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CS47L90-CWZR Cirrus Logic PCM Codec visit Digikey
CS42888-CQZ Cirrus Logic PCM Codec, 1-Func, CMOS, PQFP64, LEAD FREE, MS-026, LQFP-64 visit Digikey
CS42888-DQZR Cirrus Logic PCM Codec, 1-Func, CMOS, PQFP64, LEAD FREE, MS-026, LQFP-64 visit Digikey
CS42888-DQZ Cirrus Logic PCM Codec, 1-Func, CMOS, PQFP64, LEAD FREE, MS-026, LQFP-64 visit Digikey
CS42888-CQZR Cirrus Logic PCM Codec, 1-Func, CMOS, PQFP64, LEAD FREE, MS-026, LQFP-64 visit Digikey
WM8580AGEFT/V Cirrus Logic PCM Codec, 1-Func, CMOS, PQFP48, 7 X 7 MM, 1 MM HEIGHT, LEAD FREE, MS-026ABC, TQFP-48 visit Digikey

ic smd code AD9

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Abstract: -state signals to the ISP1763A. JP2 Xilinx PROG input. When this jumper is connected, the FPGA code will , code will be loaded to Xilinx from U5. 3.2.7 JP3 Xilinx JTAG connector Figure 6 JP3 JTAG , and pin 3 of jumper JP1. It 3-states all I/O pins from the FPGA connected to the ISP1763A IC. 4 , FPGA connected to the ISP1763A IC. 4. Connect pin 1 and pin 2 of jumper JP2. The FPGA program is , , PIO mode selection is done using the Xilinx FPGA code. The mounting of resistors (R119 to R122) do ST-Ericsson
gigabyte ga-945gzm-s2 circuit diagram SMD transistor LD3 transistor ld12 GA-945GZM-S2 GIGABYTE 945GZM-S2 smd LD9 UM0865 CD00257207 74LVT244BPW 20-TSSOP SPXO018044 TFM-135-32-S-D-A
Abstract: SMD-4516 BLM41A600SPT 5 FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 IC FM93CS56N 1 U6 IC LM1117DT33 1 , : Revision Date 2.0 October 2003 1.0 April, 2002 Description Updated the CPLD code. Upgraded to , Lint# ISP1161x Address and Data Bus PLX9054 PCI IC Configuration Signals Local Bus , - Insulation Pad f/HC-49 Crystal 1 XTAL1 Capacitor SMD 0603 18pF / 50V 5% 2 C1, C2 Capacitor SMD 0603 47pF / 50V 5% 6 C14, C15, C16, C17, C18, C19 Capacitor SMD 0603 100pF / 50V 5 Philips Semiconductors
UM10006 ISP1161A1 ld25 cv PC19054 ISP1161A1 ISA DOS evaluation kit NFM40P HC-49 crystal R58 B48 ISP1161 ISP1161A
Abstract: Miniature 48Vac 0.05A,DPDT 2 SW1 SW2 Inductor Solid SMD-4516 BLM41A600SPT 3 FB1 FB2 FB3 IC , Updated the CPLD code. Added 6-page schematics at the end of the document · Updated Table 4-1, Section , . 18 APPENDIX A. ISP1362 PCI EVAL BOARD PLD CODE , Data Bus PLX9054 PCI IC Configuration Signals Local Bus Control Signals ADS#, BLAST#, LW/R , ISP1362 PCI Eval Board Appendix A. ISP1362 PCI eval board PLD code - Philips Semiconductors
smd code book a56 transistor X2 diode zener smd code book a7 transistor LA2 DS2 smd transistor b35 742-08-3-103-J-XX UM10009
Abstract: Toggle Miniature 48Vac 0.05A,DPDT Inductor Solid SMD-4516 BLM41A600SPT IC 74HCT00D IC M93C56BN6 IC , PCI IC Configuration Signals Local Bus Control Signals ADS#, BLAST#, LW/ R#, LHOLD, LHOLDA , User's Guide Appendix A. ISP1362 PCI Evaluation Board PLD Code - , .0x 6mm Capacitor SMD 0603 18pF / 50V 5% Capacitor SMD 0603 47pF / 50V 5% Capacitor SMD 0603 100pF / 50V 5% Capacitor SMD 0603 10nF / 50V 10% X7R Quantity 1 1 2 2 5 1 25 Capacitor SMD 0603 Philips Semiconductors
TRANSISTOR SMD a43 B56 smd transistor SmD TRANSISTOR a42 SmD TRANSISTOR a45 B38 SMD Transistor smd transistor guide book F/16V ZVP2106/TO FDS9431A
