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HPA00452RSTR Texas Instruments Highly Integrated Multichannel RF Transmitter Designed for Low-Power Wireless Applications 16-VQFN -40 to 85 ri Buy
AFE7071EVM Texas Instruments AFE7071EVM Transmitter ri Buy
AFE7070EVM Texas Instruments AFE7070EVM Transmitter ri Buy

direct sequence spread spectrum transmitter

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Abstract: wireless LAN using 11 chips/symbol Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. Transmitter The IF quadrature , MHz and that of baseband Rx outputs is 8.5MHz. • Designed for IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum modulation. • Control registers power up in a default state. • Only a standard , GNDTxRx Ground pins used by Tx circuits 42 TxIFOUTX Differential transmitter IF output (open collector), positive 43 TxIFOUT Differential transmitter IF output (open collector), negative 45 RxlF INX ... OCR Scan

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SA1630BE SA1630 Quadrature transceiver LQFP48 LQFP-48 saw-filter 704mhz SA1630 abstract
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Abstract: applications. The used technique is Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum and the module is in compliance with the appropriate European standards. The spread spectrum transceiver has an adjustable data rate and PN code (data , Spread Spectrum technology · 100 mW output power · Industrial process control · Compact form · , number Description STS-SML-01 STS-SML-01 Spread Spectrum module with RS232 RS232 interface STS-SML-02 STS-SML-02 Spread Spectrum module with RS485 RS485 interface STS-SML-03 STS-SML-03 Spread Spectrum module with USB interface ... Original

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block diagram telemetry STS-SML-03 STS-SML-01 pn qpsk direct sequence spread spectrum RS232 for modulator receiver STS-SML-02 STS-SML-04 spread spectrum direct sequence spread spectrum BPSK RS232 RS485 RS232 abstract
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Abstract: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Audio Transceiver SYNIC-IA6 9. Application Circuits Transmitter , Your Value-Added Designer DATASHEET SYNIC ­ IA6 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS , 12. Package (TQFP ­ 64) 18 Feb. 20, 2003 2 Datasheet Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum , Datasheet Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Audio Transceiver SYNIC-IA6 Module Interface , , 2003 5 Datasheet Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Audio Transceiver SYNIC-IA6 ... Original

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Transistor 5C5 IA6 l audio sender wireless syncomm IA6 syncomm i synic iA6 synic SYNIC-IA6 audio automatic gain control syncomm DSSS transceiver direct sequence spread spectrum datasheet abstract
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Abstract: devices. The direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) integrated transceiver is based on AMI Semiconductor's , AS T R X 1 - Technical Features · · · · · · Spreading = Direct sequence spread spectrum , ) compliant = Interoperable · Single-chip CMOS solution = Reduced size and cost · Direct sequence spread spectrum = Robust communication · Zero-IF transceiver = Enhanced RF performance · Low-power architecture = Increased battery life · Multi-channel transmitter = Adaptable · Range = 100 meters · MicroLeadTM frame ... Original

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direct sequence spread spectrum BPSK datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Telephones The Am79RF440 Am79RF440 integrates all of the transmit and receive , for a high quality, low-cost implementation of a direct sequence spread spectrum cordless telephone , components of the UHF PLL synthesizer are integrated on the chip. Additionally, the direct sequence spread , brings unparalleled performance and significant system cost advantages to your 900 MHz spread spectrum , input · Modulation Method: QPSK · Transmitter Power: 0 dBm nominal (at PA input) · RF Input Level ... Original

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qpsk Modulator rf DIRECT with qpsk modulation rf receiver circuit image qpsk modulation digital transmitter qpsk modulation qpsk transmitter UHF band RF modulator dsss modulator DSSS transceiver uhf modulator direct sequence spread spectrum QPSK DSSS Am79RF440 Am79RF440 Am79RF440 abstract
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Abstract: WavePlex TM Wireless Products 868MHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Single Chip Transceiver , Description The SSTAR-01 SSTAR-01 is a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Integrated Transceiver Circuit in CMOS , 868MHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Single Chip Transceiver SSTAR-01 SSTAR-01 Feature Sheet Advanced Parameter Value RF center frequency 868.3 MHz Modulation technique Direct Sequence Spread , WavePlex TM Wireless Products 868MHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Single Chip Transceiver SSTAR-01 SSTAR-01 ... Original

