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CY7C0853V-WW14 Cypress Semiconductor FLEx36TM 3.3V 32K/64K/128K/256K x 36 Synchronous Dual-Port RAM; Density: 9 Mb; Organization: 256Kb x 36; Vcc (V): 3.0 to 3.6 V; Speed: N/A ri Buy
CYD09S36V18-WW14 Cypress Semiconductor FullFlex(TM) Synchronous SDR Dual Port SRAM; Density: 9 Mb; Organization: 256Kb x 36; Vcc (V): 1.7 to 1.9 V; Speed: N/A ri Buy
CY2XF33FLXC Cypress Semiconductor High Performance LVDS Oscillator with Frequency Margining - Pin Control; Voltage (V): 2.5/3.3 V; Input Range: N/A; Output Range: 50 MHz to 690 MHz; Outputs: 1 ri Buy

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Abstract: coniaci cnnp bi"el on cornaci am-J ^ilh ope*-1 eod Facrg to*3rd crimps' 3 Propel locala contaci try , Division 23 Ffûflt Strcc-t. Snl»m, WJ Q&079 U.S.A. phone {6Q9J S3S-7«n 1aK (S09Ï 935-0102 1wï(S10 , KlUfllOn T«| Rli Remnvai Tad Oil 1« 13 SD o 24 2G 3D 1T-Î5H5) iT?RS(ri .parvo« 3B7-1D0 n QÌS - , iMDWi? .(HTi'.[B2 afii-iro vsh sraooD? iT ÌS ,± m M ola ± M; tf GflJ - AH SMffM sw 17-iaiûf) JJHUt ... OCR Scan

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3M-40 KXJ 35 smd code E0 P44 SMD 1ak smd datasheet abstract
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Abstract: / / Tftnii fiûnc C& jrn jdd'ASii accuc.i r-«i «M CASoiiiu / 25 n» 2îrtf CYdtllTH >24 M iMnt p-owtr , : T50Í44 htype-H) P[n Ass ly rune nl& ZSL i ]/H fT í/tB [4 ír-ÜJl r. lAd 11 T/Dt [T ±/B7 [. 'ú k NX , fgJjWrçio ¿ Sis 1 .•••-» ] /OD D sTJ ILt> / El 3H 1 ««- n)fzir 5] tir Vie [V» z ï] H.t. M N.B. , ] Jptttyta lljjT J" Il -IIIBlJl iljj^ 1 ; - C$1 ."n 77- ELCsüjiü bd« (Iiwnx f 0 ir'C-l '/0 t^Q-J i t , F 'i inc.- A; IM let •v11 s mA inrAji auMi fet* r CAS - VIM 2 N. K: S=1AS -STy jdrruh ... OCR Scan

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TSOP44 LC321664BJ jdda IBJT 896H IRTD EN5062A EN5062A abstract
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Abstract: vol - se tCSC -AA >aoh OFF VALID MA 2 tcLZ , ÄMJ COL 2 ÎMP 1Jtçp À tRp COL N 1 ASC. *WP ÄL4- fx lDH VALID DATA 1 *SC twes *CWL , *AH COLUMN ADDRESS tAR RCD tRCS s: OPEN RSH tes W/////////M J foCH RRH CAC tAA CLZ *CRP , *AWD tDS lwap twp / ral RWL colum* address n • awd y & CWL / * RAD lCLZ tCAC , JIMÏÏÏM column addressn CAH, •mm DH valid data n WEHL tcacj •aa 'alw m aoh valid data 2 ... OCR Scan

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TC514102J t-rcj Z80 INTERFACING TECHNIQUES TC514102J/Z TC5141Q2J/Z TC514102J/Z abstract
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Abstract: 80 ns As Address valid to ALE 4- 5 ns Ah ALE I to address invalid 10 ns Cs CS valid to RD , bit NRZ interface ALE AD(7:0) Ta A As 1 Ah ADDRESS Tda I Tdh ed A I READY MA(7:0) f , 48 Mbit/s: dual bit NRZ interface ALE AD(7'0) _ Ta As Ah ADDRESS Wds Wdh < -» DATA CS x , interface PACKAGE PIN DESIGNATIONS (Top View) § § $ § 3 § CD U ID CD CC ID Mill r^ Q F? S W n u u I z > lo loi w z ü oly I Q Q - Û û Q z z > > - (3 / oooCTOiCTrooioiaiootdcococsooaicDoo CM O tO n DO q ... OCR Scan

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TMA dual band sdb 750 sdb01 32C9022 32C9022 abstract
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Abstract: 1,048,576 w o rd s b y 16 b its C M O S dy n a m ic R A M s w ith o p tio nal ED O . E D O is a kind of th e p a g e m ode and is useful fo r th e read ope ratio n. B e sides, th e # # D 4 2 S 1 6 1 6 5 c a n e xecu te CA S b efore R A S s e lf refresh. T h e /iP D 4 2 S 1 6 16 5, 421 6 1 6 5 are , ast access a n d c ycle tim e Part number uPD42S16165-50 uPD42S16165-50, uPD4216165-50 uPD4216165-50 uPD42S16165-60 uPD42S16165-60 , ) cycle time (MIN.) 20 ns 25 ns 30 ns T h e /iP D 4 2 S 1 6 1 6 5 ca n e xecu te CA S before RAS self ... OCR Scan

