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IDW30E65D1FKSA1 Infineon Technologies AG Rectifier Diode, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 60A, 650V V(RRM), Silicon, TO-247, GREEN, PLASTIC PACKAGE-3 visit Digikey Buy
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infineon RXN7740

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Abstract: 77GHz Radar Product Brief RASICTM - RXN7740 SiGe Automotive Radar Transceiver for 77GHz Actual Height , pre-scalers as well as sensors for output power and temperature. With this product Infineon Sense&Control (SC , RXN7740 delivers outstanding performance in both output power and signal to noise ratio (SNR). The 200GHz fT SiliconGermanium technology used for the device is part of Infineon's in-house, high-volume 8 , bare-die delivered on blue-tape. RXN7740 (bare die) Min Max. chip backside temperature -40°C
Infineon Technologies
B7HF200 77GHz Radar RXN774x infineon RXN7740 77GHz transceiver radar 77 ghz sige RTN7700 7677GH AEC-Q100 200GH B142-H9169-X-X-7600


Abstract: B7HF200 Infineon Sense&Control (SC) introduces the latest RF technology (B7HF200) with automotive qualification AEC-Q100 to the market. The 200GHz fT SiGe technology is part of Infineon's in-house, high volume 8 , RXN7740 ­ SiGe Automotive Radar Transceiver RXN7741 ­ SiGe Automotive Radar Transceiver, special mixer , Application example using RON7701 with RXN7740 IF 3 IF 3X IF 2 IF 2X RF 4 RF 1 IF 4 IF 4X , ://www.infineon.com Published by Infineon Technologies AG 81726 Munich, Germany © 2008 Infineon Technologies AG
Infineon Technologies
RXN77 infineon radar automotive radar RXN7742 Infineon RON7701 infineon RXN7742 B142-H9259-X-X-7600