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Abstract: ECG1872 15-Pin SIP-M See Fig. L69A VCR Positive DC VR: 15 V/13 V @ 1 A; 5.8 V @ .5 A; 12 V @ 1 A; 5.1 V @ , Fig. L69A VCR Positive DC VR: 13 V @ 1.5 A; 9.5 V @ 1.5 A; 12 V @ 1.5 A; 6 V @ .5 A ECG1875 16 -
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ECG1863 ECG1864 ECG1870 12v lamp driver 15PIN 15-PIN L126A L118A V04/6
Abstract: Switching Regulator Power Module, 115 V ECG1872 15-Pin SIP -M See Fig. L69A V C R Positive DC VR: 15 V/13 , IN P U T 1 D GROUND E ECG1876 15-Pin SIP -M See Fig. L69A V C R Positive DC VR: 13 V @ 1.5 A; 9.5 -
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ECG1873 V02/5 V03/12V V01/13V V04/6V V02/9
Abstract: -1414 122 L60/L61 A /D input L69 L69 11)9 L69 L69 L69 L61 L61 L61 L69 L60 L60 L69a L69a I.69a L71 One -
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N18P83217 MN1882421 mn1880023 MN1884820 mn1882410 L61A MN1880 N188166 MN18P8326 QFH080-P QFH080-P-1414
Abstract: 1C and Module Circuits (cont'd) PHILIPS E C INC 3SE D H ECG1814 18-Pin DIP See Fig. L115A VCR Color Signal Processor (CMOS), V d d = 5 V Typ vdd V CO IN PU T G bbS3^20 000b775 7 Q E C G T ~ 7 7 '2 / ECG1815 AF PO, 20 W, V cc= ±23 V, R l = 8 Q 15-Pln SIP-M See Flg. L69A D E 0 0 0 H B U R S T G ATE PU LSE Q TPB P S E C O UTPUT NCLR S Y N C IN PU T FIELD IN H I8 IT O UTPUT ER R O R INPUT S E C A M DET E H P OUTPUT E P A L DET E PG IN PU T E LOCK OUTPUT E GND E A F C O -
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L67B L69C 20WV l75b TR3a ECG1816 ECG1817 ECG1818 ECG1819 ECG1871 ECG1820
Abstract: rpir RS lrt ¿5 06' C2 Rll RI2 ECG1815 15-Pln SIP-M See Fig. L69A AF PO, 20 W, Vco= ±23 V, Rl -
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ECG1874 ECG1821 ECG1823 ECG1824 18pin TFT module L30B ECG181 ECG1822
Abstract: =20mH, l«=6.9A, V0,=50V, RQ =27Ü, Starting T, =25X: Iso^lOA, di/dt^150A/MS, V ^ B V ^ , Starting Pulse -
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Abstract: ) L69a QFP084-P-1818F 2 2 .9 0 ± 0 .4 0 Unit: mm L70 QFH100-P-1414 0201020100010201020131 L71 -
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b86a ccd camera module CCD Linear Image Sensors DIODE MARKING B85 QFP144-P-2020 T07 marking DIP008-P-0300 DIP014-P-0300C DIP014-P-0300A DIP018-P-0300D DIP014-P-0300B HDIP014-P-0300F
Abstract: o ro N OJu. y LU ÛQ o < CL 0« Zw ü CD revisions S AIC0I74I0 LO E B IC034393 tn 14,KT 71 ;|C03«332 TI E B S^4 73287â'"J Trr |22 NOV 93 DLT SEP 98 H MICRO SWITCH FREEPORT. ILLINOIS. U.S.A. A DIVISION Of HONEYWELL PCD. MF». COOS »IM» SWITCH-BASIC """CTTSESSTSTTNG""'â"¢" BZ-2RN730 HAROENEO STEEL PLUNGER jâ'".9I7+.0I0â'"I -I/2 -20 UNF THREAD TO WITHIN â'¢094 OF SHOULDER I.7I9+.020 OPERATING POSITION 5701.020 680±.020 i_i. â  l69ÃSg9A -.004 .180 +.002 DIA -
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E12252 C0333 IC-034 1/8HP-125 1/4HP-250 1/2A-125 1/4A-250
Abstract: Code for Protectors W EOS 6 1089 - 12 MARKING: VDRM=-120V Standard:1089 L69AW Series No Wayon
W0102002 WEOS61089-12 diode MARKING CODE CG rs47 WEOS61089 T-950