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sg3821 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
SG3821J Sprague Semiconductor Data Book 1977 Scan
SG3821N Sprague Semiconductor Data Book 1977 Scan


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Abstract: SG3821N SQ3821J/883B SG3821J SG3821N SG3045J/883B SG3045J SG3046N ·55°C to 125°C -55°C to 125°C 0°C to 70 , INTEGRATED CIRCUITS SG3821/SG3045/SG3046 ''F M 3 - Z S " MATCHED NPN TRANSISTOR ARRAYS FEATURES · · , 10mA, and high voltage capability. HIGH RELIABILITY FEATURES -SG3821 · Available to MIL-STD-883 · , SG3821/SG3045/SG3046 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Note 1) Collector to SubstrateVoltage , ) Operating Junction Temperature Range SG3045, SG3821 . -55°Cto125°C
OCR Scan
SG3046 8 npn transistor ic 14pin matched transistors SG3821/SG3045/SG3046 300MH SG3821/3046 14-PIN


Abstract: sg3821 -55°C to 125°C 0°C to 70" C Connection Diagram J - PACKAGE SG3S21J/883B SG3821J SG3821N SG3045J , SILICON GENERAL LINEAR INTEG RATED CIRCUITS SG3821/SG3045/SG3046 MATCHED N PN TRANSISTOR , 10-59 SG3821/SG3045ISG3046 A B S O L U T E M A X IM U M R A T IN G S (Note 1) Collector to , 2) Operating Ambient Temperature Range SG3045, SG3821 . , =1mA VC E = 5V, lc=1mA V V MHz pF pF dB mV mA 4 5 2 10-60 SG3821/SG3045/SG3046 C O N N E
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Abstract: SG3821N Diagram J- SG3821J/883B SG3821J SG3821N SG3045J/883B SG3045J SG3046N C1 B1 COMMON EMITTER Q1.Q2 , SILICON GENERAL LINEAR IN TEGR ATED C IRCUITS SG3821ISG3045ISG3046 MATCHED NPN TRANSISTOR , 10^A to 10mA, and high voltage capability. HIGH R ELIA BILITY FEATURES - SG3821 Available to , betw een transistors. April 1990 10- 59 fl2S3flôO 0 G G 2 7 T Ô blO S G L SG3821 , Temperature Range SG3045, SG3821 . -55°C to 125°C SG3046
OCR Scan
ATIC 09 b4 SG3821J/883B

A5 GNC mosfet

Abstract: SL1626 SG3629 S G 3818/3818A SG3821 SG3822 SG3823 SG3851 SG3852 SG3853 SG3886 S G 4136/4136C S G 4194 , CA3059F/E CA3079E CA3081E CA3081F CA3082E CA3082F SG3001 SG3018T SG3018AT SG3822T SG3821J SG3821N SG3822N SG300T SG3058J SG3059J/N SG3079N SG3081N SG3081J SG3082N SG3082J RCA
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A5 GNC mosfet SL1626 motorola shl 7008 HA1452 ABB inverter motor fault code ic master AMI6800H AMI6800 VMI6800

SG3525 equivalent

Abstract: RC723DP , 02037 03406 04200 00039 JEDEC MTD10N05E CA3049 SPQ526K M HQ2221 M PQ2906 CA3083 SG3821N
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SG3525 equivalent RC723DP SN72748L MC7805G LM340H-05 SG711 523/3523A 741/741C

billion transformer e 3103 308 30631

Abstract: 74ls219 SG3645W SG3821J SG3821N SG3822N SG3851J SG3851N SG3852J SG3852N SG3853J SG3853N SG3854J SG3854N
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billion transformer e 3103 308 30631 74ls219 HD46505 billion transformer e 3140 118 32432 SW02F S2000 J24616 J26487 K25582 CH-5404 54070Z