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dsss modulator RS232 for modulator ETS300-220 rx direct sequence spread spectrum BPSK bpsk modulation digital transmitter ETS300-220 direct sequence spread spectrum DSSS transceiver SSTAR-01 SSTAR-01 abstract
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Abstract: frequency oscillator Direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver 3 bit/symbol baseband modulation , SS1103L SS1103L Single-Chip Spread Spectrum Processor for Digital Cordless Phone Introduction Siliconians' SS1103L SS1103L is a low-cost single-chip solution for Spread Spectrum Digital Cordless Phones (DCP) or , such as DCP. The SS1103L SS1103L chip finally brings all of the advantages of spread spectrum technology to , baseband spread spectrum modem. The spread spectrum baseband modem provides a full-duplex voice link using ... Original

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spread spectrum modem keypad security system using 8051 with SS1103L Spectrum Signal Processing watch dog timer of 8051 Transceiver Base Station TDD VOICE TRANSMITTER DIAGRAM Analog Voice scrambler voice activity detection voice module interface with 8051 interfacing of RAM and ROM with 8051 SS1103L abstract
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Abstract: ZMD44101 ZMD44101 Single-Chip 868/915 MHz LDR Transceiver Features Description ISM band transceiver with RF and base-band Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Data rate burst 20 kbit/s Transmit range up to 100 meter (LoS) Low power consumption for battery operated devices RS-232 RS-232 serial , wireless applications. The device incorporates direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) to assure secure , Analogue Receiver conversion from RF to digital BB ISM Band PLL Analogue Transmitter ... Original

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ldr block diagram LDR Datasheet ldr sensor datasheet remote keyless rf transmitter RX 868 RF RECEIVER -433 transceiver 868 ZMD AG transceiver 868 915 datasheet sensor LDR DSSS transceiver ZMD44101 Digital LDR ZMD44101 abstract
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Abstract: /decryption, direct sequence spread spectrum, and data scrambling/descrambling applications are described , months. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Direct sequence spread spectrum is a modulation technique used , addition, direct sequence spread spectrum is inherently secure. That is, the transmitted energy is spread , sequence spread spectrum, the transmitted signal is immune to continuous wave (CW) interference from , ® 10K and FLEX 8000 device architectures Applications ­ Encryption/decryption ­ Direct sequence ... Original

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wireless encrypt code for pn generator in digital pn sequence generator using transistor PN generator circuit generate pn code gold sequence generator code 4 bit LFSR 3 bit pn sequence generator LFSR direct sequence spread spectrum 4 bit pn sequence generator datasheet abstract
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Abstract: receiver chip (PR3600 PR3600) and the appropriate spread spectrum baseband chips, the PR3500 PR3500 Transmitter, with , DESCRIPTION: The PR3500 PR3500 is a single chip, low-powerconsumption transmitter designed for shortrange, Direct Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS), GFSK- modulated wireless communications operating in the Globally , PR3500 PR3500 2.4-GHz Wireless Transmitter FEATURES: · · · · Complete Transmitter Very Low Power Consumption Capable of transmitting up to 32 separate Channels in the Globally Unlicensed ... Original

