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Part : TLP520-4(GB,F) Supplier : Toshiba Manufacturer : Chip1Stop Stock : 230 Best Price : $14.90 Price Each : $14.90
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TLP520 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
TLP520 N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan
TLP520-2 N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan
TLP520-3 N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan
TLP520-4 N/A Interface IC/Device Data Book (Japanese) Scan


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Abstract: TLP520-4 99D 17426 D T - 41- S 3 TLP520, TLP520-2, TLP520-4 Ga As IR ED & P H O T O -T R A N S IS T O R AC/DC-INPUT MODULES PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS The TOSHIBA TLP520, -2 and -4 , CONFIGURATIONS (TOP VIEW) MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25"C) SYMBOL TLP520 RATING UNIT TLP520-2,TLP520-4 50 -0.5 (Ta , silicon photo-transistor in a dual in-line package. The TLP520-2 offers two isolated channels in a single DIP package, while the TLP520-4 provides four isolated channels per package. · AC or Polarity
OCR Scan
max 17428 2500V E67349 RHS60Z T-MM33


Abstract: 4N25 CROSS - CNY75A CNÌY75B CNY75C - - - CQY80N - TLP520GB PS2505-1 TLP520-2 TLP520-4 -
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PS2001 PS2012 LTV702VA PS2401-4 4N25 CROSS 4N33 "cross reference" siemens CNY17-2 QTC 4N25 QTC 4N35 LTV4N25 LTV4N26 LTV4N27 LTV4N28 LTV4N32 LTV4N33


Abstract: 4n33 4n35 4N28 4N32 4N33 4N35 4N37 4N38A CNY17-1 CNY17-2 CNY17-3 CNY17-4 TLP520GB TLP520-2 TLP520-4 TLP521
OCR Scan
K827P PS2401-1 PS2401-2 PC825 PC845 PC817 SIEMENS 4N35 4n33 4n35 4n25 Motorola 4N35 cny17 PC847 k847p LTV4N35 LTV4N37 LTV702V PC4N25 PC4N26 PC4N27


Abstract: NEC ps2401 -4 TLP520GB TLP520-2 TLP520-4 TLP312 TLP312-2 TLP312-4 TLP521-1 TLP621 TLP521-2 TLP621-2 TLP521-4 TLP621
OCR Scan
LTV702VB LTV702VC LTV702VD PC703VB CNX36 SFK615 NEC ps2401 4N37 "cross reference" QTC CNY17-2 LTV703V LTV703VA LTV703VB


Abstract: TLP520-2 ±1 0.4/ ±1,0.5 0.8 _ : -2/-3/-4Ã1 2 , 3, 4 H» TLP520 TLP520-2/-3A4 * 2 ±60 + 50 - â'" 55 50 150
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TLP626 TLP620 823a PC814/824/844 PC813/823/843 PC813A/823A/843A TLP626-2/-3/-4 TLP520-2/-3A4

Optocouplers QTC

Abstract: moc641a TLP331LF2 TLP335 TLP520 TLP52Ö-2 TLP520-4 TLP520LF4 TLP521 -1 fLP521-1A TLP521-1BL TLP521-1GB TL P 5 2M G R
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TLP521-4GB Optocouplers QTC moc641a optokoppler MOC633A PC618 CNX35 CNX35U CNX38 CNX48U CNX71A CNX72A


Abstract: P621GB L P 504A -2G B T L P 504A -G B T L P 5 I1 G A TLP520 T L P 520-2 T L P 520-2G B T L P 520-4 T L P 520-4G B TLP520G B T L P 521-1 S H A R P M odel N o. S21M S4 PC924 PC923 PC911 PC9D10 PC9D10 S 11M D 5T S
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mcp3021z P621GB DPC817B DPC-817B p621g P620GB PC4N25V PC4N26V PC4N27V PC4N28V PC4N29V PC4N30V

NEC 10F triac

Abstract: TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER L P 504A -2G B T L P 504A -G B T L P 5 I1 G A TLP520 T L P 520-2 T L P 520-2G B T L P 520-4 T L P
NEC 10F triac TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER p421f p421 coupler P181 Photocoupler tlp3065 TLP102 TLP106 TLP112 TLP112A TLP113 TLP114A