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MCF52234CVM60J Freescale Semiconductor KIRIN2E 121 MAPBGA EPP ri Buy
MCF52233CVM60J Freescale Semiconductor KIRIN2E 121 MAPBGA EPP ri Buy
MK21FN1M0AVMC12 Freescale Semiconductor Kinetis K 32-bit MCU, ARM Cortex-M4 core, 1MB Flash, 120MHz, USB, MAPBGA 121 ri Buy

V3L-121-D8 Datasheet

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V3L-121-D8 Microswitch / Selecta Switch Over 600 obsolete distributor catalogs now available on the Datasheet Archive - Precision, Hall Effect and Basic Switches

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Abstract: 727-7438 V7-3S17E9 V7-3S17E9 4 Pin Plunger 0.1 0.250" Q.C. 3.45 727-3047 V3L-121-D8 4 11.0 Simulated Roller 3.21 ... Original

1 pages,
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V3L-3005-D8 v3l-1124-d8 V3L-2425-D8 V3L-3003-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-3-D8 V3-2451-D8 V3-3001-D8 V3-101-D8 v3-1101-d8 V3L-3-D8 V3L-104-D8 V3L-2106-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-145-D8 V3L-111-D8 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 0,76 .030 18,5 .730 V3L-121-D8 High force. Most applications. 11 Amps T 32,6 ... Original

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ms25253-3 V3L-3003-D8 V3L-1124-D8 ms25253-2 V3-101-D8 V3L-3004-D8 V3L-111-D8 V3L-1101-d8 V3L-131-D8 V3-2101-D8 V3L-3-D8 V3L-1117-D8 V3L-121-D8 V3L-1122-D8 V3-100 V3-1100 V3-100 abstract
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Abstract: V3L-1123-D8 V3L-1123-D8 V-10G4-1C24-K S V3L-1124-D8 V3L-1124-D8 V-10G3-1C24-K S V3L-121-D8 D3V-11G4-1C24-K D3V-11G4-1C24-K S ... Original

33 pages,
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V3L-3004-D8 V3L-1122-D8 V3L-104-D8 V3L-3003-D8 DH2C-B1PA Z-15GQ22-B V3L-1101-d8 UM40D10F01 unimax switch series 9 ux10e60c01 V3-2101-D8 e61-60k DG2C-B2LA LM 1117 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: MS24524-23 4AV12A 51ML72 1AV3A 1GT101DC clsb4a 1AV2A V3L-121-D8 V3L-1123-D8 V3L-1123-D8 V3L-101-D8 V3L-101-D8 V3L-104-D8 V3L-104-D8 V3L-2102-D8 V3L-2102-D8 4.50 6.60 V3L-131-D8 V3L-131-D8 V3L-2106-D8 V3L-2106-D8 2.70 ... Original

31 pages,
1206.65 Kb

1LS3 V3-2101-D8 ms27994-1 ms25253 MICRO SWITCH UM50E V3L-2106-D8 ms25253-1 honeywell v3 "inductive sensor" CSLA1CH MS27216-1 BRAD HARRISON 5 PIN 41307 AmpsL122 AmpsL122 abstract
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Abstract: Basic Switches Standard Basic Switches Sealed/High Temperature Switches Miniature/Subminiature Switches Selection Door Switches SUBMINIATURE/MINIATURE BASIC SWITCHES The U Series of subminiature basic switches are our newest line. The US is the smallest snap-action switch available. The UX and UM are versatile, low cost, full featured products with ample electrical capacity in a compact package. SM subminiature basic switches are a versatile collection of small size and ampl ... Original

94 pages,
3472.3 Kb

UM40D10F01 ms27994-4 MIL-I-81023 UM10B70E01 UM40D ms2501 MICRO SWITCH V3L-3003-D8 MICRO SWITCH V3L-145-D8 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Omron Cross Reference Competitor Part Manufacturer Omron Part Number click to check inventory Family Type of Match Additional Info click to view family 6-1393104-4 Tyco MK3P5-S-AC12 MK3P5-S-AC12 MK-S Some Mechanical Omron MK types / Electrical include mechanical Differences flag indicator and push to 6-1393104-5 Tyco MK3P5-S-AC120 MK3P5-S-AC120 MK-S Some Mechanical Omron MK types / Electrical include mechanical Differences flag indicator and push to 6-139310 ... Original

1060 pages,
4322.29 Kb

RSDA-660-25-1D0 d3402 transistor Aromat TQ2E-5V OMRON G2V-2 6V relay RELAY OMRON G5LE-1 5V DC rz-24 relay OMRON G2V-2 12V relay datasheet abstract
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Omron Cross Reference Results

Omron Part Industry Part Manufacturer Type Family Comments
D3V-11G4-1C24-K Buy V3L-121-D8 Buy Microswitch Some Mechanical / Electrical Differences D3V