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ISL73096RHVX Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73127RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73096RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73128RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
TIL604HR2 Texas Instruments Photo Transistor, PHOTO TRANSISTOR DETECTOR visit Texas Instruments
HFA3102B96 Intersil Corporation C BAND, Si, NPN, RF SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, MS-012AB, MS-012AB, 14 PIN visit Intersil

transistors MP1620 it MN2488

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Abstract: MN2488 of the LM4702 that heads off to the output Darlington Transistors and a second trace is connected to Sink 2 on pin 11. Through several iterations of the artwork it was discovered that these two traces , % performance AN external VBE multiplier circuit in the LM4702 Demo Amplifier sets the output stage bias. It , changes. See Figure 2. Transistors Qmult1 and Qmult2 (presently a D44C8 or a TIP31A ) are physically , degeneration resistors in the emitter circuits of the Darlington transistors used in the output stage. A 0.5
National Semiconductor
MP1620 MN2488 MP1620 MN2488 MN2488 equivalent LM4702TA transistors MP1620 it MN2488 AN-1490 AN201962 CSP-9-111C2 CSP-9-111S2


Abstract: M56730ASP MN1280 0.61 MN12C201D 3.37 MN2488 4.39 MN3007 3.86 MN3101 6.78 MN3102 3.82 MN3207 31.44 MN4013 0.72 MN6049 3.47 MN8303 4.99 MOC3010 2.97 MOC3023 1.53 MOC8050 2.46 MP1620 4.35 MPS3646 1.26 MPS651 1.94
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STk442-130 M56730ASP PAC011A PAC010A UPC2581 PAL005A A3141LUA A3212ELHLT A3280LLHLT A3515EUA A3515LUA A3516LUA


Abstract: STK411-220E U.S.$ Price 1+ Min U.S.$ Price MJ2955 MJ2955* MN2488 MN2488# MP1620 MP1620# MR2520 MR2520 , distinguish that it is dismounted. * = GENERIC # > at We assure you that once you experience our , vrt-disk data base 98 for Windows Item#83-0295 · Data base covers 81,000 different devices (transistors
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STK411-230E STK411-220E UPC2581V FN1016 STRG6153 STK407-070B TLF14712F TLF14718F TLF14731F TLF14531FV TLF14731F1A TLF14731F3A