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mostek guide 1976

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Abstract: . Copyright 1976 by Mostek Corporation PRINTED IN USA Ai| rights reserved TIMING COUNT _J~ -H f^^UDS UP , MOSTEK SIX DECADE COUNTER / DISPLAY DECODER MK50395N / MK50396N / MK50397N FEATURES â , ) Mostek reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time and without notice. The information furnished by Mostek in this publication is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Mostek for its use; nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third -
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7490 Decade Counter MK 50395 SN7490 MK5009 decode counter 7490 4 digit COUNTER LED bcd
Abstract: ] Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor product line OS Porting Guide http://www.intel.com/go/soc , continues to grow as well. 2.2 Early Single Board Computers The "Dyna-micro" built in 1976 is , followed different standards for popular industrial backplane buses such as the Pro-Log/Mostek STD bus (IEEE), Motorola Exorbus and VME bus (ANSI). The latter of these was a joint effort by Motorola, Mostek , Software for Intel® EP80579 Integrated Processor product line OS Porting Guide[4]. 3.2.3 BIOS -
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Halbleiterbauelemente DDR transistor vergleichsliste u82720 VEB mikroelektronik Datenblattsammlung je 3055 Motorola R-1035
Abstract: Information V III. Microprocessors IX. Industrial X. Consumer XI. Direct Replacement Guide XII. Memory Product Guide FUNCTIONAL/NUMERICAL INDEX II. SHIFT REGISTERS MK MK MK MK , J1 -O b-O b-W -i IN3064 (4) READ ONLY MEMORIES MOSTEK 2240-BIT ROM CHARACTER GENERATORS , Output dot â' offâ' = +5V OUTPUT SEQ UENCEâ'"⺠1 2 3 4 5 MOSTEK ROM PUNCHED-CARD CODING FORMAT1 MK 2300 P Fourth Card Cols. 1-6 15-28 Data Form at3â'" â' MOSTEK' Logic4 Intel
XGI Z11 mostek system development board LPC11 Megatrends pc MOTHERBOARD intel circuit diagram exorbus 320453-001US 600MH RJ-45 ECX810
Abstract: Catalogue. A 32-page guide to our MOS/LSI circuits, with numerical and functional indices, industry cross reference guide, product selection guides, packaging information, plus block diagrams and features of all , circuits and hardware/software development support. AMI6800 NCSS Timesharing Users Guide. A detailed , guide to Integrated Circuits. Now you can turn to the one source that has become the first step in the , largest electronic publisher in the world. Contents Quick Guide to IC Master . 2 Part Number Index -
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MOSTEK 36000 3861 mostek MK2408P 1002P 1007P 1007N 2300P 2300N 2302P
Abstract: IC MASTER has a Master Selection Guide which provides initial selection information and data on PROMs , provides a Master Selection Guide on Custom/Semi-Custom and a special section entitled "Options for Going , for each board. A supplementary selection guide is included for microcomputer support boards. The , , where do I begin? Simply turn to the Master Selection Guide for Microprocessors. There you will find a , to boldfaced page-number references in the Master Selection Guide. 6 (SIC MASTER 1985 Ways to Use -
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A5 GNC mosfet AO201 philips displacement transducer 9404 AY-5-8100 SL1626 ic LM3911 pin configuration AMI6800H VMI6800
Abstract: . \ 22 National Semiconductor 22 _x Device Page CUSTOM Selection Guide 3328 , * Circuitry 2568 Cross Reference Guide 2573 Data Conversion Products 8-Bit ^PD/A Converter 2498 12 , < P A/D Converter 2512 Analog Multi Selection Guide 25*4 Voltage Regula or/References 2.5 Vodage , TemperatureSensor 2527 Adjustable Power Regulator 2530 Selection Voltage Guide 2532 3-Termmal Acjustable , . Elect. Select. Guide 2542 BCD Buffered Reference 2567 Hybrids Current Ampufier 2547 Hi Slew Rate Dp -
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M5L8042 induction cooker fault finding diagrams 955 100 12 LAO zilog 2089 SN29764 NEC 78m12 J26487 S-17103 54070Z CH-5404
Abstract: QPL Selection Guide 256 297 Digital Devices Microprocessors 500 501 Selection Tables System , Distributors 1501 Directory Quick Guide to IC Master Advertisers'Index Master Selection Guide Index Part Number Index Part Number Guide VOLUME II Quick Guide to IC Master Advertisers' Index , 1601 A QUICK GUIDE T O YOUR NIC lilA X Ft PART NUMBER INpEX This revolutionary index lists , Microprocessor Devel­ opment Systems. PART NUMBER GUIDE ONE COMPLETE SOURCE IC MASTER is the first and o -
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billion transformer e 3103 308 30631 SL1620 74ls219 MINI DX3 READER HEAD WIRING DIAGRAM MN9106 ULN2242 S2000 J24616 K25582
Abstract: Master Selection Guide (Function) Index I0 Part Number Index 40 Part Number Guide 300 Logo Guide , 508 QPL Selection Guide 5I8 Abbreviations of Company Name 348 Digital Devices 800 International , IC MASTER is the original and only complete guide to currently available integrated circuits , standard 38510 slash numbers and vice versa. This guide to JAN qualified parts makes it possi­ ble to , number, by coinci­ dence, for totally different devices. PART MILITARY PARTS INDEX This guide to -
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TCA965 equivalent ULN2283 transistor GDV 65A pbd352303 UAF771 capacitor 473j 100n DG211 DG300 DG308
Abstract: book serve as a handy compendium of inform ation about the boards, but it will serve as a simple guide -
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triac tag 8518 70146 X2864AD TC9160 8377 motorola IC CS 3758 GP
Abstract: Comprehensive Index to Both Volumes 2 Ordering Guide 3 am Operational Amplifiers 4 Isolation , PICTORIAL GUIDE TO PRODUCT CATEGORIES U N E A R 1C T E S T S Y S T E M S - I: 1 8 , 11:20 M A C S Y M M E , Product Families Not Included in the Databook But Still Available Substitution Guide for Product Families , also publish several short-form catalogs, including a Short-Form Guide to our entire product line , for which data sheets are available upon request. On page 1-8 you will find a guide to substitutions -
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ferranti ula pia 6820 yx 805 led driver IC CD 4440 cs pic RAM 2102 74L73 0897-X S-100
Abstract: . Throughout 1976, and in future years, we wish to assure our customers that the entire BARLEC team will serve -
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D3953 ad2027 cmos cookbook D7507 D7522 National Semiconductor Linear Data Book
Abstract: . facility here in Birmingham to 15,000 sq. ft. early in 1976.' Mr. Walker went on to say: â'˜A close , Milliard Mullard semiconductors quick reference and equivalents guide 1975/76 Product information is , performance of similar types to be compared quickly. This guide gives quick reference data on the Design -
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1n52408 SFC2311 1N52428 zener 21L02A esm 4148 Fairchild dtl catalog ST11R ST11S RC11R RC11S L8826
Abstract: . Reference Guide: Selection by MPU/MCU S upported. M icrocom puter Boards , - 1- r 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 INTRODUCTION YEAR FIGURE , . SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTERS, SELECTOR GUIDE BY TECHNOLOGY H M O S /N M O S .PAGE H M O S /N -
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GFB7400D EF184 Rifa pmr 2026 ORP52 RIFA 0,022 pme 285 250v SAH220