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Abstract: low NTC thermistor sensor M2020 for refrigerators comes in a sturdy, injection-molded plastic , cable of desired length is attached with waterproof joints. The M2020 is a complete NTC sensor probe , ] Temperature control with just one NTC thermistor V A/D Converter NTC (2/98.4.3) Siemens Matsushita Components has developed NTC thermistor M2020 for refrigerators and deep freezes. This probe , Temperature control in household appliances NTC thermistors sense hot and cold NTC (negative Siemens Matsushita Components
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Abstract: Sensoren zur Temperaturmessung in Haushaltsgeräten NTC fühlt heiß und kalt In elektronisch , Widerstand mit steigender Temperatur abnimmt. Dieses Verhalten wird durch die Bezeichnung NTC ausgedrückt ­ , belasteten NTC wird die Temperaturänderung durch Eigenerwärmungseffekte hervorgerufen, während im nicht , Widerstandsänderung im NTC spielt. Zur Temperaturmessung wird der Thermistor im nicht belasteten Zustand betrieben , Kunde kann nicht zwischen so vielen TemperaturwerDer Kühlschranksensor M2020 im robusten Siemens Matsushita Components
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Abstract: seal," Mike Williams, marketing engineer, NTC thermistors for EPCOS, says. Because the M2020 sensor , built-in refrigeration appliances-the new custom M2025 NTC probe. Now Sub-Zero is able to fill 100 , had been using the EPCOS M2020 sensor in an injection-molded casing with great success when it , evaporator had an opening of 6.5 mm. This smaller opening was no longer compatible with the EPCOS M2020 probe that Sub-Zero was previously using. PRODUCT PROFILE: REFRIGERATION SENSORS The M2020 family of EPCOS
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Abstract: / Hungary EPCOS ist aus dem erfolgreichen Joint Venture Siemens Matsushita Components hervorgegangen und , ! Batam Island / Indonesia EPCOS emerged from the successful Siemens Matsushita Components joint , countries. EPCOS is a leading supplier of NTC thermistors on the world market. The competence center for , thermistor technology enable it to create NTC probes with customized electric parameters. The tightest of , our products for temperature measurement. The high measuring accuracy of our NTC thermistors allows EPCOS
Abstract: . This requires highly reliable electronic components that feature extremely high precision. The M2020 , lead-free soldering © EPCOS AG 2008 EPCOS Components for Home Appliances Special Features NTC , Multilayer ceramic capacitors NTC thermistors V* (chip) l M89*, S8* (leaded) l Z509 (dryer , page 21. © EPCOS AG 2008 EPCOS Components for Home Appliances NTC thermistors M1005, M20*0 , Technical data Features Ordering code / Type Multilayer SMD NTC with inner electrodes in AgNiSn EPCOS
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Abstract: tight range around the rated values. Example: refrigerator sensor at 0 °C (M2020). b) Uni curve NTC , , our NTC thermistors are subjected to an ageing process directly after manufacture. Siemens , 070, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor , resistance of the NTC thermistor can be brought about either externally by a change in ambient temperature or , are based on this behavior. NTC thermistors are made of polycrystalline mixed oxide ceramics. The Siemens
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Abstract: Logistics NTC Thermistors S +M Siemens Matsushita Components COMPONENTS NTC thermistor , /155 3 k . 30 k 25 Siemens Matsushita Components Selector Guide NTC thermistors for , 72 Siemens Matsushita Components Selector Guide NTC thermistors for temperature measurement , ) Siemens Matsushita Components ­ 10/100 1704 74 15 Selector Guide NTC thermistors for , (M2020). b) Uni curve NTC thermistors Uni curve NTC thermistors are used when a high measuring accuracy Siemens Matsushita Components
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Abstract: ) I Metal oxide varistors I PTC thermistors Sensors I NTC sensors I Pressure sensors and EPCOS
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