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SX-4025 Siward International

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Abstract: ) T SX-4025 T SX-5032 SX-5032 5.0±0.15 #4 3.2±0.15 #3 Marking #1 2.4 Internal ... Original

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Q24FA gyro x3500 BA TSX-3225 MARKING CODE RTC4543SA Q22FA128 RA8565SA toyocom 32.000 4502c gyro x3500 RTC8564JE sop18 footprint Q22FA238 TG-5025CG epson FC-135 marking datasheet abstract
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Abstract: found in Section 6.2. The REB212BSMA REB212BSMA uses a Siward SX4025 crystal with two load capacitors of 10 pF , pinheader Pin Header 1x2, 2,54mm THM SMD-Ferrite 220Ohm, 100MHz 0603 size, 16MHz SX-4025, 4 x 2.5 mm SMD ... Original

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smd diode b13 REB21 RC100SF22R0CS NC7WV04P6 pcb design of a radio C0402C105 SMD MARKING CODE 4E Antenna Diversity Radio Extender adesto NC7WP32K8X_NL panasonic inverter 700 manual RC1608J000CS RC1005F1005CS AT02876 REB212BSMA AT02876 abstract
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Abstract: AT86RF212B-ZU XTAL 680 CX-4025 CX-4025 16MHz SX-4025 16MHz ACAL Taitjen Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 Designed for fCLKM = 1MHz ... Original

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Siward A207-011 0915L CBC 184 transistor AT86RF212B 748431090 AT86RF212B abstract
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Abstract: Crystal CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen SX-4025 16 MHz Siward 50V XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 9 ... Original

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XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 AT86RF230 AVR2005 AVR2009 GRM188R61C105Ka12d GRP1886C1H120JA01 SP100 SIWARD 16 MHZ cx 4025 crystal SIWARD 25 MHZ crystal Siward A207-011 SX-4025 748421245 AT86RF230 PCB AT86RF230 abstract
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Abstract: OQPSK-SIN-250 SX-4025 16 MHz Designed for fCLKM = 1 MHz ACAL Taitien Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 11 ... Original

172 pages,
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0896FB15A0100 0783FB15A0100 atmel 952 date code GRM188R61C105KA12D GRP1886C1H120JA01 SIWARD 16 MHZ cx 4025 crystal taitien reel X rf transceiver 2.4 ghz tr24 AVR BPSK AT86RF212 0915LP15A026 wuerth 744 771 147 wuerth 744 773 10 AT86RF212 abstract
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Abstract: CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen SX-4025 16 MHz Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 XTAL 32kHz Crystal Rs=100 ... Original

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AT86RF231 CRC-16 CX-4025 16MHz XWBBPL-F-1 GRM188R61C105KA12D 0603YD105KAT2A murata COG capacitor RX -2 -G Siward A207-011 Siward crystal xtal SP100 2450FB15L0001 748421245 SIWARD 16 MHZ cx 4025 crystal CRC-16 abstract
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Abstract: ATmega128RFA1 Features ® · High Performance, Low Power AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller · Advanced RISC Architecture - 135 Powerful Instructions ­ Most Single Clock Cycle Execution - 32x8 General Purpose Working Registers - Fully Static Operation - Up to 16 MIPS Throughput at 16 MHz and 1.8V - On-Chip 2-cycle Multiplier · Non-volatile Program and Data Memories - 128K Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash · Endurance: 1000 Write/Erase Cycles @ 125° (2000 Cycles @ 85° C C) - 4K Byte ... Original

555 pages,
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AT86RF231 ATmega128RFA1 automatic meter reading based on zigbee CRC-16 KS 2152 smd code book 2011 SP100 SP15 SP14 SP13 SP12 SP11 ASSEMBLY CODE CRC-16 abstract
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Abstract: NEW! SX-4025 CRYSTAL SMD TYPICAL APPLICATIONS FEATURES TYPICAL SPECIFICATIONS Bluetooth The SX-4025 is ultra-thin and small type surface mounting crystal unit. (4.0x2.5x0.7) A highly reliable seam-weld sealing is adopted to assure high realization and reflow soldering is possible. Also automatic mounting is enabled by emboss taping. Nominal frequency range 13.000~32.000MHz Crystal cut Fundamental [AT] Load capacitance Series, 10pF, 12pF, 16pF Level of drive 10礧 (100礧 MAX) Frequency ... Original

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crystal SMD 16000000 mhz crystal SX-4025 SX-4025 abstract
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Abstract: Features · Fully Integrated 2.4 GHz-band Transceiver · -101 dBm Receiver Sensitivity · Low Current Consumption (Typical Values) - SLEEP = 0.1 µA - TRX_OFF = 1.7 mA - RX_ON = 16 mA - BUSY_TX = 17 mA (max. PTX) · Power Supply Range 1.8V ­ 3.6V - Internal LDO Voltage Regulators - Battery Monitor · SPI Slave Interface · Baseband Signal Processing Compliant with IEEE® 802.15.4 - SFD Detection, Spreading/De-spreading, Framing - 128-byte FIFO for TRX · Integrated Crystal Oscillator, 16 MHz · Digital R ... Original

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AT86RF230 schematic 5131A AT86RF230 PCB FCC-CFR-47 AT86RF230 FCC-CFR-47 abstract
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Abstract: -32QN2 tTR21 CLKM low-pass filter resistor Crystal 0.47 pF 680 CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz SX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen Siward ... Original

184 pages,
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SP100 SP100 abstract
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SX402-5 Crystaloid Electronics Graphic Dot Matrix LCD Display

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