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J2014004 GE Critical Power Compact Power Line Shelves, RS485 shelf for the CP3500 rectifier visit GE Critical Power
J2014001L402 GE Critical Power GP100, 3&934;-480, RS485 communications, controller slot, LAN, RJ45 terminations, configured for slot 3 visit GE Critical Power
J2014001L422N GE Critical Power GP100, 3&934;-480, RS485 communications, controller slot, RJ45 terminations, includes a L401 and a L402 shelves in the same enclosure. Hardware included visit GE Critical Power
J2014001L401 GE Critical Power GP100, 3&934;-480, RS485 communications, add-on stand-alone shelf, configured for slot 3, hardware and shelf interconnect included visit GE Critical Power

rs485 modem v.92

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Abstract: 100ms* - - - - Connection to modem RS485 RS485 RS485 RS485 RS485 RS485 Connection to supervisor RS485 RS485 - - - - Proprietary bus Proprietary bus - , Cable ARF50 to modem (RS485#1) ACC-CBL-10111 Modem with external antenna 4 wires +v, A, B, 0v 4 wires WAGO terminal block breakout cable 0.75m Cable ARF50 to modem (RS485 , ARF53-PRO ARF73 www.adeunis-rf.com Range Depending on modem Depending on modem 200m Adeunis RF
ARF33-PRO ARF43-PRO EN300113 modbus rtu modem acc-adp- Adeunis RF ARF50-PRO 0/40V 0/10V 525MH
Abstract: low cost RS485 434 MHz WBFM radio modem for short range links The ARF16 RadioModem enables data , options : · ARF4027A : RS485 Radio Modem Daugther Board with +12/-12V link · ARF4027C : Approved , interfaces with any RS485 junction of programmable controller type and then behaves as a virtual cable with , telemeasurement type to the constitution of cordless RS485 local area network. It is available in the form of daughter board to be integrated on a mother board or approved complete modem Transmission : · Adeunis RF
rs485 protocol radiomodem cidex protocol rs485 F38920
Abstract: data rate multichannel Modem Full & sub-band FHSS modem High data rate monochannel Modem Improved full & sub-band FHSS modem Through AT commands Programmable up to 57.6kbps RS232 TTL or RS485 (485 buffer lines) TXD - RXD - RTS - CTS or RS485 driving capabilities Specific development upon request FSK Up to , 38920 C R O LLES - FRANCE Tél: (33) 04 76 92 07 77 - Fax: (33) 04 76 0 8 9 7 46 Email: arf -
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869MH 902/928MH 863/870MHZ 928MH ARF7429A ARF7429B
Abstract: site (RS-232) or remotely (RS-485, RTC MODEM, GSM, ETHERNET), and to also display in real time , , under the different classifications in this Standard. EQUIPMENT QNA-403 QNA-403 RS-232/ RS-485 Q20401 QNA-413 QNA-423 QNA-412 QNA-403 GSM QNA-413 RS-232/ RS-485 QNA-413 GPRS/ RS-232 QNA-423 RS-232/ RS-485 QNA-423 GPRS/ RS-232 QNA-412 RS-232/ RS-485 QNA-412 GPRS/ RS , following combinations: RS232/RS485 or GSM/RS232. RS-232 RS-232 Communication. Direct connection to the Circutor
M81044 IEC-61000-4-15 IEC-61000-4-7 IEC-61000-430 EN-61000-4-15 EN50160 M54020 circutor M81141 M81142 M81143 CP-2000/200 CPR-1000 CPR-500
Abstract: management of a local RS485 network; - management of modem communication from a single instrument to PC (data download); - management of modem communication from local networks (RS485 communication) to a , modem or RS485 port (also multi-drop availability.). General Specifications Operating Temperature , (RS485) modem Remote 100 255 AR1041 SIU-PC+ Analogue modem AR1034 GSM (RS485) modem User x PC A , means of analogue modem · Up to 4 optional pulse outputs · Up to 4 optional alarm outputs · Up to 4 Carlo Gavazzi
AO1026 siemens modem gsm tc35 siemens tc35 siemens transistor asy 27 modbus RS485 siemens ad1047 tc35 gsm PQT-90 18-60VAC/VDC 400/690VAC 60VAC/VDC 260VAC/VDC 16-24VDC
Abstract: ) 70169401 5525946 UMK-RJ 45/10 RJ45 Jack conversion to 10 Wire connection Industrial Ethernet Modem V.92 Virtual Ethernet Cable Via Dial-Up Connection INDEX RoHS 2313300 15 The PSI-MODEM/ETH analog V.92 Ethernet modem enables worldwide access to industrial Ethernet networks in machines and systems via dial-up , 159.59 7.80 Analog Industrial Ethernet Modem V.92 Power Supply Unit DIN Rail Connector 1456 , Convert RS-232 to Ethernet 70207915 2708740 FL COM SERVER RS485 Convert RS-485 to Ethernet 70208251 -
