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TG16C40 SanRex 400V triac (isolated type) Original
TG16C40 N/A Short Form Datasheet and Cross Reference Data Scan
TG16C40 N/A Power and Industrial Semiconductors Data Book Scan
TG16C40 Power Semiconductors THYRISTOR MODULE,TRIAC Scan
TG16C40 SanRex Isolated triac, 400V Scan


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Abstract: TRIAC (ISOLATED TYPE) TG16C/E/D TG1 6C/E/D are isolated mould triac suitable for wide range of applications like copier, Microwave oven, solid state switch, motor control, light control and heater control. â'¢ It (rms) 6A â'¢ High Surge Capability I60A â'¢ Isolated Nounting (AC2500V) â'¢ Tab Terminals UL;E76102(M) Unit : mm ¡Maximum Ratings C, E and D type have same electrical charactorstics Symbol Item TG16C40 TG16C60 Unit Vdrm Repetitive Peak off-State Voltage 400 600 V Symbol Item -
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B-267 TRIAC tg16c40 50/60H
Abstract: otherwise specified Ratings TG16C40 400 Unit TG16C60 600 Conditions V A.C.1 minute SanRex
TRIAC tg16c40 data sheet 160A TRIAC TG16C TG16C/D
Abstract: Breakdown VoltageR.M.S. Ratings TG16C40 400 Unit TG16C60 600 Conditions Tc83 One cycle -
T825 TAB250 TAB187
Abstract: Breakdown Voltageï¼R.M.S.) Ratings TG16C40 400 Unit TG16C60 600 Conditions Tcï SanRex
Abstract: Temperature Storage Temperature Isolation Breakdown Voltageï¼R.M.S.) Ratings TG16C40 400 Unit SanRex
Abstract: titive Peak o ff-S ta te V oltag e drm S ym bol P TG16C40 I te m S ym bol V C, E -
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7TTL543 0Q02421 000E4EE
Abstract: -116- _=aw«ü TGI6C, TGI6E, TG 1 6D oskttmtëmm (25oov¡ o f -7S-7-® i >) 3 f -í fh ') i â wias-t sAT-i â Â«HIMWà E Ç »1 iE S ft Min Typ Max # (4 Idrm T, = 125°C, Vo=Vo«» 3 mA Vth r, = 25°C, /â"¢=25A 1.5 V E ^ TG16C40/E40/D40 TG16C60-E60 D60 * ffi VgT T¡ â'" 25°C Fd= 6V IT= 1A 1- 'J#-t-n 3 V Vus M V II - VDRM 400 600 III 3 /tikmsi 16 (T,=83'C) A IV 3 Itsm 140/160 (50Hz/60Hz, ? »l-ttiiS«) ¡CT Tj â'" 25°C 6V fr = lA -
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TG25C TG25E TG25D DHO 165 DV 414 TG25C60 DHO 165 bv 409 DHO 165 DV 413 DHO 165 equivalent DHO 165 DV 346 TG16C40/E40/D40 TG25C40/E40/D40 TG25C60/E60/D60
Abstract: SSG25C30Y TG25C30 SSG35C30 SSG35C30Y 400 SSG16C40 SSG16C40Y TG16C40 SSG25C40 SSG25C40Y TG25C40 SSG35C40 -
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SSG16C60Y SSG35C80 SSG35C120 SN20C70 30j125 sn20c SN20c-70 sn20c70 sanrex thyristor 7ET14 SSG16C20 SSG16C20Y TG16C20 SSG25C20 SSG25C20Y
Abstract: Isolation Breakdown VoltageR.M.S. Ratings TG16C40 400 Unit TG16C60 600 Conditions Tc83 One Crydom
TMG5C60F TMG5C40F TG35C60 TMG10C60F 00-T-G TMG16C60 tg70aa60 TMG5C40/60F TG70AA40/60