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Abstract: CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE 1. EPROM CAPACITY CONFIGRUATION MACRONIX INTEL AMD N.S. S.G.S. 256K 32K x 8 MX27C256 MX27C256 i27C256 Am27C256 Am27C256 NM27C256 NM27C256 M27C256 M27C256 512K 64K x 8 MX27C512 MX27C512 i27C512 Am27C512 Am27C512 NM27C512 NM27C512 M27C512 M27C512 32K x 16 MX27C516 MX27C516 128K x 8 MX27C1000 MX27C1000 i27C010 Am27C010 Am27C010 NM27C010 NM27C010 M27C1001 M27C1001 µD27C1001 D27C1001 TMS27C010 TMS27C010 AT27C010 AT27C010 64K x 16 MX27C1024 MX27C1024 i27C210 Am27C1024 Am27C1024 NM27C1024 NM27C1024 M27C1024 M27C1024 µD27C1024 D27C1024 TMS27C210 TMS27C210 AT27C1024 AT27C1024 64K x 16/128Kx 8 ... Original

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NM27C256 NM27C512 SGS M27C1001 TC5332410 M5M23400 KM23C2000 i27C512 TMS27C010- LH538 M27C256 intel M27C256 KM23C1010 TC534200 SGS M27C256 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 127C512 Parameter Sym 27C512-9 27C512-9 I27C512-1 K7C512-1 K7C512-1 227C512-1 227C512-1 527C512-2 527C512-2 ) Units Conditions Min Max Min Max Min ... OCR Scan

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eprom 27C512 27C512 eprom 27C512 28pin i27C512 K7C5 27c512 SOIC 27C512 microchip 27C512 microchip 45 Microchip 27C512 27C512 abstract
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Abstract: INTEL CORP (MEMORY/LOGIC) 50E D 4fl2hl7b GObböOH * 4 In te l' 27C512 27C512 *T"-V6-/3 -29 512K (64K x 8) CHMOS PRODUCTION AND UV ERASABLE PROMS Software Carrier Capability 120 ns Access Time Two-Line Control Inteligent identifierTM Mode - Automated Programming Operations CMOS and TTL Compatible Low Power - 30 mA Max. Active - 100 n A Max. Standby The Intel 27C512 27C512 is a 5V-onty, 524, 288-bit ultraviolet Erasable and Electrically Programmable Read Only Memofy (EPROM). Organi ... OCR Scan

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27C512-1 27C512-120V10 27C512-2 27C512-200V10 29022 intel 27c512 intel 27c512 eprom datasheet abstract
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