RJ45 to usb convert MCR-SL-S-200-U 5525946 usb to rj45 convert transistor MCR 400 RS485 to ethernet 100-UI-NC 15/5-ST-3 PT100
Abstract: a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Hayes Smart Modem® is a registered trademark of , 65 XMODEM File Transfer . 65 Modem , Functions . 71 RS-485 Drivers , Alarms . 92 5-Key Support Functions . 92 Application Z-World
XP8700 pk2200 PK2100 BL1300 BL1100 BL1400 020330-B
Abstract: .12 5.3.2 RS485 , .18 9.2 Firmware Revision , Table 1.1: 3.1: 3.2: 3.3: 4.1: 5.1: 5.2: 5.3: 5.4: 7.1: 9.1: 9.2: Order codes , guaranteed. The TMCM-110 can be controlled via an RS-232, RS-485, I²C or CAN interface (ordering option). , motor data sheet for detailed motor information Interface · RS232, RS485, I²C or CAN 2.0b host Trinamic Motion Control
TMCM-110-42 NEMA-17 pc based dc motor control using chopper ATMEGA32 using light control PD1-110-42 stepper motor controls TMC246 PD-110-42
Abstract: internal modem that supports standard dial-up capabilities when traditional IT networks are not available , ) Each NCE25 Series model requires a 24 VAC power supply and includes one RS-232-C serial port, one RS-485 , . MS-NCE2511-0 Supports one N2 Bus trunk with up to 32 N2 devices. Includes internal modem. MS-NCE2516 , -0 Supports one N2 Bus trunk with up to 32 N2 devices. Includes integral display screen and internal modem , -0 Supports one LONWORKS network trunk with up to 32 LONWORKS devices. Includes internal modem. MS-NCE2526 Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls MS-NCE25 LIT-1900455
Abstract: RS-232 and RS-485/422 Data Flow Host and RF Modem I/O Settings Flow Control 40 41 43 , XStream-PKG-R RF Modem supports the following interfacing protocols: · RS-232 · RS-485 (2-wire) Half-Duplex · , (2-wire half-duplex) Signals and their implementations on the XStream RF Modem DB-9 Pin RS-485 , used Wiring Diagram: RS-485 (2-wire) Half-Duplex Figure 2.9. XStream RF Modem in an RS-485 (2 , -232/485 RF Modem ­ Product Manual v4.2A RS-485 (4-wire) & RS-422 Operation DIP Switch Settings and Pin MaxStream
24XStream-PKG-R 24XStream X24-019 X24-009 X09-019PKC-RA X09-019PKC-R RS-232/485 X09-001PK X24-009PK XH9-001PK X09-009PK X09-019PK
Abstract: connection of the modem complies with EIA RS-232. It can also be used as an EIA RS-485 interface. · , communication module can be connected as an expansion unit to basic units such as 07 KR 91 R353, 07 KT 92 to , similarly to 07 KR 91, 07 KT 92 to 07 KT 97) Advant Controller 31 / Issued: 10.99 Hardware 7.1-5 , The RCOM network is connected to this interface. It is connected via a modem with standard interface , interface RCOM: Terminal assignment Interface standard: EIA RS-232 or EIA RS-485 6 RCOM G 1 9 ABB Stotz-Kontakt
ABB masterpiece ABB masterpiece 200 ABB MP200 masterpiece 200 abb Kt 92 07KT97 D-69123 D-69006
Abstract: SIU-PC+ Analogue AR1034 analogue modem (RS485) modem Remote 100 10 AR1041 SIU-PC+ Analogue AR1034 GSM modem (RS485) modem User N PC A PC B PC A PC C PC B PC B N Notes: A- Only data , (variables and alarm status) â'¢ Data transmission and reception by means of analogue modem â'¢ Up to 4 , data and to manage a modem. Wm4Soft Remote: programm to set all the programming parameters. Range , Serial output, RS485 multidrop, bidirectional R2: O1: O2: Slot D (alarm or pulse) Options -
WM4-96 RS422/485 DS200706 AP1021 18-60VAC/DC AP1020
Abstract: Document No. VTMODEM3US3200 ­ pg. 1/2 RS-422/RS-485 Industrial Telephone Modem Model VTMODEM3US Overview Now you can remotely communicate with RS-422 or RS-485 devices with this robust industrial modem. Just connect the modem directly to a device or network of devices and perform maintenance from the convenience of your office. Use the multi-drop RS-485 capability to connect up to 32 devices over a 2 or 4 , RS-422/RS-485 port this modem has an RS-232 port. It can be powered from any 10-52 VDC power source B&B Electronics
