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Abstract: PowerPC-602 with speech recognition and synthesis, wireless communications, or handwriting recognition. The ... Motorola

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SR15 SP31 PPC602 MPC602 MPR602TSU-01 MPC602/D TEXT
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Abstract: Handwriting recognition · JPEG video compression · Image compression for FAX: MH, MR, MMR Complete SH , Socket PCMCIA Dr. LCD Contr. LCD Glass PMAC PCMCIA FPU A/D Handwriting WDT 1ch ... Hitachi Semiconductor

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SH775x emg block diagram HD6417750F167 Hitachi DSA00491 hitachi HD6417750BP200 SH7750 SH7750V SH7751 256-QFP SH7751V TEXT
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Abstract: multiple input types including stylus detection (up to 2 mm) for smooth handwriting capability on ... STMicroelectronics

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Abstract: merlin gerin C60n touchscreen applications and is intended to provide the resolution necessary to support handwriting ... Lineage Power

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ES761A merlin gerin c60n 2a ES701B es772a c60n 6a c curve ES760 ES712-LVD-A Merlin Gerin c60n b1 es712 palm m125 yukon push pull converter 1000W output ES760A shelf C60N merlin gerin contactor Merlin Gerin DB9M NULL ES760A TEXT
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Abstract: , human factors, interpolation, and clas sification, including handwriting recognition, to mention just a ... Microchip Technology

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Abstract: ePH1610 Handwriting Recognition Microcontroller Product Specification DOC. VERSION 1.4 , . 2008/04/25 Product Specification (V1.4) 04.25.2008 ePH1610 Handwriting Recognition , handwriting recognition application products, such as SMS, Stylus Remote Controller, mobile phones, handwriting input device, etc. The ePH1610 has low power consumption, low cost, and yet is capable of , lead-time in developing new handwriting recognition related products or pressure-sensitive screen input ... National Semiconductor

258 pages,
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SLE 78 CP3BT23G18AWM CP3BT23G18AWMX CR16C LMX5251 LMX5252 LQFP-144 SK 01 100 SA CP3BT23 long rang TRANSMITTER Fm circuit TEXT
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, handwriting recognition and Internet collaboration. Greg also founded Think Educational Software, an
Intel 30/04/1998 60.25 Kb HTM bio.htm
potentially, voice and handwriting recognition. Weighing less than three pounds and about the size of the
National 13/09/2000 12.12 Kb HTM nsc01143-v2.htm
Additional features may include voice and handwriting recognition and biometrics such as fingerprint and iris
National 28/06/2001 12.01 Kb HTM nsc01688.htm
linguistics, handwriting recognition, statistical modeling and user interface. Abstract: This Apple's first Chinese dictation product (CDK 1.0) and was project leader for the handwriting recognition included Chinese handwriting recognition as well as speech recognition. He is currently Deputy Director at
Intel 03/02/1999 24.07 Kb HTM bio2-v1.htm
applications (such as advanced handwriting and speech recognition, for example) in addition to drivers and
/datasheets/files/intel/products one/design/news/what.htm
Intel 04/05/1999 15.53 Kb HTM what.htm
provides the performance necessary for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, voice compression, V.32
Motorola 25/11/1996 7.68 Kb HTM 823.htm
friendly human interface including an intuitive touch screen and potentially voice and handwriting
National 13/08/1999 13.69 Kb HTM nsc00930-v1.htm
provider of pioneering advanced technology applications such as 3D/VRML, handwriting recognition and
Intel 01/11/1997 36.46 Kb HTM bio-v1.htm
features including wireless communications, handwriting recognition and a touch screen interface.
Intel 02/02/1999 11.06 Kb HTM miltope-v3.htm
speech, handwriting, or keyboard input. The high performance offered by the SA-1100 SA-1100 is also
Intel 01/08/1998 22.38 Kb HTM sa1100.htm