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Abstract: Memory Interface Design , S3C2413X RISC MICROPROCESSOR v List of Figures Figure Number Title Page Number , Development Kit) shows the basic system-based hardware design which uses the S3C2413X. It can evaluate the , BOOT ROM (BANK0) The data bus width of BANK0 can be configured in byte, half-word or word in S3C2413X. , BOARD GENERAL I/O PORTS The S3C2413X's general I/O ports are used for SMDK2413 SMDK2413 key interrupt input ... Original

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UDA1341TS LCD 320X240 LCD BOARD CONNECTOR 34P smsung lcd monitor c SMDK2400X ks24c080c 240x320 U241MON SMDK2410X 320x240 pixels, 256k TFT SMDK2413 ltd79w298 S3C2413X S3C2413X 32-BIT S3C2413X abstract
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Abstract: , adding AK_INR) A A Title SMDK2413X SMDK2413X Revison History(S3C2413X Evaluation Board) Size A3 Date , ALE/GPA18 ALE/GPA18 S3C2413X EXTCLK MPLLCAP UPLLCAP XTIPLL XTOPLL XTIRTC XTORTC C7 E6 B7 D7 , /GPG14 /GPG14 EINT23/GPG15 EINT23/GPG15 T12 N14 N12 P12 S3C2413X K14 L17 K13 K16 L11 K15 K12 K17 L16 , VSSMOP VSSMOP VSSMOP VSSMOP VSSMOP VSSMOP S3C2413X R17 T17 T14 1 VSSI_UPLL VSSI_MPLL , SMDK2413X-BASE SMDK2413X-BASE (S3C2413X Evaluation Board) 100nF Size A3 3 B 74LVCH162245/SO 74LVCH162245/SO (Bottom) C258 100nF ... Original

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74LVCH162245/SO SN74LVC1G32DBV 1B6 SMD CL100 u61c RP107 c2061 smd A13 5pin OSC-HALF 12Mhz MSOP-10P SMD 5pin E2 S3C2413 smd A12 5PIN XF10B11A-COMBO1-4S datasheet abstract
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Abstract: S3C2413X 32-BIT 32-BIT RISC MICROPROCESSOR USER'S MANUAL Revision 1.06a Important Notice The , Samsung was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of said product. S3C2413X ­ 266MHz 32-Bit , : 21-S3-C2413X-032004 © 2004 Samsung Electronics All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced , .1-20 S3C2413X Special Register , S3C2413X MICROPROCESSOR iii Table of Contents (Continued) Chapter 3 Mobile Dram ... Original

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QCIF LCD Controller s3c* i2s S3C24 s3c2410 usb host controler gphcon FM24653 LTS350Q1-PE2 LTS350Q1-PD1 mobile camera interface microcontroller samsung p28 Timing controller T-con samsung 2412 S3C2410A S3C2413X 32-BIT S3C2413X abstract
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Abstract: S3C2413X (289-FBGA 289-FBGA) 32-BIT 32-BIT RISC MICROPROCESSOR USER'S MANUAL Revision 1.03 (July 2006) S3C2413X PRODUCT OVERVIEW 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW INTRODUCTION This manual describes SAMSUNG's S3C2413X 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor. This product is designed to provide hand-held devices and general , To reduce total system cost, the S3C2413X includes the following components separate 8KB Instruction , and PLL for clock generation. The S3C2413X was developed using an ARM926EJ-S ARM926EJ-S core, 0.13um CMOS ... Original

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S3C2413 Samsung s3c2412 S3C2413X 289-FBGA 32-BIT S3C2413X abstract
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Abstract: S3C2413X 32-BIT 32-BIT CMOS MICROCONTROLLER Application Note - Power Design Guide Revision 1.0 i Important Notice The information in this publication has been carefully checked and is believed to be entirely accurate at the time of publication. Samsung assumes no responsibility, however, for possible errors or omissions, or for any consequences resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Samsung reserves the right to make changes in its products or product specifications with the ... Original

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arm 2148 ARM926EJ-S Implementation Guide ARM926EJS ISO-14001 S3C2413X samsung power supply schematic Samsung s3c2412 SC32442A sc32442 S3C2442 S3C2412 s3c2413 32-BIT S3C2413X abstract
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