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37-1-A7C-ARTC-AM Everlight Electronics Co Ltd LED RED CLEAR 4DIP THROUGH HOLE visit Digikey
TTCAMCSANF-12.800000 Taitien Electronics Co Ltd Clipped Sine Output Oscillator visit Digikey
37-1-R7C-ARTC-AM Everlight Electronics Co Ltd LED RED CLEAR 4DIP THROUGH HOLE visit Digikey
TTCAMCSANF-10.000000 Taitien Electronics Co Ltd Clipped Sine Output Oscillator visit Digikey
DF2505BR26DV Renesas Electronics Corporation Renesas MCU featuring several interfaces for separate applications, support, business, car audio, printers. visit Digikey

renesas tcam

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Abstract: Renesas Memories General Presentation October 2010 Renesas TCAM Renesas Electronics , reserved. Renesas Memories General Presentation Renesas TCAM Product Overview TCAM is a type of , . Renesas Technology has tremendous expertise in designing custom TCAM products for select tier one , Corporation. All rights reserved. Renesas Memories General Presentation Renesas TCAM Products 4-4 , Renesas TCAM Renesas 20-Mbit Standard TCAM R8A20410BG Renesas 20-Mbit QUAD Search Full Ternary CAM is Renesas Electronics
tcam tcam renesas Xelerated renesas CAM verilog TCAM HX330 HX330/320
Abstract: Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) devices for performing ultra-fast data packet searches. The new Renesas R8A20410BG QUAD-Search TCAM has been developed to address the stringent requirements of high data throughput , Allows the TCAM array capacity to effectively be doubled to 40Mb by connecting two identical , -7 Deep Packet Inspection Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) 360-MSPS TCAM maximizes multi-layer , TCAM chip enables data transfer rates of 40Gbps and higher. Search bit lengths can be set to 40, 80 Renesas Electronics
Xelerated tcam R8A2041 TCAM chip ternary content addressable memory octeon plus R10PF0001EU0100
Abstract: -0100 Rev.1.00 Feb 21, 2005 Description "MARIE" is a new RENESAS Ternary CAM co-processor targeted for , performance. 2. Half Sized Global Mask Search Register In a conventional TCAM the Global Mask Search , Global Mask Search Register controls the bits that participate in the search. In MARIE's TCAM the Global , corresponds to TCAM bit count. Figure 1 Global Mask Search (conventional) Search Comparand Key DQ , , the TCAM memory data is in the unknown state of empty/full. All the data entries have to be Renesas Technology
R8A20110BG Priority Encoder CAM ternary Ternary CAM REJ03H0002-0100 LU/288-
Abstract: ) REJ03H0001-0100 Rev.1.00 Feb 21, 2005 Description Renesas delivers MARIE_Blade that is a ternary CAM , . High Density and Low Power Consumption Renesas MARIE_Blade is a network search engine with the high-density TCAM memory cell. The minimized memory cell allows MARIE_Blade to realize not only high , the basic unit of entry address for Write TCAM is 72-bit wide. Each lookup size, 72-bit/144-bit/288 , TCAM DQ Array The GMSR bit width is the same as that of DQ. 1-bit GMSR masks 1-bit DQ search key Renesas Technology
tcam 72 144 288 576 AC22 288-BIT 144-BIT R8A20211BG/R8A20210BG 361F7X-A
Abstract: Renesas 20Mbit Standard TCAM R8A20410BG Renesas 20M-bit QUAD Search Full Ternary CAM is a high performance search engine targeted for demanding network applications. - High Speed Search Rate (Max 360Msps @ 80, 160, 320bit) - Flexible Search Key (40L/H, 80, 160, 320, 480, 640bit) - Direct connection to Xelerated NPU (HX330/320 series) - 576pin FCBGA, 27mm x 27mm body Top View A1 , Manual : Rev0.14 : Rev0.14 : Rev1.1 : Rev0.1 : Rev0.2 (From Xelerated) Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics
576-Pin REV01 27mmx27mm 20M-bit
Abstract: ) to indicate valid data on the output These high-performance Renesas devices are upward compatible , Data Plane Forwarding Table Prefixes stored & searched QDR SRAM, TCAM Policing Table System , B4 B2 B4 B4 B2 B4 B4 B2 B4 Latency (Cycle) Why Renesas? ODT* Clock Frequency , Renesas internal use Long history of high-speed SRAM development and large-volume production , : am.renesas.com NOTE: Pb: RoHS Compliance Level = 5/6; Pb-Free: RoHS Compliance Level = 6/6 © 2010 Renesas -
10GHz counters FBGA Shipping Trays DDR PHY ASIC 533MH R10PF0002EU0100
Abstract: full Ternary Content-Addressable Memory (TCAM) array, which stores the databases searched by the , Interface Controller LA-1 Interface Controller Control and Arbitration Logic TCAM Array LA , interface parity errors as well as TCAM core parity errors and context processing errors. I/II LA , . This signal tells the Ayama 20000 device that there are no free entries VDDQ_A or HSTL within the TCAM , , FULL_OUT indicates that there are no free entries in VDDQ_A or HSTL the internal TCAM array (for the Cypress Semiconductor
idt tcam Ayama 20000 cypress tcam Sahasra 50000 NSE sahasra Sahasra 50000 CYNSE20512 CYNSE20256 166/200/266MH 166/200LVCMOS/200HSTL
Abstract: 2009.04 Renesas General-Purpose Memory General Catalog www.renesas.com Highly Reliable , supply capability, Renesas changing demands of the times. We respond rapidly to the diverse , compatibility and miniaturization SOP Renesas original technology maintains the high quality of a large , *Please contact a Renesas Technology sales representative for details. Low-Power SRAM Package Lineup · , sure that errors that do occur will not affect neighboring cells. This is what Renesas Technology Renesas Technology
HN58V1001TI-25E R1EX25256ATA00I r1qaa7218rbg R1LV0816A R1LV1616RBG-7SI M5M51008DFP-55H REJ01C0001-1000