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V3L-121-D8 Honeywell V3 Series Miniature Basic Switch, SPDT Circut Type, Screw Mounting, On-Off Switch Action, Plunger Switch Type (Jan 2017) Newark element14 Buy
V3L-121-D8 Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ Miniature Basic Switches: V7 Series, Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), 4A 125 Vac, 90g Maximum Operating Force, Simulated Roller Lever, UL Recognized, CSA, and VDE Certified, Quick Connect Termination from $1.74 (Jan 2017) Onlinecomponentscom Buy
V3L-121-D8 Honeywell SNAP ACTING/LIMIT SWITCH, SPDT, MOMENTARY, 0.5A, 125VDC, 5.21mm, PANEL MOUNT 2 from $4.00 (Jan 2017) Quest Components Buy

V3L-121-D8 Datasheet

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V3L-121-D8 Microswitch / Selecta Switch Over 600 obsolete distributor catalogs now available on the Datasheet Archive - Precision, Hall Effect and Basic Switches

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Abstract: 727-7438 V7-3S17E9 V7-3S17E9 4 Pin Plunger 0.1 0.250" Q.C. 3.45 727-3047 V3L-121-D8 4 11.0 Simulated Roller 3.21 ... Allied Electronics Catalog

1 pages,
66.11 Kb

V3-3001-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-3-D8 V3L-3-D8 V3L-131-D8 V3-101-D8 v3-1101-d8 micro switch V3l 139 d8 V3L-3014-D8 V3-2451-D8 v3l-1124-d8 V3L-398-D8 V3L-2106-D8 V3L-6-D8 V3L-104-D8 V3L-111-D8 V3L-121-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-145-D8 V3L-139-D8 micro switch v3l 1101 d8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-3003-D8 TEXT
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Abstract: .080 0,76 .030 18,5 .730 V3L-121-D8 High force. Most applications. 11 Amps T 32,6 ... Original

6 pages,
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V3L-3003-D8 ms25253-2 V3-101-D8 micro switch v3l 1101 d8 V3L-1124-D8 V3L-3004-D8 V3L-111-D8 V3L-131-D8 V3L-1101-d8 V3L-3-D8 V3L-1117-D8 V3-2101-D8 V3L-121-D8 V3L-104-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-145-D8 V3L-139-D8 V3-2900-D9 V3L-1122-D8 ms25253 ms25253-1 TEXT
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Abstract: -10G3-1C24-K -10G3-1C24-K S V3L-121-D8 D3V-11G4-1C24-K D3V-11G4-1C24-K S V3L-131-D8 V3L-131-D8 D3V-11G3-1C24-K D3V-11G3-1C24-K S V3L-139-D8 V3L-139-D8 D3V ... OMRON

33 pages,
550.43 Kb

V3L-104-D8 V3L-3003-D8 Z-15GQ22-B DH2C-B1PA V3L-1101-d8 UM40D10F01 ux10e60c01 V3-2101-D8 e61-60k LM 1117 DG2C-B2LA OMRON switch Cross Reference V3L-1122-D8 relay cross reference V3L 121 D8 unimax switch series 9 V3L-139-D8 OMRON microswitch unimax diode cross reference TEXT
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Abstract: 4AV12A 105ML1 1GT101DC clsb4a -2800-D9 -2800-D9 3.20 V3-2900D9 V3-2900D9 3.45 V3-1 4.85 V3-101 V3-101 V3-1001 V3-1001 (MS25253-1 MS25253-1 V3L-121-D8 V3L-1123-D8 V3L-1123-D8 V3L ... Carlton-Bates Catalog

31 pages,
1206.65 Kb

1LS3 V3L-121-D8 V3L-139-D8 MICRO SWITCH 1AV3A ms25253 V3L-2106-D8 CSLA1CH honeywell v3 "inductive sensor" MICRO SWITCH UM50E 1AV3A ms25253-1 1AV2A MS27216-1 BRAD HARRISON 5 PIN 41307 TEXT
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Omron Cross Reference Results

Omron Part Industry Part Manufacturer Type Family Comments
D3V-11G4-1C24-K Buy V3L-121-D8 Buy Microswitch Some Mechanical / Electrical Differences D3V