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LT582XH Linear Technology LT582X - 200°C Voltage Reference; Package: ; Pins: 3; Temperature: Extended ri Buy
LT1074HVCT7#44 Linear Technology Step-Down Switching Regulator; Package: TO-220; No of Pins: 7; Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C ri Buy
LTC1604AIG#90117 Linear Technology High Speed, 16-Bit, 333ksps Sampling A/D Converter with Shutdown; Package: SSOP; No of Pins: 36; Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C ri Buy


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Abstract: Burr-Brown Corporation Discontinued Products August 2, 1999 Model 0025MK 0025MK 0100AP 0100AP 0100MS-1 0100MS-1 0100MS-2 0100MS-2 0100MS-3 0100MS-3 0100MS-4 0100MS-4 0145MC 0145MC 01AA-A1030-00 01AA-A1030-00 01DSA00024A001 01DSA00024A001 01DSA00080A001 01DSA00080A001 01DSA00236A002 01DSA00236A002 01DSA00236A010 01DSA00236A010 01DSA01898A003 01DSA01898A003 0211B 0211B 0245MC 0245MC 0422MC 0422MC 0501-3A 0503A 0506/16 0506/16A 0506/16A 0506/16W 0506/16W 0506/26 0507/16 0508/16 0508/26 0509/16 0510A/25 0520/25 0527-1 0528 0546 0546-2 0546-3 0546J 0546J 0547/16A 0547/16A 0548MC 0548MC 0549 0550 0550E 0550E 0551 0551E 0551E 0551F 0551F 0551H 0551H 0552 0552E 0552E 0552F 0552F 0552H 0552H 0553 ... Original

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BURR BROWN 3271/25 3554SMQ OPA27AJ Integrated Circuit, Burr Brown 3551S 3510CM DAC736K-3 DAC800-CBI-V 4203j MPC8S 4203SQ Burr-Brown 3400B 1200ap 0025MK 0025MK 0100AP 0025MK abstract
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