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YMF262-M Yamaha - 200 from $2.9848 (Feb 2017) Bristol Electronics Buy
YMF262-M Yamaha SOUND GENERATOR CIRCUIT, 24 Pin, SOP 160 from $4.2250 (Feb 2017) Quest Components Buy
YMF262M Yamaha IC Date Code: 9423 79 from $2.51 (Nov 2016) Area51 Buy
YMF262M YM - 4 (Feb 2017) Chip One Exchange Buy
YMF262M PULL Yamaha IC Date Code: 93+ 870 from $1.25 (Nov 2016) Area51 Buy

YMF262-M Datasheet

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YMF262-M Yamaha FM Operator Type L3(OPL3)

20 pages,
9339.54 Kb

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Abstract: (YMF262-M), 48 Pin SQFP Package (YMF262-S YMF262-S). OPJLTM is a trade mark of YAMAHA Corporation which represents , E L £ C 2 O O q ;' PIN OUT DIAGRAM of YMF262-M · YMF262-M w » C /IRQ d / ic Q ao · , YMF262-M 19 mmm · Y M F262-S F262-S YMF262 YMF262 £ il o * £ 4: The specifications o f this p ro d ... OCR Scan

20 pages,
495.19 Kb

OPL2 yac5 yamaha B 6B keyboard yamaha opl2 Yamaha sound generator YM3812 YAC512 electronic drum sound ic Yamaha Musical ICs ymf262 YMF262-M YMF262 TEXT
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Abstract: supply silicon gate CMOS process. • 24 Pin SOP Package (YMF262-M), 48 Pin SQFP Package (YMF262-S YMF262-S). , DIAGRAM - 3 < Q CD O. c_> < > CL PIN OUT DIAGRAM of YMF262-M • YMF262-M VDD 1 O 24 j] 4>M /IRQ , bus. 4 YMF262_mmm 3. DAC Interface DOAB, DOCD, 0SY, SMPAC, SMPBD YMF262 YMF262 generates 4 channel sounds , driven to high level. Fig A-4 18 YMF262 YMF262 mm Idi DIMENSIONS • YMF262-M 24 O il 1 5.50±0.30 ... OCR Scan

20 pages,
9339.54 Kb

Yamaha yac5 top octave generator Yamaha YM3812 yamaha ic opl2 AC512 YMF262-S drum sound ic snare drum ic YMF262M yamaha opl Yamaha YMF262 yamaha opl2 YMF262 YMF262 Yamaha Musical Instruments YMF262 YMF262 YMF262 YMF262 YMF262 yac512 YM3812 YMF262-M TEXT
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YMF262M Yamaha Sound Generator - FM Operator Type L3

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