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altera stratix II fpga

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Abstract: capable of up to 100 Mbits per second data rate in an Altera Stratix II FPGA and supports all codes , Altera Stratex II FPGA; however, an ASIC core is also available upon request. LDPC codes provide ... Original

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dvbs2 altera stratix II fpga DVB-s2 ldpc Encoder/Decoder DVB Comtech Aha "adaptive coding" LDPC decoder Decoder DVB DVB-s2 ldpc encoder LDPC aha LDPC Codes LDPC DVB-S2 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: AT91CAP9A AT91CAP9A Dev Kit Altera® Stratix® II FPGA (equivalent 500K ASIC gates) 1.8V Memory Board 3.3V Memory Board AT91CAP9HA15 AT91CAP9HA15 Dev Kit Altera® Stratix® III FPGA (equivalent 1.5M ASIC gates) 1.8V Memory Board 3.3V Memory Board AT91CAP9HA20 AT91CAP9HA20 Dev Kit Altera® Stratix® III FPGA (equivalent 2M ASIC , Mezzanine Board · AT91CAP9 AT91CAP9 ARM926EJ-S-based microcontroller · Altera® Stratix® III FPGA, equivalent to 2 , microcontroller standard product, coupled to a high-density FPGA, integrating the equivalent of 2 million ASIC ... Original

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DDR PHY ASIC ARM926EJ-S AT91CAP9 AC97 Audio Interfaces cap touch panel controller atmel cap touch controller AT91CAP9A AT91CAP9HA20 AT91CAP9HA15 AT91CAP9HA-DK AT91CAP9HA-DK abstract
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Abstract: Virtex 5 FPGA has an operating range of 0.95V to 1.05V and the Altera Stratix II FPGA has an operating , Switching Regulator Microcontroller, Processor, Digital ASIC, Memory, DSP, FPGA Power for Core , Digital Integrated Circuits Does the system include a DSP, FPGA, microprocessors, or memory? Design , system include a DSP, FPGA, microprocessors, or memory? G What is the design priority? Recommended ... Original

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LM2595 LM2675 simple switcher 10A TO220-7 package REGULATOR 48V TO 24 48v 10A regulator smd linear regulator lm2596 switching regulator 12v 3A REGULATOR SMD 12V linear regulator 48V sot23-5 LDO Regulator Controller 48v to 24v buck datasheet abstract
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Abstract: magnitude more multipliers, and flexible word size. For example, the new Altera® Stratix® II FPGA family , architecture. This paper will discuss the medical application developed by Mango DSP using Altera's Stratix , five Altera Stratix EP1S30 EP1S30 FPGAs with 2-GBytes SDRAM memory. The FPGAs are connected to four , Altera Stratix FPGAs Figure 4. MangoDSP Harrier cPCI DSP Board, featuring Altera Stratix FPGAs , FPGA Co-Processing Solutions for High-Performance Signal Processing Applications Tapan A. Mehta ... Original

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Tomography slip ring Scientific Imaging Technologies mixed signal fpga datasheet fpga radiation disadvantages of multipliers Digital Signal Processors CF-COP031505-1 18X18 CF-COP031505-1 abstract
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Abstract: pins, and memory. Table 1 shows the features of Altera's Stratix II FPGA family [1] as an example of the rich feature set that can be found in today's advanced FPGAs. Table 1: Stratix II Family Device , up-conversion is dependent on the clock speed of the digital device. For example, Altera's Stratix® II FPGAs , Corporation, Stratix II Data Sheet, [2] Analog Devices, AD9736 AD9736 Data Sheet, , DIRECT UP-CONVERSION USING AN FPGA-BASED POLYPHASE MODEM Rob Pelt Altera Corporation 101 ... Original

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AD9736 CF-POL031505-1 EP2S15 EP2S180 EP2S30 EP2S60 EP2S90 fpga da altera FPGA IMPLEMENTATION of Multi-Rate FIR Fliege MB86064 nyquist CF-POL031505-1 abstract
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Abstract: a matrix multiplication design running in an Altera® Stratix® II EP2S180 EP2S180 FPGA. In [1], the author , design of a double-precision matrix multiplier targeted to and run in an Altera Stratix II FPGA , +- + R R As with the Stratix II FPGA, by using the 1:1 ratio of adds and multiplies and the , performance from a real Stratix II EP2S180 EP2S180 implementation of the AB matrix multiplication with data from a , peak FP analysis is repeated for the Stratix III EP3SE260 EP3SE260 FPGA. Table 3 shows the resources for the ... Original

