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PKM30SPT-2001 muRata - 134 from $0.7031 (Feb 2017) Bristol Electronics Buy
PKM30SPT-2001 muRata - 107 from $0.75 (Feb 2017) Quest Components Buy
PKM30SPTH2001-B0 muRata Audio Indicators & Alerts 2.0kHz +/-0.3kHz 20v Sound Component (Dec 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
PKM30SPTH2501-B0 muRata Audio Indicators & Alerts 2.5kHz +/-0.3kHz 20v Sound Component (Aug 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy

PKM30SPT-2501-B0 Datasheet

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PKM30SPT-2501-B0 muRata Piezoelectric Sound Components

39 pages,
687.72 Kb

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Abstract: Part Number PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKM30SPT-2501-B0 PKM24SP-3801 PKM24SP-3801 PKM24SP-3805 PKM24SP-3805 PKM24SP-3807 PKM24SP-3807 PKM24SP PKM24SP ... OCR Scan

3 pages,
116.63 Kb

PKM17EPP-2002-B0 PKM22EPP-4007-B0 PKM22EPP20 PKM30SPT-2501 pklcs PKM13EPY-4002-B0 PKM44EW10 PKM22EPP-4005-B0 PKM22EPP-4001 piezoelectric 4kHz PKM17EPP-4001-B0 pkm22ep 40 PKM34EW-1201C PKLCS1212E4001 PKM24SP-3801 PKLCS1212E4001 pkm44ew-1001c PKLCS1212E4001 PKM13EPY-4000-A0 PKLCS1212E4001 PKM34EW PKLCS1212E4001 PKM22EPP PKLCS1212E4001 PKM22EPP-40 PKLCS1212E4001 PKM34EW-1101C PKLCS1212E4001 PKLCS1212E4001 PKLCS1212E4001 TEXT
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Abstract: -1201C -1201C Ringer PKM44EP-0901 PKM44EP-0901 o o o PKM30SPT-2501-B0 o o o o PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKB24SPC PKB24SPC , to +70°C -30 to +80°C PKM30SPT-2501-B0 75 min. [12Vdc,10cm] 2.5 ±0.3kHz [12Vdc] 20 ... muRata

39 pages,
687.73 Kb

7BB-15-6 7BB-20-6 7BB-20-6A0 diode 30Vp LCD 1201C piezoelectric speakers PKM17EPP-4001-B0 TRANSISTOR SMD catalog PKB24SPC-3601-B0 PKM13EPY-4000-A0 PKM34EW marking code r85 SMD Transistor PKM44EW-1001C P37E17 P37E17 P37E17 VSB35EW-0701B PKM22EPP-4001-B0 PKM22EPP-40 murata pkm34ew PKM34EW-1201C PKM34EW-1101C TEXT
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Abstract: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o PKM30SPT-2501-B0 , to +70°C -30 to +80°C PKM30SPT-2501-B0 75 min. [12Vdc,10cm] 2.5 ±0.3kHz [12Vdc] 20 , -4000-T0 -4000-T0 PKM24SP-3805 PKM24SP-3805 PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKM30SPT-2001-B0 PKM30SPT-2501-B0 o Piezoelectric Buzzers PKB24SPC-3601-B0 PKB24SPC-3601-B0 PKB24SW PKB24SW ... muRata

34 pages,
627.92 Kb

7BB-20-6A0 design sine wave power inverter diode 30Vp 7BB-20-6 piezoelectric alarm piezoelectric diaphragm PKB24SPC-3601-B0 PKB30SPC-2001-B0 PKM13EPY-4000-A0 sound level meter 7BB-20-3 PKM22EPP-4001-B0 PKM22EPP-4012-B0 P37E16 P37E-16 7BB-27-4 P37E16 P37E-16 murata pkm34ew P37E16 P37E-16 buzzer 1201c P37E16 P37E-16 PKM34EW-1201C P37E16 P37E-16 PKM17EPT-4001-B0 P37E16 P37E-16 PKM22EPP-2002-B0 P37E16 P37E-16 PKM34EW-1101C P37E16 P37E-16 P37E16 P37E16 P37E-16 P37E-16 TEXT
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