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SG-BGA-7008 Ironwood Electronics BGA Socket; Lid Type : Swivel; Interconnect/Media : Elastomer; Pitch mm : 0.4 to 0.75; Socket Speed (GHz): 10; Operating Temperature: -35 to 100 C; Insertions: 1700 ri Buy
MOD5270BXX Freescale Semiconductor 10 UNITS - MOD5270 NETBU ri Buy
MPR084EJR2 Freescale Semiconductor 8 POSIT,10 PADS ri Buy


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Abstract: ISSI SRAM Cross Reference Important: please read disclaimer on last page Cypress P/N ISSI P/N C7C1334-10AC C7C1334-10AC IS61NW6432-8TQ IS61NW6432-8TQ C7C1334-5AC C7C1334-5AC IS61NW6432-5TQ IS61NW6432-5TQ IS61NW6432-6TQ IS61NW6432-6TQ, C7C1334-7AC C7C1334-7AC IS61NW6432-7TQ IS61NW6432-7TQ C7C1335-5 C7C1335-5.5AC IS61C632A-5TQ IS61C632A-5TQ C7C1335-7AC C7C1335-7AC IS61C632A-7TQ IS61C632A-7TQ C7C1335-8 C7C1335-8.5AC IS61C632A-8TQ IS61C632A-8TQ C7C1337-5 C7C1337-5.5AC IS61C632A-5TQ IS61C632A-5TQ C7C1337-5AC C7C1337-5AC IS61C632A-5TQ IS61C632A-5TQ C7C1337-8 C7C1337-8.5AC IS61C632A-8TQ IS61C632A-8TQ CY62126V CY62126V IS61LV6416 IS61LV6416 CY62126V-55BAC CY62126V-55BAC IS61LV6416-20B IS61LV6416-20B CY62126V-55ZC CY62126V-55ZC IS61LV6416-20T IS61LV6416-20T CY62126V-70BAC CY62126V-70BAC IS61LV6416-20B IS61LV6416-20B CY ... Original

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KM616U1000BLTI-10L K6R4016V1C-JI20 KM68U512BLTGI-10L KM718V949T GVT72024A8J-10L K6R4016V1C-FI10 MT58L32L32PT-7.5 IS62LV1024LL-70T1 KM62256BLG-7 C7C1334-10AC IS61NW6432-8TQ C7C1334-5AC IS61NW6432-5TQ C7C1334-10AC abstract
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ISSI Cross Reference Results

ISSI Part Industry Part Manufacturer Description
IS61LP6432A-133TQLI Buy KM732V689AT-10 Buy Samsung Semiconductor
IS61LV6432-5TQ Buy KM732V689AT-10 Buy Samsung Semiconductor 2Mb (64K x 32) 3.3v Synchronous SRAM Pipelined
IS61S6432-5TQ Buy KM732V689AT-10 Buy Samsung Semiconductor 2Mb (64K x 32) 3.3v Synchronous SRAM Pipelined