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Abstract: telemecanique LC1D115 Telemecanique D contactors and overload relays D115-59kw AC3 D150-80kw AC3 Telemecaniques' D , Telemecanique protection components: D115/150 with GV7-R motor protection circuit breaker for a compact, 2 , Protection catalogue (1) LC1-D115 and D150: clip-on mounting on 2 x 35 mm i_ r rails AM1 -DP or screw fixing , 415 440 500 LC1-D115 - M5 P5 U5 Q5 V5 N5 R5 S5 50 Hz B5 D5 E5 F5 - M6 - U6 Q6 - - R6 - B6 D6 E6 , Power Control and Protection catalogue (1) LC1-D115 and D150: cllp-on mounting on 2 x 35 mm t_ r rails
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telemecanique contactor catalogue telemecanique LC1D115 schneider contactor catalogue LC1-D150 LC1-D115 DIMENSIONS LA9-D115603 D115-59 D150-80 IS09001 IS014001


Abstract: LC1-D18 DN01) (2) + 4 mm with sealing cover. (3) 75: 3-pole, 85: 4-pole. (4) 125: LC1-Dii008. LC1-D115 , (Di2) LC1-D09, D12 LC1-D18, LC1-D2500 Telemecanique
LC1-D80 LA6-DK20 LC1-D40 LC1-D2510 LC1-D32 LA6DK10 LC1-D80 dimensions D2510 D2501 D2504 LA1-DN10 LA6-DK10

telemecanique lc1d09

Abstract: allen bradley 100-c43 TeSys D Line (Telemecanique) IEC Class 10 Overload Relay and Ferraz Shawmut Fuses Type 2 Protection , LRD3363 AJT110 - 100 30 LC1D115 LR9D5569 AJT150 - 100 30 LC1D80 LRD3363 AJT110 - 100 40 LC1D150 LR9D5569 AJT200 - 100 40 LC1D115 , LC1D65 LRD3359 AJT100 - 100 40 LC1D50 LRD3359 AJT70 - 100 75 LC1D115 LR9D5367 AJT125 - 100 50 LC1D65 LRD3359 AJT100 - 100 100 LC1D115
Ferraz Shawmut
telemecanique lc1d09 allen bradley 100-c43 telemecanique contactor LC1D80 telemecanique contactor LC1D12 allen bradley 100-c30 telemecanique LC1D40 AJT15 A6D15R AJT20 A6D20R 509-B AJT30

schneider LC1-D09 wiring diagram

Abstract: LC1-D38 - - SD FD GD MD UD RD Contactors LC1D40­D95 Contactors LC1D115 and D150 , LC1D80 LC1D95 LC1D115 LC1D150 LC2D38 LC2D40 LC2D50 LC2D65 LC2D80 LC2D95 , D95 (AC) LA9D8069 LA9D4002 LC1D80 and D95 (DC) LA9D8069 LA9D8002 LC1D115 and D150 , , LC1D65 4P DC LA6DK10· BEFMQ LC1D80­D150 3P AC, LC1D80 and D115 3P AC, LC1D115 4P DC LA6DK20 , (50 or 60 Hz) 1 on each side and 2 and 1 or 1 or 1 LC1D115 and D150 1 on LH side
schneider LC1-D09 wiring diagram LC1-D38 LT6P0M005FM LC2K06 LC1-D09 installation manual LC1K0910BD 9422CGJ30 9422CGJ31 9422CGJ40 9422CGJ41 9422CGJ50 9422CGJ51