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EP2S180 clock select adder with sharing EP2S180 abstract
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Abstract: leading-edge Altera® Stratix® II FPGA into a dual Opteron-based system. The FPGA coprocessor module can be , The Altera Stratix II EP2S180 EP2S180 FPGA used as the FPGA coprocessor in this study has 14,3520s ALUTs in , Clock- d2 Clock- d3 When implemented in the Altera Stratix II FPGA, the design will require about 180 , Stratix II FPGA represents a significant improvement in its adaptive logic module (ALM) design [1]. While , of magnitude. References 1. Altera Corporation, Stratix II Device Handbook, 2006 ... Original

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WP-01035-1 EP2S180 AMD64 XD1000 introduction to vlsi CS9222 Transistor Substitution Data Book 1993 384-PE 384-PE abstract
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Abstract: research, read Altera's Stratix II FPGA Architecture (the foundation of Stratix IV architecture) white , that enable Stratix IV FPGAs to lower power consumption, see Altera's 40-nm FPGA Power Management and , available, refer to Altera's Stratix IV FPGA Handbook. Conclusion Migrating to smaller geometries , Programmable Power Technology, Altera's 40-nm Stratix® IV FPGAs not only provide increased functionality and , data showing Altera® Stratix IV FPGAs are 35 percent faster than Virtex-5 FPGAs, and detailed ... Original

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XC5VLX330 VIRTEX-5 DDR2 lut power XC5VLX50 technical spec virtex 5 fpga based image processing datasheet abstract
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Abstract: performance FPGAs such as Altera's Stratix II FPGA, are usually used at the heart of high-bandwidth systems , architectural layout of the industry leading Stratix II FPGA [5]. Figure 4: Stratix II Device Floorplan , , can be effectively addressed with FPGAs. Altera's Stratix II and Cyclone II FPGAs are considered as a , Altera's Stratix II platform [5], contain embedded DSP blocks, TriMatrixTM memory architecture, innovative , evolving standards. Altera's Stratix II FPGAs provide the ability to easily evolve WiMAX systems in ... Original

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NLMS Algorithm using matlab LMS adaptive matlab code 16 QAM adaptive modulation matlab vhdl code for ldpc LMS adaptive filter model for FPGA matlab code for mimo ofdm LMS simulink MIMO OFDM Matlab code lms algorithm using vhdl code vhdl code for ofdm transmitter rls simulink datasheet abstract
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Abstract: , and memory. Table 1 shows the features of Altera's Stratix II FPGA family [2] as an example of the rich feature set that can be found in today's advanced FPGAs. Table 1: Altera's Stratix II Family , Corporation, Stratix II Data Sheet, [3] The Mathworks, Simulink Data Sheet , IMPLEMENTING A FPGA-BASED BROADBAND MODEM USING MODEL-BASED DESIGN Rob Pelt Altera Corporation , polyphase modem using current FPGA technology. 3. FPGA OVERVIEW Before describing the implementation of ... Original

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LAy7 EP2S180 EP2S30 EP2S60 EP2S90 EP2S15 1E-008 8E-009 code for NCO FIR filter matlaB simulink design DAC 5754 FPGA FAMILY Pelt simulink design using FIR filter method fir compiler CP-BRDBND05-1 CP-BRDBND05-1 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2016): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
: Cyclone, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, Stratix, Stratix II Stratix III, Stratix IV, Stratix GX, Stratix II GX node-locked licence (ET1810 ET1810 ET1810 ET1810) ET1812 ET1812 ET1812 ET1812 EtherCAT IP core licence for Altera FPGA ET1810 ET1810 ET1810 ET1810, ET1815 ET1815 ET1815 ET1815 | EtherCAT IP core for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs The EtherCAT IP core enables the EtherCAT communication function and application-specific functions to be implemented on an FPGA functionality is freely configurable. The IP core can be combined with own FPGA designs and offers the option of
Beckhoff 10/11/2009 7.56 Kb HTM et1810_et1815.htm
verwendet werden: Cyclone, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, Stratix, Stratix II, Stratix III, Stratix IV, Stratix GX, Stratix II GX, Arria GX. Der EtherCAT-Xilinx-IP-Core kann mit folgenden FPGAs verwendet werden ET1810 ET1810 ET1810 ET1810, ET1815 ET1815 ET1815 ET1815 | EtherCAT-IP-Core für Altera- und Xilinx-FPGAs Der EtherCAT-IP-Core ermöglicht es, auf einem FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array - d. h. ein Gerät, das programmierbare logische FPGA-Designs kombiniert werden und bietet unter anderem die Möglichkeit, über das Avalon (Altera)/OPB (Xilinx
Beckhoff 10/11/2009 7.8 Kb HTM et1810_et1815.htm
No abstract text available (CHANGELOG)
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No abstract text available (Cortex M Architecture.pdf)
ARM 29/06/2009 11820.25 Kb ZIP