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VL1048 - - 14 from $31.05 (Oct 2016) Onlinecomponentscom Buy

VL1048 Datasheet

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VL1048 Epoxy Bridge Rectifiers Epoxy Vridge Rectifiers

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Abstract: to +175 VL1048 1000 700 100 30 15 -50 to +175 1.5 1.5 VK247 VK247 200 140 1500 300 75 30 -50 to +175 , VL048 VL048 VL148 VL148 VL248 VL248 VL448 VL448 VL648 VL648 VL848 VL848 VL1048 50 100 200 400 600 800 1000 35 70 140 280 420 560 700 30 ... OCR Scan

1 pages,
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VK447 VK647 VK648 vk104 VL447 VARO bridge rectifier VK847 VL647 VL048 VL247 VK048 VL848 VL448 VL648 VK148 VL248 VK1048 vl148 VK448 VK248 TEXT
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Abstract: VK848 VK848 (DB3508P DB3508P) E43 VL048 VL048 (DB1500P DB1500P) E39 VL1048 (DB1510P DB1510P) E39 VL148 VL148 (DB1501P DB1501P) E39 VL247 VL247 (ADB1504P ADB1504P ... OCR Scan

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PBP205 DIODE mr760 MDA2504 MDA100A MDA102A MDA3508 BYT03-200 PBDF153 MDA970A5 MDA970A2 mda970a1 MDA3502 Bridge rectifier MDA3510 MDA2500 MDA970A6 MDA2502 g1756 Diode g1756 pbl302 MDA2501 TEXT
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VL1048 Micro Quality Semiconductor Single-Phase Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier

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CBR25-100 Buy VL1048 Buy Exact electrical, slight mechanical difference. Leaded Bridge Rectifier General Purpose

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DB1510P Buy VL1048 Buy