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Abstract: Presentation Limit switches 0 Osiswitch® Classic Metal, types XCK M and XCK L Variable composition Spring lever with thermoplastic end (4) Spring rod lever, metal (4) ZCKD81 ZCKD81 ZCKD91 ZCKD91 Variable length thermoplastic roller lever (4) Round rod lever, thermoplastic, Ø 6 mm L = 200 mm (5) ZCKD41 ZCKD41 ZCKD59 ZCKD59 "Cat's whisker" Spring rod ZCKD06 ZCKD08 ZCKD08 Thermoplastic roller lever (4) Steel roller lever (4) ZCKD15 ZCKD15 ZCKD16 ZCKD16 Thermoplastic roller lever ... Original

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ZCKY49 M8H29 schneider zckd16 limit switches schneider ZCK m1 ZCKD06 ZCK-Y81 ZCKD15 ZCKD219 MD39H29 ZCKD21 ZCKY33 M1H29 ZCKL1 ZCKD05 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ZCKD06 ZCKD08 ZCKD08 rod, Ø 6 mm Plunger heads with metal with metal with steel with ... Original

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ZCD21 XCKM110 XCKJ10511H29 ZCMD21M12 ZCKM1H29 ZCT21P16 XE2SP2151 XCKP2110P16 XCMD2102L1 schneider XCKMR ZCP21M12 ZCMD21C12 XCKMR54D1H29 XCKP2118P16 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Farnell Codes 423 2884-2902 425 3711-3723 Table of Contents 425 3772-3784 Section 19 425 3814-4557 Limit Switches 425 4569-4594 Current Ratings and Application Data 9007C 9007C 19-2 Heavy Duty Industrial Limit Switches Class 9007 Type C oiltight, watertight switches, compact and reed types available 19-4 Class 9007 Type AW precision oiltight, plunger style is micrometer adjustable Catalog 9006CT0101 9006CT0101 XCKJ precision switches with direct acting contacts to me ... Original

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telemecanique osiswitch telemecanique limit switch Telemecanique LIMIT SWITCH ZCP21 XCM NFC 63 Telemecanique ZCMD21 Osiswitch Telemecanique da11 Telemecanique xck j Telemecanique ZCP21 Osiswitch IEC 60947-5-1 xck-j telemecanique xck-p Telemecanique LIMIT SWITCH XCK-p Telemecanique LIMIT SWITCH XCK-J 59 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Detection The essential guide Detection A complete range of innovative and much more simple to use sensors Benefit from Telemecanique's major innovation: A worldwide detection first for improving productivity. A complete offer for resolving your most commonly encountered detection problems: b product selection simplified b product availability simplified b installation and setting-up simplified b maintenance simplified b detection simplified using a single supplier. Impro ... Original

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Telemecanique ZCP21 Osiswitch pressure switch nautilus Telemecanique XSC XUB0BPSNM12 Telemecanique XSAV11801 XML-F TECHNICAL DATA SETTING SHEET Telemecanique LIMIT SWITCH ZCP21 Telemecanique ZCMD21 Osiswitch Telemecanique xcks telemecanique osiswitch Telemecanique LIMIT SWITCH XCK-J 59 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: XS112B3PAM12 XS108B3PAL2 XUX1ARCNT16 XS4P18AB120 ZCKD31 ZCKD31 ZCKD06 ZCKD08 ZCKD08 Plunger heads protective boot in 1 direction Reference ZCKD10 ZCKD10 ... Original

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XMLF250D2125 XCKJ167D XCK-J105 XCKJ10541D XMLA300D2S12 XMPA06C2131 XMLG250D71 XMLF250D2035 XCKM XMLG006D21 XCK-J10513H29 XMPA12B2131 XML-A010A2S11 XCMD2102C12 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: The essential guide of Detection helping you easily select the right product 2008 Detection A selection of 1430 products, with the top 560 selling products referenced in bold characters. A worldwide detection first for improving productivity. A complete offer for resolving your most commonly encountered detection problems: p product selection simplified p product availability simplified p installation and setting-up simplified p maintenance simplified p detection simplif ... Original

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XS612B1PAL2 XUX0ARCTT16 osiris xuk0arctl2 XS630B1PAM12 osiswitch ZCMD21 XU2N18 XUB0BPSN XUBLAPCNM12 XUM0APSAM8 XUK5ARCNL2 XUYPCO925L1ANSP XUYPCO925L2ANSP XUK1ARCNL2 XUYPSCO989SP datasheet abstract
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Abstract: References, characteristics Limit switches Osiswitch® Classic Metal, type XCK L Complete switches incorporating cable gland Type of head Plunger (fixing by the body) Rotary Multi-directional (fixing by the body) (fixing by the body) Metal end plunger Type of operator Steel roller plunger Thermoplastic roller Thermoplastic roller lever plunger, lever (1) horizontal actuation in 1 direction "Cat's whisker" (2) XCK L110 XCK L102 XCK L121 XCK L115 ... Original

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L515 L121 L115 L110 L106 L102 P2141 P2151 XCK LIMIT SWITCH XE2S P2151 XCK_ L-521 L510 XCK M zck- datasheet abstract
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