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MAXREFDES48# Maxim Integrated Products REF DESIGN EFD20 TRANSFORMER PS visit Digikey Buy
B66417GX187 TDK Epcos FERRITE CORE, HALF, EFD20; Series:EFD; Size, core:EFD20; Depth, external:6.65mm; Grade, ferrite:N87; Length / Height, external:10mm; Width, external:15.4mm RoHS Compliant: Yes visit Digikey Buy
B66417GX197 TDK Epcos FERRITE CORE, HALF, EFD20, N97; Series:EFD; Size, core:EFD20; Depth, external:6.65mm; Grade, ferrite:N97; Inductance factor, Al:1250nH; Length / Height, external:10mm; Tolerance, Al value +:30%; Tolerance, Al value -:20%; Width, RoHS Compliant: Yes visit Digikey Buy
B66418W1008D1 TDK Epcos BOBBIN, EFD20, 8PIN; Diameter, external:20.3mm; Flammability rating:UL94V-0; Length / Height, external:10.4mm; Material:GFR thermosetting plastic; Pins, No. of:8; Width, external:20mm RoHS Compliant: Yes visit Digikey Buy

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Part : EFD20-3F3/K Supplier : Ferroxcube International Holding BV Manufacturer : TME Electronic Components Stock : 108 Best Price : $1.35 Price Each : $2.95
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Abstract: erl-35c ) IIY2006 EFD-20-3(V'DK)(8PLV; HY2509 EE-259G0P/X) HY2808 ERL-28-2(16P1X) 53 IIY2007 EF-20-2C10PIV) 69
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HY1906 erl-35c HY 1906 ERL-35-2 HY1506 EE-19 N A5034 RM-1202P EE-13 EP-13 EP-13-1 EE-13-1

Forward Transformer Design

Abstract: 6.7V Zener Diode 11 of 28 P/N: P/N: cm^2 cm nH/T^2 mm mm 6 4 11.2 Volts EFD20-3F3-Exxx-xx CPHS-EFD20 , Item [1] [2] [4] [5a] [5b] [6] [7] Description Core: EFD20 3F3 Material Ferroxcube P/N EFD20-3F3 , ] [5] [6] Description Core: EFD20 3F3 Material Ferroxcube P/N EFD20-3F3 gap for AL of 153 nH/T2
Power Integrations
DPA425R DPA425 Forward Transformer Design 6.7V Zener Diode EFD20 bobbin with 12 pin DPA bobbin DER-29 17F-3

irf3205 mosfet transistor

Abstract: MAGNETICS 77439-A7 EFD20-3C90-A100 160 ±5% 193 280 EFD20-3C90-A160 250 ±8% 302 160 EFD20-3C90-A250 315 ±10% 380 120 EFD20-3C90-A315 1300 ±25% 3C90 1570 0 EFD20-3C90 EFD20-3C94-A100 193 280 EFD20-3C94-A160 302 160 EFD20-3C94-A250 315 ±10% 380 120 EFD20-3C94-A315 1300 ±25% 1570 0 EFD20-3C94 1200 ±25% 1450 0 EFD20-3C96 76 480 EFD20-3F3-E63 , EFD20-3F35 76 450 EFD20-3F4-E63 100 ±3% 121 450 EFD20-3F4-A100 160 ±5%
Linear Technology
LT1339 IR30BQ060 irf3205 mosfet transistor MAGNETICS 77439-A7 lt1339 application note lt1339 Synchronous dc buck converter 500W buck converter ZTX649 equivalent FMMT619 FMMT720 77439-A7 LT1158


Abstract: EFD30-3C90 16k 20k^ L1: PH ILIPS EFD20-3F3-E63-S ~ZZSâ'" Dimensions in inches (millimeters) unless
CBW366 EFD30 EFD30-3C90 CSHS-EFD20-1S-10P-T EFD15-SMD cphs-efd15-1s-10p CSHS-EFD15-1S-8P-T EFD15 EFD15-3C90-A63-S EFD15-3C90-A100-S EFD15-3C90-A160-S EFD15-3C90-S
Abstract: 16 3.3 T1 PHILIPS EFD20-3F3 CORE LP = 720µH (AI = 1800) T2 ER11/5 CORE AI = 960µH 6 10 -
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LT1680 LT1268 LT1270A LT1370 LT1371


Abstract: VN2222L spice model CTX02-14261, EFD20-3F3, 6 WINDINGS EACH, 12µH 12 + · + U T1 · · MBRS340T3 ­48V , 40V 2.49k ­65V · MBRS1100T3 T1 PHILIPS EFD20-3F3-A100-S CORE SET (0.013" GAP, AI = 100nH/T2
Linear Technology
LTspice VN2222L spice model 7805 12v to 5v 2a CDRH2D18HP 260kHz flyback transformer auto cut off schematic diagram 48v battery charger D-85737 D-59387 D-73230 I-20041 SE-164

offline switcher

Abstract: FP2S-100-R Ferroxcube P/N: EFD20-3F3, gap for inductance required Winding Details 80 Core Material Bobbin
Linear Technology
LT3837 offline switcher FP2S-100-R Si7336ADP Si7852DP multiple winding Transformer LT1425 LTC1698 LT1725 LT1737 LTC1871


Abstract: irf3205 mosfet transistor ETQP AF4R8H 10 470 16 3.3 T1 PHILIPS EFD20-3F3 CORE LP = 720µH (AI = 1800) T2 ER11/5
Linear Technology
an7314 AN7323 AN73-1 fet an7313 AN7310 AN7357 AN73-1 12VIN MBR0520LT1 VP5-0155 IRL3710S IRFZ34

inverter 12v to 220 ac mosfet based

Abstract: 74hc14 philips 432k 1% 1619 F17a T1: COILTRONICS CTX02-14261, EFD20-3F3, 6 WINDINGS EACH, 12µH Figure 17a. 5V , 2.2µF 40V · 121 2.49k ­65V MBRS1100T3 8 7 6 10µF T1 PHILIPS EFD20-3F3-A100-S
Linear Technology
LTC1693 inverter 12v to 220 ac mosfet based 74hc14 philips 2N7002 N-CHANNEL MOSFET PHILIPS MARKING motor driver full bridge 6A siemens bat54 transistor irf620 LTC1693-1 LTC1693-2 LTC1693-3 LTC1154 LTC1155


Abstract: MBRD835 PARAMETERS Core Bobbin EFD20 Ungapped Ferroxcube EFD20-3F3 EFD20 10 pin (B&B B-052 or equivalent) Primary
Linear Technology
LT1619 LTHC MBRD835 modified sepic converter core EFD20 2n5210 equivalent LT1372 LT1613 LTC1624 LT1949

zener diode c20 5t

Abstract: zener diode c24 5t Amps OD_P 0.66 mm 22 AWG AWG_P Warning EFD20-3F3-Exxx-xx CPHS-EFD20
Power Integrations
DPA426RN zener diode c20 5t zener diode c24 5t zener c22 5t zener c15 5t fr9220 zener diode c20 DI-52


Abstract: mbro530 LT1680 TYPICAL APPLICATIOn -48V to 5V 30W Forward Converter INPUT COM L1: PHILIPS EFD20-3F3-E63-S
Linear Technology
MTD20NO6HD mbro530 MBRO530T1 PC40-EPC17 LT1693 CPHS-EFD20-1S-10P LTC1156 LTC1157 1160/LT1162 LT1161 LTC1163 LTC1435
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