledge) 1 H Hold , 64 AS TB (A ddress Strobe) o H Used to externally latch address output from ,uPD72103A. , obtained by d ivisio n -by-1 6 of RxC pin input signal created in ,uPD72103A. In external DPLL mode: Inputs , open. 22 10 RESET (Reset) I L Perform s internal initialization of ,uPD72103A. 7 or m , ,uPD72103A. ,uPD72103A drives INT signal low on rising edge of this signal. 9 NEC 1.2 Pin Status NEC
micro servo 9g uPa2003 micro servo 9g tower pro 2SK1060 201 Zener diode 2SK2396 V25HS V35HS VR4100 VR4101 VR4200 VR4300