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gfsk "digital transmitter" IC wireless Prominent Communications PR3600 PR3500 MS-3500-H002-R07 PR3500 abstract
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Harris Corporation's Home Page ¤ Semiconductor's Home Page ¤ PRISM Home Page ¤ PRISM TM Full Duplex High Frequency Production Testing Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Properties DSSS ADVANTAGES A typical PRISM FULL DUPLEX application will use direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) techniques. Advantages of DSSS over other transmission methods are receiver/transmitter budget planning for high system yield including consideration of high frequency
Harris 15/08/1997 3.26 Kb HTM pros.htm
Harris Corporation's Home Page ¤ Semiconductor's Home Page ¤ PRISM Home Page ¤ PRISM ® Full Duplex High Frequency Production Testing Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Properties DSSS ADVANTAGES A typical PRISM FULL DUPLEX application will use direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) techniques. Advantages of DSSS over other transmission methods are: Higher data rates for example; noise, gain, phase power levels. These are critically important for receiver/transmitter
Harris 29/04/1998 3.25 Kb HTM pros-v1.htm
frequency hopping and direct sequence spread spectrum intentional radiators that comply with the following FCC Rules Part 15.247, 15.203, 15.209 "Unlicensed Spread Spectrum Radio Systems" within a 30 second period. (2) For direct sequence systems, the minimum 6 dB bandwidth shall be the general radiated emission limits specified in Sec. 15 .209(a). (d) For direct sequence dBm in any 3 kHz bandwidth within these bands . (e) The processing gain of a direct sequence
Agilent 23/11/1999 21.15 Kb HTM fcc15.htm
kit for Harris' PRISMT direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) wireless local area network (WLAN IEEE 802.11 specifies parameters for two spread- spectrum RF techniques, direct sequence and frequency speed: 2 s PN Spreading Code: 11-bit Barker Sequence Processing Gain: 10 dB Data Scrambler IF Rejection: 80 dB Adjacent Channel Rejection: 35 dB (min) TRANSMITTER Output power: +18 dBm Transmit Spectral Mask: -35 dBc at first side-lobe Power-down modes for the receiver and transmitter can
Harris 15/08/1997 6.3 Kb HTM an9639e.htm
comprehensive chip set solution for 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) wireless applications. This proven system expertise in RF and Spread Spectrum design give us the knowledge and tools to produce the PRISM Full Duplex chip set forms a heterodyne Receiver/Transmitter with AGC. The chip set's low power
Harris 15/08/1997 3.92 Kb HTM solution.htm
This chipset leverages the performance improvement of direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS direct sequence and frequency hopping. The Philips Semiconductors' wireless LAN chipset is the support both DSSS and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). The GaAs component achieves high gain a 2.45 GHz RF power amplifier and transmitter/receiver switch. It is a GaAs-powered monolithic
Philips 05/01/2000 16.92 Kb HTML file_161.html
for direct sequence spread spectrum - DSSS, the PRISM WLAN is available as a PC card and a component your competition with these breakthrough digital receiver and transmitter chips that make software
Harris 15/08/1997 4.56 Kb HTM index.htm
Cost-Effective High-Data Rate Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems Alliance with Aironet, design win with range from 11 to 16 bits. A later section of this release, titled direct sequence spread spectrum to provide higher data rates than frequency hopping (FH), the other spread spectrum modulation offered a PCMCIA DSSS radio. Beyond the prerequisite expertise in digital modulation spread spectrum and , Inc., a market leader in commercial spread spectrum wireless LAN technology, teamed with Harris
Harris 15/08/1997 25.86 Kb HTM prisme.htm
No abstract text available (DDS(2).pdf)
NXP 23/10/2007 8019.41 Kb ZIP
to Enable a Multitude of Cost-Effective High-Data Rate Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems Pair Driver (HFA3102 HFA3102 HFA3102 HFA3102, HFA1212 HFA1212 HFA1212 HFA1212) HFA3824 HFA3824 HFA3824 HFA3824 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Baseband Processor (PRISM HIN232A HIN232A HIN232A HIN232A High Speed +5V RS-232 RS-232 RS-232 RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver with 0.1Microfarad External Capacitor (11 pages
Harris 15/08/1997 35.05 Kb HTM index.htm