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FJB3307DTM Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation POWER TRANSISTOR ri Buy
BCV26_L99Z Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation PNP Darlington Transistor ri Buy
KSA1156YSTSTU_NL Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation PNP Silicon Transistor ri Buy

data sheet transistor k2500

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Abstract: K2000 K2000 K3000 K3000 10 25 5 1 - 25.00 K2001 K2001 10 2 60.00 18 00 K2002 K2002 - 10 - _ 18 00 K2500 - - - 10 5 25 00 , , several performance advantages are realized. 1) NPN transistor operating current range is extended by 50% to 100%, up to 400mA for the power devices. 2) NPN transistor saturation resistances are reduced by , with discrete power transistor chips, photosensors, temperature sensing chips, and LEDs. KIT , 60.00 K2001 K2001 10 - - - _ 1800 K2002 K2002 - 10 - - - 1800 K2500 - - - 10 5 25.00 K3200 K3200 - - - 25 12 6000 ... OCR Scan

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cherry mx K2002 K2000 GENESIS 4000M Genesis cs25-02 K3000 CS2001 PNP monolithic Transistor Arrays K2001 CS2002 k2500 K2500 Transistor component K2501 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: , K2004 K2004, K2006 K2006, K2008 K2008, K2010 K2010 und K2500 sind Anwendungen im Frequenzbereich von 25 kHz bis 3 MHz , , K2008 K2008, K2010 K2010 and K2500. High-permeability ferrites are also used for the manufacture of broadband , Basis von Power-Si einerseits und IGBT's (Integrated gate bipolar transistor) andererseits, werden U-U- , Werkstoffe K2004 K2004, K2500, K4000 K4000 und K6000 K6000 zur Verfügung. Zylinderkerne entsprechen der IEC 60220. Rods , frequency range of 0.1 to 100 MHz. The materials K2004 K2004, K2500, K4000 K4000 and K6000 K6000 are available for broadband ... Original

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k41 transistor core k2004 k250 k2500 equivalent kaschke coil Transformer kaschke K2006 K2004 soft ferrite handbook K2008 K4000 kaschke ferrite material K250 k2500 K800 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs) MOS-FET's zeichnen sich durch günstiges Hochfrequenzverhalten aus , cores: Material C 73 on request): · Werkstoffe für die Leistungsübertragung: K2004 K2004, K2500, K2006 K2006 · Werkstoffe für die Entstörung und Breitbandübertragung: K2004 K2004, K2500, K2006 K2006, K4000 K4000 und K6000 K6000 · Werkstoffe für Höchstfrequenzübertragung auf Anfrage · Materials for power transmission: K2004 K2004, K2500, K2006 K2006 · Materials for noise suppression and broadband transmission: K2004 K2004, K2500, K2006 K2006, K4000 K4000 und K6000 K6000 ... Original

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uu ferrite UU CORE Power transformers kaschke ferrite material TRANSISTOR KATALOG igbt circuit for induction melting trafo toroidal 15 KW motor Kaschke K2004 mosfet k2500 diode catalogue Si-Power smps ringkern 15 15 15 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: A merican Gaming and Electronics, Inc. represents over 200 vendors and carries thousands of items. This catalog is just a partial listing of our products. If for any reason, you do not see the item(s) you are searching for, please call your local sales representative. The sales representative will be happy to research and find the item(s) for you. American G aming & E lectronics, Inc. Sales Regions American Gaming & Electronics, Inc. Nevada & California Office Florida Office New ... Original

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hfe 40106 14 pin ic 7404 datasheet HEXFET Power MOSFET designer manual i ball 450 watt smps repairing cq met t3.15A 250V NEC K2500 Transistor component datasheet abstract
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