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TK10A60D(STA4,Q,M) Toshiba America Electronic Components MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A TO-220F visit Digikey
AOT10T60PL Alpha & Omega Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A TO-220 visit Digikey
SIHJ10N60E-T1-GE3 Vishay Siliconix MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A SO8 visit Digikey
AOB10T60PL Alpha & Omega Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A TO263 visit Digikey
AOT10T60P Alpha & Omega Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A TO220 visit Digikey
AOW10T60P Alpha & Omega Semiconductor MOSFET N-CH 600V 10A 5DFB visit Digikey


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Abstract: 10Ä.600V, 10 -3 P 15A,600V,( 0 -2 2 0 16A,bUUV, 1U-3P 15A,600V,U2-PAK 2ÜÄ,60Ü7TÜ-22Ü 2UA,600V, IÜ -3P 2ÜÄ , 5A.ÖUUV, I U-22U 5A,e00V,U2-PAK 10A6007.TD -220 1üA,600V,D2-PAK 10A.600V, IO-3P 15Ä,600V,1D-3P -
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HGTP20N6QB3 1XGH20N60AU1 IXSH20N60AU1 12A600V SGL40N150 20A1200V 10A600V IGBT cross reference 20a600v HGIP12NB0B3 115J101 IXGP10N60A IXGH10N60A GT25JT01
Abstract: T IO N 18AWG 10A.600V 927802-128 MIN E3MR 1 18 16AWG 10A.600V 927802-130 MIN -
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Abstract: SVD10N60T/SVD10N60F 10A600V N SVD10N60T/F NMOS S-RinTMVDMOS AC-DC DC-DC H PMW 10A600VRDS(on)()=0.78@VGS=10V dv/dt SVD10N60T TO-220-3L SVD10N60T SVD10N60F TO-220F-3L SVD10N60F (TC=25°C) SVD10N60T SVD10N60F VDS 600 V VGS ±30 V ID 10 A TC=25°C - 25°C 1 PD 156 50 W 1.25 0.4 W/°C EAS 890 mJ TJ 150 °C Tstg -55+150 Silan Microelectronics
SVD10N60 10a600 220-3L 600VVGS 30VVDS 10VID 300VID 25VVGS 480VID
Abstract: purpose control relay, 4 pole N.O., contacts rated 10A@600V, coil 120VAC, 50 / 60 hertz Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Cutler-Hammer HMCP DS363R DS161R tfk 623 tfk 613 Cutler-Hammer contactor
Abstract: BD1 10A600V 1 CX3 0.33 LF3 0.8*25 3mH 333/630V F1 5A/250V L CON1 2 1 CX1 LF1 ON Semiconductor
utx hqx ps223 MOV 471K t3 15A 250V mst POT3319 SUSCON capacitor TND359/D NB-27A SS21-BBIWG-R IEC61000-3-2 NCP1654 NCP1396
Abstract: a Function of dl/dt Ver.: 2A, 2V / DIV Hor.: 100ns / DIV FSF10A60 (10A600V) Maximum allowable -
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30DL4 diode 5n fast recovery diodes jointal Z 30dl4 OF TO220 f5kq100 JIS-C7021 40VDC
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