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DIL40/DIL32 ZIF PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/DIL32 ZIF PIC-1 M PIC33E / PIC24F / PIC24HJ / PIC32MX DIL20 / DIL28. from $300.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/DIL40 ZIF ADDCAP Dataman Programmers DIL40/DIL40 ZIF A C DIL . from $325.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/DIL40 ZIF FORCENC Dataman Programmers DIL40/DIL40 ZIF F NC D DS12C887A. from $250.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/LQFP64 ZIF M38-3 Dataman Programmers DIL40/LQFP64 ZIF M38-3 M380 9 LQFP64. from $485.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFN28 ZIF-CS PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFN28 ZIF-CS PIC-1 PIC24FV KA / PIC32MX QFN28. from $455.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFN32 ZIF-CS AWM-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFN32 ZIF-CS AWM-1 A AT89C5130A- M QFN32. from $415.00 (Jan 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFN32-1 ZIF-CS ADP-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFN32-1 ZIF-CS ADP-1 ADP1043A / ADP1045A LFCSP32 / QFN32. from $450.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFN32-1 ZIF-CS ADP-2 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFN32-1 ZIF-CS ADP-2 A D ADP1046 QFN32. from $450.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFN64 ZIF-CS PIC-3 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFN64 ZIF-CS PIC-3 PIC18F K QFN64. from $430.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFP128 ZIF W83L951 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFP128 ZIF W83L951 W W83L951D QFP128. from $685.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFP64 ZIF GC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFP64 ZIF GC-1 G GC89C591A0 TQFP64. from $545.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/QFP64-3B ZIF-CS NEC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/QFP64-3 ZIF-CS NEC-1 NEC 78K/0 / 78K/0S F MCU LQFP64. from $405.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SDIP64 ZIF GC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SDIP64 ZIF GC-1 G GC89C591A0 SDIP64. from $365.00 (Jan 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SOIC16 ZIF MB-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SOIC16 ZIF MB-1 F MB95220/260/270/280 SOP16. from $245.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SOIC20 ZIF MB95-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SOIC20 ZIF MB95-1 F MB95200/260/560 SOP20. from $235.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SOIC20 ZIF PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SOIC20 ZIF PIC-1 PIC24FV KA SOIC20. from $290.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SOIC28 ZIF PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SOIC28 ZIF PIC-1 M PIC24 / PIC32 / PIC33 SOIC28. from $255.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/SSOP28 ZIF PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/SSOP28 ZIF PIC-1 PIC33EP / PIC24EP / PIC24FV KA / PIC32MX SSOP28. from $300.00 (Dec 2016) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/TQFP100 ZIF PIC-2 Dataman Programmers DIL40/TQFP100 ZIF PIC-2 PIC18F J TQFP100. from $485.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
DIL40/TQFP100-1 ZIF PIC-1 Dataman Programmers DIL40/TQFP100-1 ZIF PIC-1 PIC PIC33F / PIC24H / PIC24F TQFP100 (12 12). from $595.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy


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Abstract: Farnell Order Code Equinox Order Code SS-89S-DIL40 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ... Atmel

17 pages,
469.82 Kb

digital clock program for 89c52 microcontroller at 89S8252 89C2051 microcontroller 89c55 atmel 89c51 cc Atmel 89C51 microcontroller Datasheet AT 89C52 24pi at 89c51 architecture programming 89C2051 atmel 89c52 instruction set atmel 89c2051 datasheet 89C4051 89C1051 89C1051U digital code lock system using 89c52 89C1051 89C1051U atmel 89c52 89C1051 89C1051U AT89C4051 MICRO CONTROLLER 89C1051 89C1051U pin diagram of 89c2051 microcontroller 89C1051 89C1051U temperature controller using 89c51 89C1051 89C1051U 20 pin Atmel 89C4051 microcontroller 89C1051 89C1051U 89C1051 89C1051 89C1051U 89C1051U TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: yamaha cdi schematic diagram TC9164N D71054C 747266 ym2612 CXA1191M FZK 101 Siemens FZK101 Sony CXA1191M line Reset DIL40 Socket Connect Adress Bus Data Bus CLCC68 CLCC68 Socket for 10108F 10108F ... Intersil