Abstract: . 24 4.4.1 Bootblock Initialization Code Checkpoints . 25 4.4.2 Bootblock Recovery Code Checkpoints. 25 3 Contents 4.4.3 4.4.4 POST Code Checkpoints , . 16 Bootblock Initialization Code Checkpoints. 25 Bootblock Recovery Code Checkpoints Intel
Alc201A HY-05 HYCOM diode DB3 C531 ALC201 SmD TRANSISTOR a75 smd diode c539 852GME
Abstract: EPROM for code download, PCI Arbiter, connectors, timing sources and miscellaneous "glue" circuitry , uses a 256K x 8-bit EPROM for the PM3351 boot code, switching code, SNMP code (when available), and any special function code (e.g., custom LED display, aging, backpressure, VLAN, etc.). The EPROM must be 150 ns or faster. Code is downloaded into the first PM3351 device [U14], which in turn will download the code to the other PM3351 device [U9]. If an application code image does not include SNMP PMC-Sierra
SmD TRANSISTOR a41 SmD TRANSISTOR a71 schematic diagram epson r230 transistor 1x100 smd code A9 3 pin transistor SMD SOT23 a41 PMC-970390
Abstract: INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET SAA8115HL Digital camera USB interface IC Preliminary , specification Digital camera USB interface IC SAA8115HL FEATURES · Integrated analog bus driver (ATX , designed as a back-end of the SAA8112HL (general camera digital processing IC) and is optimized for use , Digital camera USB interface IC SAA8115HL QUICK REFERENCE DATA Measured over full voltage and , , 84, 37, 50, 85, 122, 69, 141 124, 125 Digital camera USB interface IC DQ15 to DQ0 52 56 Philips Semiconductors
vga to usb converter ic AD947 HD upconverter 136b3 china ccd camera board circuit diagram 87and
Abstract: -2 10-028317-9800 IC CY28317PVC-2 CLOCK GENERATOR SSOP-48 1 14.318MHz 2 C186 10PF +3VS 1 R569 10K CLK_VTPGD SDRAM_IN , -0 HREQ-1 HREQ-2 HREQ-3 HREQ-4 0 AD6 AD9 AD5 AD7 , U2 V1 V2 V3 W3 V4 U5 V5 C5 A_D0 A_D1 A_D2 A_D3 A_D4 A_D5 A_D6 A_D7 A_D8 A_D9 A_D10 A_D11 A_D12 A_D13 , MD33 AD6 MD34 AD7 MD35 AD8 MD36 AD9 MD37 AD10 MD38 AD11 MD39 AD12 MD40 AD13 MD41 AD14 MD42 AD15 MD43 , 10-108606-8700 IC VT8606T NORTH BRIDGE PBGA-552 GNDVGA GNDVGA GNDVGA AA23 AB23 AB26 AB25 AB24 AC26 AC25 AC24 AD26 -
CP10-VIA 40-A05400-A000 CMD44 M51517 r305 finger print module 1510487 BJT 3904 1SS355 ROHM 256MB VT82C686B R5C476II RTL8139CL PD720100 IEEE1394
Abstract: controller code is open for modification in a C code development environment. The DSP delivers the bandwidth , Character Pairs," on page 31 VoiceViewTM command and response code tables V.80 Videoconferencing table Table , manufacturer-specified Removed Changed ~ to , hex code 7F Removed the following character pairs: 1 , L, R p, % , software contains code for all controller functions for Group 3 Fax mode, Data mode (including error , . The SRAM is used to store DSP code for the x2 mode. This SRAM is not required for the CL-MD342X -
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ams 1117 3.3 volt smd regulator ic smd diode 1336 REGULATOR IC V17 s37 smd transistor telephone IC panasonic dsp VARISTOR 160 G.E D562X/M D342X CL-MD562X 56K/V CL-MD562X/MD342X
