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Abstract: PC817X8 PC817X8 PC817X9 PC817X9 PC817X0 PC817X0 PC817XF PC817XF1 PC817XF2 PC817XF3 PC817XF4 PC817XF5 PC817XF6 PC817XF7 PC817XF8 PC817XF9 PC817XF0 SMT Gullwing PC817XI PC817XI PC817XI1 PC817XI1 PC817XI2 PC817XI2 PC817XI3 PC817XI3 PC817XI4 PC817XI4 PC817XI5 PC817XI5 , Lead-Form [ex. PC817XF] Rank mark 4. Wide SMT Gullwing Lead-Form [ex. PC817XFP] Rank mark Factory , PC817XFP - - - - - - - - - - Rank mark IC [mA] (IF=5mA, VCE=5V, Ta=25°C) with or ... Original

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PC817XP1 td pc817 pc817 operation PC817X2 PC817XI PC817XP0 PC817XP6 sharp pc817 PC817 make PC817XP2 PC817X PC817XP9 PC817XI1 UL1577 E64380 PC817 PC817X abstract
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Abstract: PC817X7 PC817X7 PC817X8 PC817X8 PC817X9 PC817X9 Renesas PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2501A-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF0 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF2 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF3 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF5 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF6 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PC817XF7 PS2561L1-1 PS2561L1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF8 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 PS2561AL1-1 or PC817XF9 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561DL1-1 PS2561AL2-1 PS2561AL2-1 or PC817XFP PS2561DL2-1 PS2561DL2-1 PC817XI PC817XI PS2501AL-1 PS2501AL-1 PC817XI0 PC817XI0 ... Original

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LM 7860 LTV816C PC925L APPLICATION igbt driver TLP250 igbt driver applications PC123 optocoupler example cosmo 3020 optocoupler pc123 PS2501 optocoupler K1010B PS9313 PS8551L4 PS9303 cosmo 817 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: PC817XF8J00F PC817XF9J00F PC817XIJ000F PC817XIJ000F PC817XI0J00F PC817XI0J00F PC817XI1J00F PC817XI1J00F PC817XI2J00F PC817XI2J00F PC817XI3J00F PC817XI3J00F PC817XI4J00F PC817XI4J00F ... Original

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PC817X2J000F PC123 Series PC3ST11NSZKF PC814PJ1J00F PC817X3J000F PC354M15J00F PC817XP3J00F PC853HXPJ00F PC81716NSZ0F pc817e pc123y22 PC123Y82 sharp rohs marking PC3SH13YIPAF PC400- PCN-20060616 PC400- abstract
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Abstract: Lead Form Wide Through-Hole Rank mark IC [mA] (IF=5mA, VCE=5V, Ta=25°C) PC817XFJ000F PC817XF1J00F PC817XF2J00F PC817XF3J00F PC817XF4J00F PC817XF5J00F PC817XF6J00F PC817XF7J00F PC817XF8J00F PC817XF9J00F PC817XF0J00F with or without A B C D A or B B or C C or D A, B or C B, C or D A, B , Lead-Form [ex. PC817XFJ000F] Rank mark 4. Wide SMT Gullwing Lead-Form [ex. PC817XFPJ00F] Rank mark , PC817XI0J00F PC817XI0J00F PC817XPJ000F PC817XPJ000F PC817XFPJ00F with or without A PC817XP1J00F PC817XP1J00F - B PC817XP2J00F PC817XP2J00F - C ... Original

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PC817X4J000F PC817XPJ000F PC817XJ PC817X2J000F PC817X9J000F PC817XP3J00F PC817-2 PC817XI2J00F PC817 PC817XI4J00F PC817XI1J00F PC817XF1J00F pc817 rohs PC817X0J000F PC817XJ0000F PC817XJ0000F PC817XJ0000F abstract
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Abstract: PI/Photocoupler/1108 Selection criteria Photocouplers/High Speed Photocouplers START OPTO Isolation? Yes PC123 PC123*F No PC357N PC357N*F SMD? Yes Yes PC3H7*F Yes HALF PITCH? Quad Channel? PC817X PC817X*F No VDE? Selection Guide AC INPUT? No DIGITAL OUTPUT? Yes Yes PC847X PC847X*F No SMD? Quad Channel? Yes PC844X PC844X*F No Yes General description PC354N PC354N*F PC814X PC814X*F Yes PC900V0NSZXF PC900V0NSZXF HA ... Original

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PC817X1NIP0F PC817X3N PC817X2NSZ0F PC847X7J000F PC817X2NIP PC357N14J00F PC357N14 PC817X3NSZ0F PC410LEN pc123 opto PC452TEJ000F PC817XNNIP0F PC817XnNSZ0F PC3HU7 datasheet abstract
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Avago Cross Reference Results

Avago Part Cross Reference Type Manufacturer
HCPL-817-W00E Buy PC817XFJ0000F Buy Close Equivalent Sharp
HCPL-817-W00E Buy PC817XFJ000F Buy Drop-in Sharp
HCPL-817-W0AE Buy PC817XF1J00F Buy Drop-in Sharp
HCPL-817-W0BE Buy PC817XF2J00F Buy Drop-in Sharp
HCPL-817-W0CE Buy PC817XF3J00F Buy Drop-in Sharp
HCPL-817-W0DE Buy PC817XF4J00F Buy Drop-in Sharp