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SX-4025 Siward International

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Abstract: ) T SX-4025 T SX-5032 SX-5032 5.0±0.15 #4 3.2±0.15 #3 Marking #1 2.4 Internal ... Original

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marking SG-8002JF gyro x3500 BA Q22FA128 RTC4543SA RA8565SA toyocom 32.000 4502c gyro x3500 sop18 footprint RTC8564JE TG-5025CG TSX-3225 MARKING CODE Q22FA238 epson FC-135 marking datasheet abstract
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Abstract: found in Section 6.2. The REB212BSMA REB212BSMA uses a Siward SX4025 crystal with two load capacitors of 10 pF , pinheader Pin Header 1x2, 2,54mm THM SMD-Ferrite 220Ohm, 100MHz 0603 size, 16MHz SX-4025, 4 x 2.5 mm SMD ... Original

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pcb design of a radio NC7WP32K8X_NL adesto 4E smd diode Antenna Diversity Radio Extender smd zener diode code 4d C0402C105 SMD MARKING CODE 4E Atmega644 PA RC1005F RC1608J000CS RC1005F1005CS panasonic inverter 700 manual AT02876 REB212BSMA AT02876 abstract
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Abstract: AT86RF212B-ZU XTAL 680 CX-4025 CX-4025 16MHz SX-4025 16MHz ACAL Taitjen Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 Designed for fCLKM = 1MHz ... Original

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Siward A207-011 0915L CBC 184 transistor AT86RF212B 748431090 AT86RF212B abstract
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Abstract: Crystal CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen SX-4025 16 MHz Siward 50V XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 9 ... Original

98 pages,
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GRP1886C1H120JA01 AVR2005 AVR2009 GRM188R61C105Ka12d AT86RF230 AT86RF230 rssi SIWARD 16 MHZ cx 4025 crystal SIWARD 25 MHZ crystal Siward A207-011 SP100 SX-4025 AT86RF230 PCB 748421245 AT86RF230 abstract
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Abstract: OQPSK-SIN-250 SX-4025 16 MHz Designed for fCLKM = 1 MHz ACAL Taitien Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 11 ... Original

172 pages,
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0896FB15A0100 0783FB15A0100 atmel 952 date code GRM188R61C105KA12D GRP1886C1H120JA01 SIWARD 16 MHZ cx 4025 crystal taitien reel X rf transceiver 2.4 ghz tr24 AVR BPSK AT86RF212 0915LP15A026 wuerth 744 771 147 wuerth 744 773 10 AT86RF212 abstract
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Abstract: CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen SX-4025 16 MHz Siward XWBBPL-F-1 A207-011 A207-011 XTAL 32kHz Crystal Rs=100 ... Original

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AT86RF231 CRC-16 GRM188R61C105KA12D 0603YD105KAT2A murata COG capacitor RX -2 -G Siward A207-011 Siward crystal xtal SP100 CX-4025 16MHz XWBBPL-F-1 2450FB15L0001 748421245 ATMEGA128RFA1 CRC-16 abstract
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Abstract: ATmega128RFA1 Features ® · High Performance, Low Power AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller · Advanced RISC Architecture - 135 Powerful Instructions ­ Most Single Clock Cycle Execution - 32x8 General Purpose Working Registers - Fully Static Operation - Up to 16 MIPS Throughput at 16 MHz and 1.8V - On-Chip 2-cycle Multiplier · Non-volatile Program and Data Memories - 128K Bytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash · Endurance: 1000 Write/Erase Cycles @ 125° (2000 Cycles @ 85° C C) - 4K Byte ... Original

555 pages,
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ATmega128RFA1 automatic meter reading based on zigbee CRC-16 KS 2152 smd code book 2011 SP100 SP11 SP12 SP13 SP14 SP15 8266B-MCU ASSEMBLY CODE CRC-16 abstract
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Abstract: NEW! SX-4025 CRYSTAL SMD TYPICAL APPLICATIONS FEATURES TYPICAL SPECIFICATIONS Bluetooth The SX-4025 is ultra-thin and small type surface mounting crystal unit. (4.0x2.5x0.7) A highly reliable seam-weld sealing is adopted to assure high realization and reflow soldering is possible. Also automatic mounting is enabled by emboss taping. Nominal frequency range 13.000~32.000MHz Crystal cut Fundamental [AT] Load capacitance Series, 10pF, 12pF, 16pF Level of drive 10礧 (100礧 MAX) Frequency ... Original

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crystal SMD 16000000 mhz crystal SX-4025 SX-4025 abstract
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Abstract: Features · Fully Integrated 2.4 GHz-band Transceiver · -101 dBm Receiver Sensitivity · Low Current Consumption (Typical Values) - SLEEP = 0.1 µA - TRX_OFF = 1.7 mA - RX_ON = 16 mA - BUSY_TX = 17 mA (max. PTX) · Power Supply Range 1.8V ­ 3.6V - Internal LDO Voltage Regulators - Battery Monitor · SPI Slave Interface · Baseband Signal Processing Compliant with IEEE® 802.15.4 - SFD Detection, Spreading/De-spreading, Framing - 128-byte FIFO for TRX · Integrated Crystal Oscillator, 16 MHz · Digital R ... Original

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AT86RF230 schematic 5131A AT86RF230 PCB FCC-CFR-47 AT86RF230 FCC-CFR-47 abstract
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Abstract: -32QN2 tTR21 CLKM low-pass filter resistor Crystal 0.47 pF 680 CX-4025 CX-4025 16 MHz SX-4025 16 MHz ACAL Taitjen Siward ... Original

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SP100 SP100 abstract
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