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Abstract: Y503 T E CH N I CA L DATA HIGH-MU P L A N A R TRIODE The EIMAC Y503 is a sm all frequency sta b le rugged planar triode which has been sp e c ia lly p ro cessed and tested to a ssu re the high re lia b ility demanded and required in airborne se rv ic e . T he tube i s supplied without radiator , approxim ately 1 pF due to thermal expansion of the cathode. 2 Y503 APPLICATION I F o r , U N C -2 A . 3 Y503 r ® PEAK GRID VOLTAGE (v) - 80 0 400 800 ... OCR Scan

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varian rs tube Varian EIMAC y-503 Y503 TEXT
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Abstract: 1125NC 1125NC 1125N 1125N 2N4990 2N4990, 2N4988 2N4988 Y124 Y121 Y121C Y121C Y121 Y120* Y120C Y120C* Y120* Y503* ECG6403 ECG6403, 2N4992 2N4992 Y503* Y503* Vt, V max 1 250 VF , V max 1.5 1.7 120 VR, V min Vrrm, V min ... Original

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put 2n6027 ic 2 bo 565 2SC3358 BFR90 transistor 79L05 ic 565 application REGULATOR IC 78L12 KDF115A5 78L12 GT 32 DIAC AL307 DZS535-15 1401CA3 AL307BM MMBR5031 2SA1778 78l05 sot-23 MMBR5031 2SA1778 ic 565 MMBR5031 2SA1778 ECG6407 MMBR5031 2SA1778 DIAC ecg6407 MMBR5031 2SA1778 1401CA1 MMBR5031 2SA1778 po102 MMBR5031 2SA1778 MMBR5031 MMBR5031 2SA1778 2SA1778 TEXT
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Abstract: /250V /250V Male to 50A 125V Female P504-503 P504-503 Y-Adapters 50A 125V Male to 2-30A Females Y503-2-30 ... Actuan Electrical

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W12545 TEXT
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Abstract: X1030 AR5211 B506 MAP17-232 Q506 BA4602 AR5212 ba41-00316a Y503 C239 15p 14.318MHz C234 15p 7 (3 1: 2: 3. OPTIONS) (ICS) (Cypress) (Hitachi) PCLK_SLOT ... Original

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27b1 diode 27B2 diode 41d3 ar5312 0404001 DIODE 20B2 X10 schematic geforce4 R5C590 nvidia 7100 DIODE 22B4 TEXT
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Abstract: alps encoder Alps Tact Switch U517-3 AR521 AR5311 Ct516 2007-000162 FD507 st c739 AR5211 AR5212 TRIP_SET 1500 : 95 dgree nostuff nostuff nostuff nostuff Y503 0.032768MHz 0.02nF 50V C617 B ... Original

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AR5113 AR5133 DM8 SOT-23 39B4 AR533 U508-3 AR5112 AR5213 diode 39b2 ar5312 TEXT
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