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Abstract: 2. Function Index FUNCTION Tone Ringer APPLICATION Telephone Generates ringing tone FEATURES Variable initiation supply voltage type Variable initiation current consum plion Low operating voltage type · · · · Speech Nelwork Telephone Basic function type Differential output High sound Low voltage OSC Built-in Ring Detector High sound For ceram ic receiver or low im pedance receiver NAME of IC T A31001P T A 3 1 0 0 IF TA31002P TA31002F TA31002AP TA31002AF TA31075AS TA31075AF TA31076S TA31076F TA31065N T A -
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TA31033P TA31081 TA31065 ta31056 ta31137 ta31135 TA31133 3I065FA TA31032P TA31032F TA31033F TA31033AP
Abstract: (with hysteresis) 'C O N T © -^ ^ - TA31075AS/A F-1 54 TONE , . ) is th a t of TA31075AS/AF-2 55 TONE RINGER ICs M A X IM U M R A TIN G S (Ta = 25°C) C H A R A , = 12.5V is im pressed. TA31075AS/AF-3 56 TONE RINGER ICs T E S T C IR C U IT T e rm in a l , ) Vq h i (6) v OL1 (?) Vq h 2 (8) V 0 L2 TA31075AS/AF-4 57 TONE RINGER , (mA) 8 SINK CURRENT 12 lsjnlc (mA) 16 TA31075AS/AF-5 58 TONE RINGER ICs O U TPU T V O -
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SSOP1Q-P-225 TA31075AS/A TA31075AS/AF-4 TA31075AS/AF-5 TA31075AS/AF-6 TA31075AS/AF-7
Abstract: 1. A LIST OF BIPOLAR IC SERIES FOR TELEPHONE SET NAME FUNCTION Variable initiation supply Voltage type Variable initiation current Generates ringing tone Low operating voltage type Variable initiation supply voltage and sustaining supply voltage type · Differential output type · High sound Low voltage OSC · Built-in Ring Detector · High sound type NAME of IC TA31001P TA31001F TA31002P TA31002F TA31002AP TA31002AF TA31070P TA31070F TA3I075S TA31075F "TA31076S "TA31076F TA31024N TA3I024F PACKAGE DIP -
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TA31065F TA31062N TA31063N TA31023P TA8104F TA31028P 10-pin compander IC TA31025N TA31025F TA31031P TA31031F TA31024F
Abstract: Package SDIP20 SSOP24 SDIP36 Tone Ringers Device TA31002P/F TA31002AP/AF TA31075AS/AF Toshiba
5252 F led driver 4pin tc35301bp TCD1208P TC35306p TC35133 tc35133f TLP832 TLP833 TLP1241
Abstract: 7-1. Tone Ringer ICs TA31001P/F TA31002P/F/AP/AF. TA31075AS/AF TA31076S/F . 47 54 62 . T T -
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Abstract: 8F T A 31 07 0F T A 31 07 0P TA31075AF TA31075AS T A 31 07 6F T A 31 08 0N T A 31 08 1F T A 31 08 1P -
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TA8172AF TA8859P mg75n2ys40 TB 1226 BN t6961A TA8242AK 015Z10 015Z11 015Z12 015Z2 015Z3 015Z4
Abstract: 3. Application List Tone Ringers Type No. TA31001P TA31D01F TA31002P Single output TA31002F TA31002AP TA31002AF TA31075AS TA 31075AF TA31076S TA31076F Differential output high sound pressure type Variable oscillation start current type Variable oscillation start current type 16V SOP8 SSIP9 11V SSOPIO SSIP9 12.4V SSOPIO 19V SOP8 DIP8 Output Type, Others Control System Variable oscillation start voltage type Oscillation Starting Voltage 12 to 19V SOP8 DIP8 Package DIPB Single output, operable voltage -
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SSOP16 31101F TA31056F 455 if transformer ta31138 TA31138FN TB31202 31065FA TA31066N TA31066F TA31068F SDIP24 DIP18
Abstract: Terminal No. in ( ) is that of TA31075F. TOW IMA CORPORATION - 36 - TA31075S, TA31075F OUTPUT 1 , TA31075S, TA31075F TONE RINGER (For Telephone) . Since output circuit is of differential output , TA3107SS, TA31Q75F BLOCK DIAGRAM AND PIN CONNECTION TA31075S TA31075F T o a H M A co nnono n o N - 29 - TA31075S, TA31075F ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25°C) CHARACTERISTIC Operating Voltage , ) Fig. 1 TOW l« A COHPORATION - 30 - TA31075S, TA31075F 2. METHOD OF USING ICOnt terminal -
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murata pkm34ew C2-6800 TA3107IS TA31075S/F TA31057S/F
Abstract: . 147 TA31068F . 164 TA31075AS /AF -
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TA31133FN TA31145FN TA31080N 31095P ta31103f ta31103 ta31101 33P/AP TA31096S TA31101P/F/AP/AF TA31102F TA31103F/FN TA31124FN