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XC002 707j datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Counter.4-10 Variable 4-Bit Modulo N Counter (2 < N < 15).4-11 Error-Correcting Code , Shift-Right/Shift-Left/Parallel Entry Shift Register.4-11 4-12 Variable Modulo N , two binaries. This design approach would result in ah MSI counter with input clock rates above 50 MHz , -O 0 I .CARRY OUT Figure 1-4. 8285 BCD Synchronous Up/Down Counter Logic Diagram ac^A so-1 V(N vpc , Network LINEAR SCHMITT TRIGGER Rf -VA- VimO-WV D°-O Vhyst = ~3.5- "°v0UT R|N < 750 fl 1/6 8490 Figure 114. ... OCR Scan

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ECL Decade Counter signetics 8280 bcd counter using j-k flip flop diagram ic 7490 Decade Counter procedure design 12 Hour Digital Clock using 7493 decode counter 7490 signetics SE180 AMI 8232 diagram of IC 8203 mod 10 up counter 7493 mod 4 ring counter using JK flip flop datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 1 ) re g i s t e r, as illu slr at e d i n the ah o ve d i ag ram, but t h e op e r a t i on re g i , n c e s y n t h e s i z e r t u n e r i n c om b i n a -t.i.on with C-MOS LSI TC9123BP TC9123BP for use in , exp 1 anaI1 on o f TC912 TC912 4AP , b r i c 1 descr ip I: i on will be given b e 1 ow of Its f u n c t i o n s a i i. d f e a t u r e s , a n d r e f e r e n ce si) all be made to the latter part of this , . Ì) i s p 1 ay o f 12 - s t: a t i o n memo r y r e a d - on t . Received frequency data are ... OCR Scan

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7 SEGMENT SINGLE DIGIT wlg AUTO SEARCH TUNING FM RADIO RECEIVER LAMP DIMMER LM 1605 CK PLL Synthesiser Tuner TC912 EJC-TC9124AP- ira diode d.o.o 100 TC5002P tc9121 tc9123bp tc9124 TC9124AP TC9124AP abstract
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Abstract: LiorrliuuryfKJh fcitf * lin pi9rX) Qrimndina indenls , ^.RflDI.FK-'iOI 2D-24 2D-24 Mât i7j=!HDi-MDai(n 17-RR01-M 17-RR01-MÎJ3-1ÙK 2J-3D Ferde IT-FlflQ^"-lCB 1TRR0? R)?lfw: E-iJO , P-p-Cùrnacn li- . J f c: i 0»B| Q n AtCCpiKh Snill ac4taici>*tKti F^rnir.T.FPiiF.: In CH H Lj - , tnwij nrin -ir IE gì «n T h -]---- ll-üú-f «Si - I I M M J ^ IJ-J- U-^JA-t , n>o ... OCR Scan

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u-77/u DK QL smd M5-76D1 IL44C Irf 1540 N MIP 411 26-4100-32p jd-e 94v-0 0103 mfv k397- tnr 241 km M1305 PCB VK 557 MIPI spec datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Merlin C60N -48V EPS The -48V, 10,000W (N+1) Economical Power Solution (EPS) is an extremely flexible power , rectifier performance N+1 redundant rectifiers Easy system management ­ Controller handles centralized , shelf · System controller · Maximum plant output (N + 1) 250A · Hot-insertable ... Original

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mg2444 PS6000 RING LUG M6 VRLA DIAGRAM FOR GAS processing plant Bus Bar torque for metric bolts Tyco 567 connector M12V90 c60n 6a c curve Hawker sbs c11 Tyco BNC1B GR-63-CORE Zone 4 test 12AVR100-3et 4802C 4802C 4802C abstract
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Abstract: , 4000W (N+1) Economical Power Solution (EPS) is an extremely flexible power system designed for indoor , Load sharing enables balanced rectifier performance N+1 redundant rectifiers Easy system management , · Basic controller (ERIC) or full-featured controller (Vector) · Maximum plant output (N + ... Original

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Diode FAJ 32 SBS-60 RT2000HA PS6000 hawker Hawker digital d DIAGRAM FOR GAS processing plant BIC3 battery hawker two 167-792-112 knock alarm Stinger knock alarm report m12v45f 4802B 4802B 4802B abstract
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SGS-Thomson 07/08/1995 702.22 Kb PL
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 306.71 Kb UUE chkinith.uue
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SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 699.98 Kb PL
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Xilinx 10/09/1996 660.41 Kb UU pnpapp01.uu
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SGS-Thomson 07/08/1995 623.37 Kb PL
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Xilinx 27/05/2004 18173.45 Kb ZIP
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 1743.89 Kb UUE 4kefixhp.uue
(Jc!!!!(NZl!"H VMkB(5Qpj)A"PCQC`Gh"M!!!!!EeSk'N!N!d$!!)!N!6rN!3!N!8)pX!!#2E!!!M f`!!!!)!!"!3!rj!%! )#!B3#!1#%! *2"!%L$i3!mJrm!'#`I!!" ! " SJm%!2)"q!"L!J3"S5!M4cB""!"5BB3"N )"K!%5!J3"!5!M0DB""!"53!'% !J)2K!&4m!rJ!Im!!*PIH$rkE`3# *2K!&5$i3!iJrm!'#`I!!"!JJ!-5!LUGB""!"5!B3" URB""!"5BB3"N - designworks 4.3.1/mac/logicworks_demo_4_5_installer.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 4589.63 Kb HQX logicworks_demo_4_5_installer.hqx
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Xilinx 05/09/1996 1804.08 Kb UUE 4kefixsn.uue
['i4AG9$cbQZ,AU(jqVK(Jp*&E0[(N@8kAH00-$J1[Ymh!r$AY)VS! (&kDP+e 1L-6'%J15MDP J15MDP J15MDP J15MDP)G8Sb!Qh*%-BDP5B&$@A&-1-N % -*"2%q'NSH
Motorola 17/09/1996 5807.31 Kb HQX 821umsea.hqx