968 pages,
1112.79 Kb

2115 jrc 8 X 6 YS patterson pump JRC 4580 TRANSISTOR si 6822 philips ecg replacement guide CMC 707 am radio receiver YD 803 SGS philips ecg master replacement guide TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: : · Key matrix with 8x8 or 16x8 (NEW!) keys · Package: SSOP48 SSOP48 or module in DIL40 form factor ... Original

18 pages,
185.53 Kb

hallsensor M27C1024 PLCC68 plcc68 socket PORT23 SO24 RX160 crash barrier DIL40 PORT47 SPS2 INTERFACE BUZ71 ps2 pic micro-controller ps2 microcontroller BUZ71 application Crash Barrier -EM4 EPROM Emulator CLCC68 RX16000 pmod ad1 pic spwm TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: DIL40 module (DIP40 DIP40 module has been discontinued). SSOP48 SSOP48 are in tubes of 30 each Price per chip , (DIL40 module as replacement of DIP40 DIP40 package) Units 1- 4 5- 9 10 - 24 25 - 49 50 - 99 100 -499 > 500 ... Code Mercenaries

4 pages,
1828.58 Kb

lcd 8X32 keyboard encoder 16x8 SSOP48 RC5 IR 8x32 LED Matrix TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: Compatible DIL40 pin ZIF Socket, ISP for in-circuit programming Programming Socket DIL48 DIL48 pin ZIF ... Code Mercenaries

4 pages,
93.68 Kb

datasheet frame
Abstract: Programming adaptor - 44-pin PLCC to DIL-40 AD-DIL40-PLCC44-A AD-DIL40-PLCC44-A Emulation adaptor - 44-pin PLCC on target system , Package Adaptor - PLCC-44 PLCC-44 to DIL-40 (for programming/package conversion) AD-DIL40-PLCC44-A AD-DIL40-PLCC44-A Package Adaptor - PLCC44 PLCC44 to DIL-40 (for emulation/package conversion) AD-TQFP44-A AD-TQFP44-A Programming adaptor - 44-pin TQFP , Socket-Stealer Module (DIL-40) SS-89S8252-J SS-89S8252-J Atmel 89S8252 89S8252 ISP 8051 Socket-Stealer Module (PLCC-44 PLCC-44) Keil ... Atmel

137 pages,
1118.5 Kb

AT89C51ED2 80C52 VQFP64 AT89C51xD2 ATMEL 64 TQFP package MARKING FORMAT atmel 80c52 PLCC44 PLCC68 8051 interfacing spi seven segment T89C51RD2 top side marking AT89C51RD2 AT89C51ED2-RLTUM TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: socket DIL40 microcontroller socket Quartz crystal 20Mhz LED to RA0 through jumper user Button to RE2 ... B&K Precision

1 pages,
1110.82 Kb

datasheet frame
Abstract: /O Pins Package XRAM (Bytes) Total RAM (Bytes) I/O PLCC44/VQFP44/DIL40 64K 1792 ... Equinox Technologies

35 pages,
1456.46 Kb

AT-89C-X051-OEM AT-89S-ISP-SYS at89c2051 INTERFACE details AT89C4051 MICRO CONTROLLER AT89c55 programmer kit at90s8515 c programming atmel 8051 PSU-15250-EU atmel 8051 microcontroller spi bus 40 pin 8051 programmer circuit atmel 8051 40-PIN HOW TO HEX FILE TO AT89C51 VIA RS232 89S8252 AVR182 Atmel 8051 Microcontrollers atmel 2051 isp programmer circuit for AT89c2051 flash programmer circuit for AT89c55 ACTIV8 TEXT
datasheet frame

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Produktübersicht - C16x Produktübersicht C16x Chip164 Infineon C164 Controller Modul im DIL40 Format CM-167 CM-167 Das leistungsfähigste Modul aus der CM-Serie mit dem C167LM/CR C167LM/CR fast-view Kit164 Komplettes C164 Entwicklungskit mit Chip164 fast-view Kit167 Komplettes C167 Entwicklungskit mit CM-167 CM-167 KEIL C166 C-Compiler und Entwicklungssystem für C16x und ST10 Controller
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Kaleidoscope 08/06/2005 34650 Kb TAR eagle-m11-eng-4.15.tar
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