Abstract: VSS189 VSS190 VSS191 VSS192 2.5V AL 2.5V AL 2.5V AL AD1 AD4 AD7 AD9 AD11 AD13 AD15 AD17 AD19 , AC7 AG3 AD7 AH7 AE6 AC8 AG8 AG7 AH3 AF8 AH5 AC11 AC12 AE9 AC10 AE10 AD9 AG9 AC9 AE12 AF10 AG11 AG10 , LAN_RXD 1 LAN_RXD 2 LAN_TXD 0 LAN_TXD 1 LAN_TXD 2 AD0 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5 AD6 AD7 AD8 AD9 AD10 AD11 , TP117 0 ~ 5V J502 HDR-3P-SMD 1 2 4 3 5 MNT1 MNT2 R45 47 TP118 C44 R50 C42 100nF TP100 , R700 R701 6 1% FGPI0 5 1% FGPI1 4 1% FGPI2 3 1% FGPI3 30 1% FGPI4 24 INIT* 2 RST* 31 CLK 29 IC TP134 7 -
ELM7S08WS samsung nc110 smd code wKX samsung nc108 AR5112 TP2322 CONN-30P-FPC CONN-12P-FPC 3708-001276F 52893-3017F MMBD41
Abstract: programming. A powerful source code generation tool called DriveWayTM is also provided on the support CD. This can generate C source code for the HC08 microcontroller peripherals, based on setup. See the , access to DEMO908QB8 I/O signals. Figure 11: MCU I/O Port Connector VX GND PTB5/TX/AD9 PTB4/RX/AD8 , 4 5 5 1 1 4 25 Cap, Tant, 10uF, 10V, SMB Cap, Elect, 100uF, 16V, Alum, SMD Cap, Elec , , 0805 Cap, Cer, 22pF, NP0/COG, 0805 Res, Ntwk, 100 ohm, 5%, Isolated, 4P2R, SMD Res, Ntwk, 100 ohm, 5 Axiom Manufacturing
MC68HC908QB8 MON08 SG-8002CA-PWT 14 pin 2x7, 2mm header HDR HDR 2x6 SSM-114-L AN2627 HCM49-12 000MABJT PDV-P9003
Abstract: DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MX98713, MX98713A, MX98715 AND MX98725 The following is a reference code for accessing , Following is an example code for accessing Macronix's flash ROM MX28F2000. #define CYCLE1_ADDRESS , CON3 F.B. 25MHz (50PPM) Half size 2N3904 (SMD) 36 75 12K 100 0 1.4K 560 49.9 68K RJ , a c t w ith N S 's a g en t . D at a s he e t: www. f a irc h ild s e m i.c o m PC IC LK R EQ # , C TD I O PC IC LK R EQ # AD 31 AD 29 AD 27 AD 25 C /B E 3 # AD 23 AD 21 AD 19 AD 17 Macronix International
smd 1gw 1GW smd code transistor 93C46 dip 1GW smd code smd 1gw 23 1gw 82 smd 10/100M IEEE802 PM0525
Abstract: power dissipation Tstg storage temperature ï'­55 +150 ï'°C Tj junction temperature ï'­40 +125 ï'°C Tamb ambient temperature VESD electrostatic discharge voltage ï'­40 +85 ï'°C human body model [2] - ï'±6 kV machine model [3] - ï , values are Tamb = 25 ï'°C and the use of a two-layer Printed-Circuit Board (PCB). [2] According to , Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Tamb ambient temperature ï'­40 - +85 ï'°C Tj NXP Semiconductors
Abstract: . 31 Post Code Debugging , . 28 3.4.8 Post Code Debugger , Embedded BIOS Application Kit (available through General Software) includes complete source code, a , , full-speed level two cache with error correcting code (ECC) · 8-way level two cache associativity, which Intel
respack 8 transistor BC188 npn bc107 TRANSISTOR SMD CODE PACKAGE SOT23 schematic diagram motor control MC60 BC217 BC188 pnp transistor
Abstract: Mftr/Distri Order Code Epcos B45196E1106 M209 SMD Tantalum Capacitor Size A Epcos , ) Industrial Controller (IC) applications based on a 16-bit microcontroller from STMicroelectronics' ST10 , Network (CAN) Industrial Controller (IC) applications for use with an ST10 microcontroller. The CANIC10 , P0L.3/AD3 P0L.4/AD4 P0L.5/AD5 P0L.6/AD6 P0L.7/AD7 P0H.0/AD8 P0H.1/AD9 P0H.2/AD10 P0H.3/AD11 , Capacitor options is selected, assemble capacitor C29 and place a zero-ohm SMD resistor between pads 2 and STMicroelectronics