PLC modem rj11 to db9 rs485 modem v.34 rs485 to db9 connector DB9 Female / RJ11 NZS3260-1993 RS-422/RS-485 S03-8 CTR21 98/482/EC EN61010-1 IEC1010
Abstract: lines `` UART/RS-485 Description The programmable ASC3011 (single modem) and ASC3012 (dual modem , or an RS-485 transceiver. The parameters of each modem can be independently programmed using the , RE/DE RS-485 RS-485 Interface TRANSCEIVER TXI DIR RX RXO ASC3011/12 1/2 MODEM ,  MHz and 6.528 MHz `` Advanced DSP-based modem `` Receiver sensitivity better than AISG standard to , low signal strength even with presence of co-channels. Development platform Some modem parameters NXP Semiconductors
Abstract: Z-World, Inc. ® Hayes Smart Modem is a registered trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc , Serial Communication Ports . 32 RS-485 . 32 RS-232 and Programming Ports . 33 Modem , Developing An RS-485 Network . 55 Software , . 90 Header H3PIO 1, RS-485, and Power . 91 Jumper Z-World
BL1500 XP8300 z world series BL1700 Wiring Diagram rj12 to DB9 adapter BL1510 G2 BL1500 DS1302 segment Clock ASM example XP8100 XP8200 XP8400 XP8500
Abstract: open circuit for normal operation RS485 Bi-directional data. Brought low by the modem when a RF , Synthesised Radio Modem X7200-2, X7200HP FEATURES · Operates on international licensed , 3km in buildings for ERP of 500mW. · RS232 & RS485 serial Interface with baud rates of 1,200 to , Addressable individually and globally. · On-line AT commands for modem dial-up operation and RF channel , -2 Radio Modem transmits and receives half duplex serial data at baud rates of 1200 to 38,400 by means of RF Solutions
MPT1329 x7200 rf modem mpt1411 uhf Modem X7200 VHF transmitter circuit 147MHz MPT1411 147MH 174MH 400MH 500MH
Abstract: RS232 connectors-console, modem RS485 connector with cable assembly ZiLOG Debug Interface (ZDI) JTAG , ) SRAM (512 KB up to 2 MB) RS485 RS232-1 (Modem) Embedded Modem LED (7x5 matrix) GPIO and , circuit. However, UART1 MODEM interface and the socket modem interface are disabled if the RS485 circuit , , Socket Modem Interface, and RS485 interface. Out The RS485 circuit is disabled on UART1. UART1 MODEM interface, Socket Modem Interface, and RS485 interface. Jumper J17 The J17 jumper connection ZiLOG
RS485 XCVR cewe 25X2 QS001 panasonic goldcap MT5656SMI MT5600SMI SF56D SC56H Z80F92 UM013911-0607
Abstract: byte receive FIFO with error flags Automatic RS-485 half-duplex switch Independent transmit and receive , Four selectable, and Programmable Transmit/Receive FIFO interrupt trigger levels Standard modem , UARTs in RS485 Applications Version 1.0.0 April 2008 147.31 KB Description The XR16C8641 (864) is , Transmit and Receive FIFO counter, RS485 Support, Independent Transmit and Receive DMA signals, http , registers provide the user with error indications and operational status, modem interface control. System Exar
EXAR MARKING CODE intel date code marking qfp100 XR16C864 128-B ST16C554/654 ST68C554/654 TL16C554
Abstract: trademark of Microsoft Corporation PLCBus is a trademark of Z-World, Inc. ® Hayes Smart Modem is a , XMODEM File Transfer . 44 Modem , Master-Slave Networking . 51 RS-485 Network Hardware Connections . 52 RS-485 Network Software Support . 54 Miscellaneous RS-485 Network Functions . 55 Support Z-World
BL1600 equivalent integrated circuit H102 uln2003 stepper motor Z-World BL1600 ULN2003 current buffer DL128 XP8600 XP8800 XP8900
Abstract: matrix ­ Jumpers ­ Two RS232 connectors-Console, Modem ­ RS485 connector ­ ZiLOG Debug Interface , -0 (Console) Ethernet SRAM (512 KB up to 2 MB) EMAC RS485 RS232-1 (Modem) Flash (1 MB , Functionality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Embedded Modem , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Modem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Embedded Modem Socket Interface-J1, J5, and ZiLOG
matrix 7x5 leds eeprom programmer schematic diagram schematic diagram of led monitor IDC50 matrix 7x5 ms Z80L92 UM012909-1003
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