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QBVW025A0B41Z GE Critical Power CONV DC/DC 12V 300W OUT T/H visit GE Critical Power
NSR006A0X54Z GE Critical Power CONVERTER DC/DC 14V 6A OUT visit GE Critical Power
FNW700R64-18Z GE Critical Power CONVERTER DC/DC 28V 700W OUT T/H visit GE Critical Power
QBVW025A0B41-HZ GE Critical Power CONV DC/DC 12V 300W OUT T/H visit GE Critical Power
PIM400K6Z GE Critical Power PIM400 Series; ATCA Board Power Input Module, -36 to -75 Vdc; 400W/10A, I2C Digital Interface & Short pins (3.68mm) visit GE Critical Power
AXA016A0X3-SR12Z GE Critical Power 12V Austin SuperLynxTM 16A: Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Module, 10Vdc –14Vdc input; 0.75Vdc to 5.5Vdc output; 16A Output Current, 100Ω Resistor between Sense and Output Pins visit GE Critical Power

pin out mp3 nara

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Abstract: CD player circuit images Use a TMS320C54x Nara Won IA CD Team Image and Audio Group ABSTRACT Compact disc (CD) media , . Today, people want to be able to play popular compressed audio files (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.) with the , MP3 market since the market first emerged, and it has shown stronger benefits as the market moves , . The players can play multi-format audio (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.), including legacy audio CDs. To play , "buffman_cdda.h" 3.5 Shock Detection The McBSP2 port is connected to the EF pin on the Philips M3 CD loader
Texas Instruments

green hills supertrace probe datasheet

Abstract: laser range finder schematics MP3 Decoder REFERENCE DESIGN Arcturus Network Inc. Embedded uClinux Development Platform , out of the box. Based on an enhanced version of the popular ATMELTM EB40 board (EB40LS), the , SRAM ! 16-pin LCD expansion connector ! AT91R40008 daughter board, with 256K Bytes of On-chip , , AT91M40800 and AT91R40008. ! 20-pin JTAG interface connector ! Atmel at91 C library ! uCos source tree , ! 20-pin JTAG interface connector 4M bytes 16-bit Flash ! Ethernet interface connector (RJ45
green hills supertrace probe datasheet laser range finder schematics green hills supertrace probe 128X64 graphical LCD screen graphical lcd 128X64 with touch screen IC 4511 OF SIMPLE DIGITAL SECURITY SYSTEM ATEB40 SDB-750 ARM7/AT91M55800A TRACE32 1307E-07/04