VN808CM IEC61131-2 CON32A omron optocoupler M109 sensor 100n J63 max RS485 omron C20 plc UM0162 RS232 RS485 VN808 VN340
Abstract: ) THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Code AIN (V) Digital Output 385-Lead BGA Package: The typical JA of , AC24 AC25 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5 AD6 AD7 AD8 AD9 AD10 AD11 AD12 AD13 AD14 AD15 AD16 AD17 , Pulsewidth/Duty Cycle The deviation of any code from an ideal 1 LSB step. Aperture Delay The delay , coding (Table IV). Table III. Offset Binary Output Coding (DFS = 1, VREF = 2.5 V) Code AIN ­ AIN , . Two's Complement Output Coding (DFS = 0, VREF = 2.5 V) Code AIN ­ AIN (V) Range = 2 V p-p Analog Devices
8202d smd E72 e72 smd 25 34 SMD transformer e33 b25 SMD AD CONVERTER AD10226 GS03983 AD10201/ AD10206 385-L C02927
Abstract: Reflow soldering Wave soldering Manual soldering Suitability of surface mount IC packages for wave and , communication with an external EPROM (for ROM code debugging) · Integrated audio amplifier. 2 APPLICATIONS 3 , 80C51 microcontroller and the VDAC in one IC. It is the successor of the SAA8110G, dedicated to analog , microcontroller provides the settings for the IC registers from EEPROM at power-up or reset and controls the AWB , as an I2C-bus slave. The software code is embedded in an internal ROM but it is also possible to use Philips Semiconductors
SAA8113HL PPG SENSOR smd marking code ad14 AGND11 80C654 TCD5381AP smd code marking NEC 817 SAA8113HL/C101
Abstract: Management The board includes an ispPAC®-POWR1014A programmable power management IC (U7). This device , K_1 AD4 DQ16 AN1 K_1# AD3 DQ17 AN2 CAS# T7 DQ18 AD9 BA0 T6 , Sanyo 16TQC100M 100UF, 16V, D3. POSCAP AVX TAJB106K016R CAP TANTALUM 10UF 16V 10% SMD , % SMD 11 25 C16, C21, C23, C25, C27, 1UF-16V-0805SMT C45, C47, C49, C51, C69, C87, C107, C185 , Kemet B45196H2476K209 CAP TANTALUM 47UF 10V 10% SMD 17 1 C192 AVX 0402YC223KAT2A Lattice Semiconductor
8e1111 PWR1014A VITA-57 Vishay to277 VITA57 ASP-134486-01 R76C2D R85C2D R112C2D R121C2D R60C2D
Abstract: -40oC to +85oC ID80C86 -55 SMD# CLCC SMD# CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 1-888-INTERSIL or 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is , A18/S5 AD10 6 35 A19/S6 AD9 7 34 BHE/S7 AD8 8 33 MN/MX AD7 9 32 RD , AD8 NC AD10 AD9 NMI AD10 AD9 MIN MODE 80C86 MAX MODE 80C86 80C86 Functional , "hold acknowledge" or "grant sequence". S4 0 1 Stack 0 Code or None 1 O Alternate Intersil
80C86-2 80c86 intel 8405201Qa hm6616 ss 6616 hm-6616 I80C86-2 C80C86 M80C86 CP80C86 ISO9000
Abstract: . . -55oC to +125oC 0oC CERDIP to +70oC CD80C86 -40oC to +85oC ID80C86 -55oC SMD# CLCC SMD# PKG. NO. CP80C86-2 E40.6 IP80C86-2 E40.6 CS80C86-2 N44.65 IS80C86-2 N44 , CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures , 36 A18/S5 AD10 6 35 A19/S6 AD9 7 34 BHE/S7 AD8 8 33 MN/MX AD7 9 , AD10 AD9 NMI AD10 AD9 3-142 MIN MODE 80C86 MAX MODE 80C86 80C86 Functional Intersil
CS80C86 8086 mnemonic code CS80C86 - 25 82C86 P80C86 16-BIT
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