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YM2203 N/A FM Operator Type-N(OPN) Scan


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Abstract: compatible with software of YM2149 and AY-3-8910 and 8912 produced by GI. «ÌRMSSSH 0002315 bTb YM2203 This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer mmm_ YM2203 â  TERMINAL DIAGRAM GND 1 V 40 , Its Respective Manufacturer YM2203 mm M ii â  DESCRIPTION OF TERMINAL FUNCTION 1. This is the , Manufacturer mmm YM2203 â  DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONS The OPN is controlled based on the data written into , B. TTM5S24 000231à 305 m H This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer YM2203 mmm -
OCR Scan
ym21 ay38910 IC Generator to 2MHz square um musical ic ay3-8910 ym22 YMSS03 4555M QDD23E5 24TYP
Abstract: YAM AHA L S I N O .8 4 - I 3 I YM2203 FM Operator Type-N(OPN) OUTLINE OPN (FM OPERATOR , mmm TERMINAL DIAGRAM GND Dl YM2203 D O ¿S m AO RD WR CS I0 B 7 IO B 6 I0 B 5 I0 B 4 I0 B 3 I0 , do BLOCK DIAGRAM AO C S R D W R M (6S S H IRQ YM2203 DESCRIPTION OF TERMINAL FUNCTION , " . G ives th e se t tim e o f T im ers A a n d B. $ 24 ~ $ 26 YM2203 (1 0 ) $27 so u n d , (3) F = A sin (wCt + 0F) - (4) mmm * WRITE DATA A D D R E SS YM2203 _ CO M M -
OCR Scan
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