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Abstract: General CPU 33 / 40 MHz CPUs, (33MHz is standard) Chipset ALI M6117C A1F Bus Interface PC -
386SX AR-B1320 BQ3287MT W83977 M6117C-A1F RJ485 ali m6117c m6117 386sx ami bios ami bios PC/104 33/40MH 512KB RS-232C/RJ-485
Abstract: 33MHz Chipset ALI M6117C Bus Interface ISA and non-stack through PC/104 Bus Memory Up -
AR-B1376 8 pin eprom bios chips EDO RAM vga lcd driver 60 pin LCD connector to vga 15 pin 8 pin bios chips 386sx chipset 80386SX-33MH RS-232C RS-232C/485 159MH
Abstract: AX10402 AX10415 2 Channel Analog Output Module Modules 386SX CPU Module with DOC Features Features 386 SX-40MHz CPU 2S, 1P DiskOnChip® Specifications System CPU System Memory Chipset BIOS SSD Watchdog Timer Expansion Interface Battery Size/Weight Temperature Operation Humidity Onboard 386 SX-40 compliant CPU Onboard 4MB system memory ALi M6117C SoC AMI with 1Mbit DiskOnChip® System reset or NMI PC/104 Lithium 3V/196 mAH 96 * 90mm, 0.1kg 0 ~ 60 -
EM60320 ami bios 386 SX 33Khz 9-pin D type connector 40MHZ 386 sx SX-40MH RS-232 AX6033 95/98/NT/2000 20PPM
Abstract: "(L) x 4.8"(W) ISA AMD DX5-133 7.3"(L) x 4.8"(W) ISA ALi M6117C 3.55"(L) x 3.775"(W) PC/104 STPC Client DX-66 3.55"(L) x 3.775"(W) PC/104 M6117C ALi M1487/1489 128 KB 128 MB (SIMM) DiskOnChip AMI , 69000 2 MB N/A No 1 1 1 EIDE x 1 N/A 2 +5V PC/104 16sec. - 127 min. N/A Yes Yes Yes AT M6117C N/A 2/4 AAEON
ali m1487 B1 m6117c a1 ali m6117c a1 cpu ALI chipset M1487 m1487 b1 ALI 1487 PCM-7890 PCM-6890B PCM-6890 PCM-5896
Abstract: M6117C registers. · Unlock the configuration registers of the Ali M6117C: out out · 22h, 13h Kontron
superMOPS pro cf8h m7101 mopslcd4 mopslcd6 P487 MOPS/486DX-1 AT/486DX-2 PC/104-MIO2 AT96/ISA96/ISA-M PC/104-VGALCD-4 MONSTER/586
Abstract: equipped with an embedded microcontroller ALI M6117C which is Intel 386SX-40 compatible. In addition, it , displays), with 1 MB onboard display memory. Features · Onboard ALi M6117C, Intel 386SX-40 compatible , -3336 User's Manual Specifications General Functions CPU: ALi M6117C, Intel 80386SX-40 compatible CPU type: Onboard SQFP Bus interface: PC/104 bus BIOS: AMI 128KB FLASH BIOS Chipset: ALi M6117C I/O AAEON
PCM-3336 amibios version 1.23 ibm usa 2001 P6 MOTHERBOARD NL6448AC30-10 acer motherboard jumper settings LQ10D41 IRQ10 IRQ11 IRQ12 IRQ14 IRQ15
Abstract: of the Ali M6117C registers · Unlock the configuration registers of the Ali M6117C: out out -
m1543 ModulAT jumptec jumptec M1543C mopslcd mops 686 DIMM-PC/386-B DIMM-PC/386-I DIMM/PC/486-I DIMM/PC386-I DIMM/PC386-B D-94469
Abstract: ) embedded in an Ali M6117C microprocessor BIOS setting for slower MHz frequencies Onboard memory · , . CPU, CHIPSET AND SUPER I/O CONTROLLER 5.1 CPU and Chipset The MOPS/386A features an ALi M6117C , microprocessor (40MHz), plus Ali's M1217B chipset. The M6117C provides the following functions: Static IntelTM Kontron
jumptec mops lcd 4 m6117c a1 datasheet Kontron mops jumptec mops JIPA interface 386A 1-55615-321-X P389M110 P389M111
Abstract: M6117C registers. · Unlock the configuration registers of the Ali M6117C: out out · 22h, 13h Kontron
C-Media CMI8738 CMI8738 manual 686 ami bios intel 945gm ich7-m kontron etx-pm cp306 kontron 986LCD-M/ PISA-B111B CP321 CP332 VM662 PISA-B441A