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2N4427 Microsemi Corporation 2N4427 visit Digikey
2N4427 Central Semiconductor Corp RF Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.4A I(C), 1-Element, Very High Frequency Band, Silicon, NPN, TO-39 visit Digikey
2N4427 PBFREE Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS NPN 20V 0.4A TO-39 visit Digikey
2N3810L Microsemi Corporation Transistor visit Digikey
2N2904AL Microsemi Corporation Transistor visit Digikey
2N3499L Microsemi Corporation Transistor visit Digikey

s-parameter transistor 2N4427

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Abstract: Volume I Selector Guide 1 Discrete Transistor Data Sheets 2 Case Dimensions 3 , , 2N3960 2N4427 2N4428 2N4957, 2N4958, 2N4959 2N5031, 2N5032 2N5108 2N5109 2N5160 2N5179 2N5583 , Description Number RF Small-Signal Transistor. 2-14 High Frequency -
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A5 GNE mosfet 2N5160 MOTOROLA BFR96 HY 1906 transistor mrf10030 1PHX11136Q-14
Abstract: 2N3960JTX 2N3960JTX V 2N4260 2N4261 2N4261H 2N4427 3-3 1 6- 5 3 1 2- 4 â'" 7-2 16 2 11-2 , MARINE RADIO FM TRANSISTORS/MODULES An option is provided between a discrete 2-stage transistor lineup -
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2N5070 2N5591 MOTOROLA Motorola transistors MRF 947 2N4427 equivalent bfr91 mrf237 MOTOROLA mrf532
Abstract: Selector Guide 1 Discrete Transistor Data Sheets Amplifier Data Sheets Monolithic Integrated Circuit H Data Sheets mm Case Dimensions Cross Reference and Sales Offices 6 (M) MOTOROLA RF Device Data This publication presents technical information for the several product families that comprise the Motorola portfolio of RF Products. The product families include bipolar, LDMOS, MOSFET RF Power, and gallium arsenide chip technologies in a variety of ceramic and plastic surface -
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transistor C5386 trimpots 3296 CQ 542 Transistor npn motorola trimmer electron 3296 Transistor Equivalent TT 2142 transistor bf 175 2PHX11136Q-17