Q62702-P3004 Datasheet

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Q62702-P3004 Siemens 1300 nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Low Power Original


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Abstract: STL 51007X 1300 nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Low Power · · · · Designed for application in fiber-optic networks Laser diode with Multi-Quantum Well structure Suitable for bit rates up to 1 Gbit/s Ternary photodiode at rear mirror for monitoring and control of radiant power · Hermetically sealed subcomponents, similar to TO 18 · SM Receptacle with 2- hole flange Type Ordering Code Connector/Flange STL 51007G Q62702-P3004 FC, 2-hole Maximum Ratings Output power Siemens
2 Wavelength Laser Diode p3004
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SFH 255 FA dl340m FP310L100-75 LR 2703 LY3360K 068000-A5018 Q68000-A5017 Q68000-A5707 Q62703-N26 Q62703-N51 Q62703-N52
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KTY 10-8 lg 6154 DL1416 KTY 20-5 DL440 O62902-B156-F222 O60215-Y63-S1 Q60215-Y65 Q60215-Y66 Q60215-Y67 Q60215-Y111-S4 Q62607-S60
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FP 310 Siemens LS 3369-fh SCF 5784 irl 3034 Q68000-A7820 KPY 14 6N135 6N136 6N138 6N139 BPW21 CNY17-1