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Abstract: crimp heights for all wire sizes. For limited applications the BANTAM ROTA-CRIMP Hand Tool produces the same unform crimp. BANTAM ROTA-CRIMP Hand Tool Part Number 68321-1 (Instruction Sheet 408-2681 ... Original

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53894-4 53894-2 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: CS61584 CS61584 Dual T1/E1 Line Interface Features General Description · · · The CS61584 CS61584 is a dual line interface for T1/E1 applications, designed for high-volume cards where low power and high density are required. The device is optimized for flexible microprocessor control through a serial or parallel Host mode interface. Hardware mode users should consider the Crystal Semiconductor CS61583 CS61583 dual T1/E1 line interface. · · · · · Dual T1/E1 Line Interface 3.3 Volt and 5 Volt ... Original

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Transparent, Extended ribbon cable CS61584-IQ5 CS61584-IQ3 CS61584-IL5 CS61584-IL3 CS61584 CS61583 CON12 CS61584 abstract
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Abstract: Binding Post/Phone Plug 1285 Binding Post/Bantam Plug 5001 Dual Binding Posts, Raised Base 6884 ... Original

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stereo jack to rca rca splitter datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Pomona ® Model 5001 Adapter, Binding Posts To Miniature (Bantam) Plug FEATURES: · Adapts Bantam style equipment to binding posts and double banana plugs. MATERIALS: Upper Connecor: Binding Posts Brass per QQ-B-626 QQ-B-626, Alloy 360, ½ Hard. Finish: Nickel plated per QQ-N-290 QQ-N-290, Class 2, (.0002/.0003 , Posts and Miniature (Bantam) Plug. Color: Black. Marking: "5001 POMONA ELECTRONICS CO. INC. POMONA CALIFORNIA" Lower Connector: Bantam Plug RATINGS: Operating Temperature: +50°C. (+122°F.) Max. ORDERING ... Original

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D5001 QQ-B-626 QQ-N-290 QQ-B-626 abstract
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Abstract: [8-4/0] 10.0 - 120.0 [8-4/0] Single Crimp 10.0 - 35.0 [82] Dual Crimp 1/0 Bantam ROTA-CRIMP Hand ... Original

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69-214 59877-1 69051 69120-2 69214-1 1583661-1 DYNA-CRIMP 1490498-1 Power Unit 69120-2 59974-1 1490749-1 58422-1 1490413-1 peek insulated wire copalum datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Circular introduction UTG - Metalok Bantam UTP - Full plastic Bantam Shielding, how to assemble. UTGS - Shielded Bantam UT0 - Bantam Circular accessories MBG - Bantamate II Page 6 11 15 18 21 24 30 38 UTG UTG , Bantamate II What are the links and differences between TRIM TRIO circular, and MBG Bantamate II To , , interchangeable and intermountable. · MBG Bantamate II with the unique quick mating feature plus high number of , Bantamate II circular connectors use the size 16 TRIM TRIO contacts available in machined, stamped and ... Original

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ms20rm1 B20s Souriau HE 301 B UT001412SHT UT00104PT MBG12R1 UTG0103 MS14PM S3 TRIO 64 UT062028ST UTG6103PN Souriau MBG cross reference UT00128PT How to order Hyfen Bantam connectors datasheet abstract
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Abstract: or Bantam, Video Series Ordering Information Part Number Audio Patchcords 18QD18 18QD18 18QF18 18QF18 18QH18 18QH18 , Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam 1/4" Cables 05AD05 05AD05 05AK05 05AK05 05AN05 05AN05 05AU05 05AU05 , male 10 foot, RA male to RA male 15 foot, RA male to RA male TT747N TT747N* TT or Bantam Uses 2 cond. , Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam TT or Bantam 1/4" Mil-Type 1/4" Mil-Type 1/4" Mil-Type ... Original

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TT127 20QD20 15AK15 10BN10 TT744N datasheet abstract
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Abstract: .86 BANTAM TYPE® JACKS .87-90 TT-JAX® (.173") Telephone Jacks Bantam Type® .87-88 TT-JAX® (.173") Telephone Twin Jacks Bantam Type® .89 TT-JAX® (.173") Telephone Triple Jacks Bantam Type® .90 RTT Series Miniature Telephone , .232 TT® (Bantam) Circuit Guard Plugs .233 Miniature, Dummy , .142 BANTAM TYPE MINIATURE TELEPHONE PLUGS .143-144 1/4" COMMERCIAL PHONE PLUGS LITTEL-PLUG ... Original

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Elco 90 pin connector PCB Mounted 3.5mm Stereo Socket chassis Micro-D connectors amphenol M1001 analog energy meter ppt RF BASED HOME security SYSTEM ppt analog and digital energy meter ppt RCA SK CROSS-REFERENCE datasheet abstract
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Abstract: MS-M / MSG Rectangular connectors · SMS Qikmate · G - Bantamate · UT-Bantam · UTG Metalok bantam · UTP Full plastic bantam · UTGS Shielded bantam · MBG Bantamate II Plating table K (std) = Min. 0.4 µ ... Original

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Y16RCM P100MAN RC16M23 RC16MSC RC16SE4 RC20M12E84 RC20M13 RCS14M50 RCS20M12 RCS20M13 RM16M23GE1 MH860 RM16SEO RC14M30 RC14M50 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Pomona ® Model 6329 Dual Bantam (Miniature Phone Plug) To 2 Alligator Clips FEATURES: · Shielded cable to reduce noise. · Wired for long pins looking out to field · Dual Bantam Plugs are molded to the cable for optimum durability MATERIALS: Plug ­ Dual Bantam, nickel plated brass Cable ­ 4 Conductor shielded twisted pair RATINGS: Operating Temperature: -20°C to +80°C Operating Voltage: 300 VRMS Max. Current: 3.36 Amperes @ 25°C Max. Nominal capacitance conductor to shield: 720pf Nominal ... Original

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90702 datasheet abstract
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application of patch leads using bantam plugs. In order to be terminated correctly an O.D. of exactly 4.85mm is needed to anchor the cable into the back of the bantam plug by either crimping on a ferrule
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NTR-NP3TBR red Bantam (TTY) connectors
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) NTR-NP3TBB black NTR-NP3TBR red Bantam (TTY) connectors NTR-NJ3TT2 (kopie)
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