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74HC74PW-Q100,118 Nexperia 74HC(T)74-Q100 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive edge-trigger TSSOP 14-Pin visit Digikey
74HC74BQ,115 Nexperia 74HC(T)74 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger QFN 14-Pin visit Digikey
74HC74BQ-Q100,115 Nexperia 74HC(T)74-Q100 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive edge-trigger QFN 14-Pin visit Digikey
74HC74D,653 Nexperia 74HC(T)74 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger SOIC 14-Pin visit Digikey
74HC74DB,112 Nexperia 74HC(T)74 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger SSOP1 14-Pin visit Digikey
74HC74D,652 Nexperia 74HC(T)74 - Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger SOIC 14-Pin visit Digikey

Quadrature modulator 74HC74 ic

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Abstract: GFSK 72 kb/s 100 kHz DECT TDMA GFSK 1.152 Mb/s (EQ. 2) The quadrature modulator is based on Equation (2). The implementation of such a GMSK modulator is shown in Figure 2. The , Modulator GMSK signals can also be generated using a quadrature modulation structure. Consider the phase , find IC solutions for these digital wireless applications. Data SR00018 Figure 1. In , the I/Q modulator. The output is the GMSK modulated signal. This implementation scheme provides an Philips Semiconductors
TKS2251 fm vco gmsk GMSK dect 74HC74 gmsk vco GMSK fm GMSK gsm 1206R104K9BB0 AN1997 MCR18JW333E MCR18JW563E MCR18JW683E ST-4TA502 ST-4TA504
Abstract: CMOS DOS Modulator ANALOG DEVICES AD7008 phase modulation, frequency m odulation, and both in-phase and quadrature am plitude m odulation suitable for QAM and SSB generation. FEATURES Single , Compliance D C Accuracy Integral Nonlinearity Differential Nonlinearity D D S S P E C IF IC A T IO N S2 U pdate Rate (fMAx) Dynam ic Specifications Signal-to-Noise lOUT and lOUT, unless otherwise , Overdriveâ'™ 1.2 0 L O G IC IN P U T S V inh; Input High Voltage V inlj Input Low Voltage IINH -
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D7008 74HC74 P-44A
Abstract: accomplished with the use of pre-programmed phase registers. · In digital modulator and quadrature , Section 9. Digital Modulator Application of DDS (Page 60) Basic digital modulator theory System , An FM Modulator using DDS Appendix D ­ Pseudo-Random Generator (Page 120) (Page 127) Appendix , minutely optimized, under processor control. · When utilized as a quadrature synthesizer, DDS afford , and Q outputs which are precisely matched in frequency, quadrature phase, and amplitude. The Analog Devices
AD9851 ups PURE SINE WAVE schematic diagram ad9850 am modulation quality FM TRANSMITTER AD9854 DDS based CLOCK GENERATOR 10MHZ 74HC74 optical quadrature encoder LMX1501A AD9850/51
Abstract: . . Video Processor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VSB/Modulator . . . . . , 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-24 2-24 2-24 I/C Sound Modulator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Harris
HT 1000-4 power amplifier triac tag 8739 H48 zener diode Zener diode H48 TRIAC TAG 8812 h48 diode zener 90KPIV 400AAC 75WATT
Abstract: Q 47uF 5 1 + 1 C4 150uF + INPUT 1 1/2 74HC74 LTC1298 4 x 1N914 2 , 8 4 7 6 0.1uF 5 3 D Q PR CLR CK Q 7 3 2 4 1/2 74HC74 , those created by lightning strikes. These high voltages cause the devices within the IC to break down and conduct large currents, causing irreversible damage to the IC. Engineers must design circuits , tolerance of a circuit by placing a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) in parallel with the vulnerable IC Linear Technology
5000 watt subwoofer amplifier image AN8739 200w subwoofer preamp diagram 800 watt subwoofer circuit diagram CAR SUBWOOFER 200W AMP 3000 watts subwoofer circuit diagram LTC1446L AN87-124
Abstract: 1985 0 / 0 / CONTENTS VOLUME I Introduction to IC MASTER 3 Advertisersâ'™ Index 8 , ' Product Index Alternate Source Directory 2326 260I 2801 VOLUME II Introduction to IC MASTER , 198S 3101 18 95 $slC M A S T E R VOLUME II Engineering design begins w ith the IC MASTER Publisher, Frank Egan Editor Dave Howell Technical Director, IC Division, Jerry Metzger Assistant Editors , Telex 11 910-338-0272 IM PO RTANT NOTICE Considerable effort has been expended to make IC MASTER -
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70146 triac tag 8518 X2864AD 7 segment display RL S5220 8377 motorola TC9160
Abstract: Pulse-Width Modulator 3592-12 Pressure Transducers 3594-1 3594-1 ®IC MASTER 1985 29 MASTER SELECTION , PROMs? IC MASTER provides the most complete listing of application notes available in print. It is easy to find the right application notes by looking in IC MASTER because the application note directory is , PROMs. If he knows the device number, he can look it up in the part number index at the front of IC , IC MASTER has a Master Selection Guide which provides initial selection information and data on PROMs -
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LM566 Zilog 1521 ne555n P30/smd diode code pj 1209 PD8048 Sab8256 J26487 S-17103 54070Z CH-5404
Abstract: . 1-22 M IC ROCONTRO LLERS. 1-22 , Quadrature Tuner HSP48901 3 x 3 Image Filter HSP43168 Dual Finite Impulse Response Filter , HSP45256 Correlator HSP45116 16-Bit Numerically Controlled Oscillator Modulator HSP9520/9521 , Width Modulator 1-22 MOSFETs N-CHANNEL MOSFETs N-CHANNEL MOSFETs BUZ11 BUZ20 BUZ21 BUZ32 -
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equivalent data book of 10N60 mosfet MC14016CP GD4511 an-6466 74AC14 spice CX 2859 SMD 1-800-4HARRIS FAX24-H 1-800-4-HARRIS
Abstract: .75 Analog Gate Switches and Multiplexes.76 Linear IC , MIL-qualified Jan ICâ'™s. 81F380S.47.00 MEMORY IC'S Over 7,200 types from 60 , for over 13,900 IC's and modular types from 100 manufacturers in categorized functions. Includes , .47.00 MICROPROCESSOR IC'S References over 5,400 chip level productsâ'"RAM, ROM and interface support , .76.00 CONSUMER IC'S Mass market items. Unique cross-reference, parameter-sequenced format. Details Microchip Technology
bosch 30382 led 7 segment LDS 5161 AK 16F84 lcd 2x16 keypad 4x4 SMALL CALC RR3-433 MPC3202 DS00711A QS-9000 DS00711A-