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Varistor 82V, 1200A

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Abstract: ROV Devices Radial-leaded Metal Oxide Varistor Resettable Devices Raychem Circuit Protection's ROV (Radial-leaded Metal Oxide Varistor) products help to provide protection against overvoltage , Various diameter sizes: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm · Broad varistor voltage range: 18V - 1800V · , grouped by: Diameter, Varistor voltage, Surge capability Raychem Circuit Protection ROV Devices , V-I Curve VM: Maximum allowable operating voltage VB: Varistor voltage VC: Maximum clamping ... Original

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7121K E-361 Varistor 82V, 1200A 40007001 1501 VARISTOR 20n 391K varistor E201K v 10 k 431 varistor ROV10-271K 471 VARISTOR 7220 VARISTOR 10n 471k 10n 431K varistor TEXT
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Abstract: varistor (MOV) voltage limiting components. These can be used for main switchboard primary protection , varistor / LC filter / metal oxide varistor G Discharge Current variations Imax 150kA / 250kA , /20Âus Maximum load curent 3 Imax IL Protection stages 100kA 200kA 1200A 100kA 200kA 1600A 2000A Metal oxide varistor / LC filter / metal oxide varistor Voltage protection @ , Metal oxide varistor / LC filter / metal oxide varistor Voltage protection @ 3kA (8/20Âus) UP ... Novaris

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