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AP2000-107-0-17MM (843371N001) TE Connectivity (843371N001) AP2000-107-0-17MM visit TE Connectivity
AP2000-107-0-STK (6006616001) TE Connectivity (6006616001) AP2000-107-0-STK visit TE Connectivity
AP2000-107-0-502MM (600661P008) TE Connectivity (600661P008) AP2000-107-0-502MM visit TE Connectivity
AP2000-107-0-130MM (909677-000) TE Connectivity (909677-000) AP2000-107-0-130MM visit TE Connectivity
3SAT1324A2 (2-1617514-7) TE Connectivity (2-1617514-7) 3SAT1324A2=M5757/13-107 visit TE Connectivity
058479-000 TE Connectivity (058479-000) CRSM-107/29-1200/239(S5) visit TE Connectivity


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Abstract: HP810 -107 UHX6-107 UHX8-107 UHX10-107 UHX12-107 HSX4-107 HSX6-107 HSX8-107 HSX10-107 HSX12-107 VI 4 (1.2) 6
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PDR100 HP810 PL8107 UHX4-107 CPR90G PAR6-107 PAR8-107 PXL6-107


Abstract: pl1537 A ntennas fo r 10.7 - 11.7 GHz Band Refer to pages 12 and 13 fo r E lliptical W aveguide inform ation 10.7 -11.7 G H z Typo N um ber Diam eter ft (m) Input Flanges R fifju la to ry C o m p lia n ce ! B o ttom G ain, d Di M id-Band B eam w idth Top Degrees C ross Pol. Disc., dB FB Ratio dB VSWR max. (R.L., dB ) UHX= Ultra High Perform ance A ntennas -TE G LA R » Long Life Radom e Included UHX4-107 UHX6-107J UHX8-107J UHX1Q-107J UHX12-107J 4(1.2) 6
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VP2A-130 pl1537 EBLOK-00005 3AX6 2261A HP4-77 XT300-92026 XT4500-01325 XT4500-91325 XT-600-201 XT-600-202 XH-1-701


Abstract: 107J 33 R e fe r to P a g e 1 0 0 f o r E llip tic a l W a v eg u id e O rd e rin g I n fo rm a tio n 1 0 .7 - 1 1 . 7 G H z Type Number iarreter ft (m) Input Regulatory Flanges Com pliance f Bottom Gain, dBi Mid-Band Top Cross Beamwidth Pol. Degrees Disc., dB F/B Ratio dB VSWR max. (R.L., dB) u h x 'B Ultra High Performance Antennas -TEGLAR® Long Life Radome Included UHX4-107A UHX6-107J UHX8-107J UHX10-107J UHX12-107J 4(1.2) 6(1.8) 8 (2.4) 10 (3.0) 12 (3.7) CPR90G or PDR100 A A A A A 40.0 43.6 46.0
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HP6-107G 107J 107J 33 T 24 498 HSX8-108 HP4-107A HP8-107F HP10-107F HP12-107G