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Abstract: CT104 q2687 AXK59510001 Functionalities The digital part of the Q2686 Q2686 Wireless CPU® is composed of a PCF5212 PHILIPS chip. This chipset ... Original

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MOLEX 99228-0002 Wavecom Q2686 quad band mobile repair tutorial 91236-0002 wavecom Wavecom q2687 pin out for gprs wavecom modem Q2686 COMMANDS at command Q2687 Allgon antenna AT COMMANDS Q2686 PCF5212 Q2686 Q2686 Q2686 abstract
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Abstract: Title 1 Clock 29 Apr 2005 PCF5213 PCF5213 PCF5212 PCF5211 PCF5211 Input Clock is Ignored When the External Oscillator is Configured as the Reference Clock 2 Clock 29 Apr 2005 PCF5213 PCF5213 PCF5212 , PCF5212 PCF5211 PCF5211 MCF5213 MCF5213 MCF5212 MCF5212 MCF5211 MCF5211 Non-functional RAM Standby Supply 4 Flash 17 Nov ... Original

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MCF5212 MCF5213 PCF5212 PCF5213 MCF5213DE MCF5211 MCF5213DE abstract
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Abstract: from PCF5212/5213 basebands · Flexible design tools for rapid design-in The PNX5230 PNX5230 is a full , The PNX5230 PNX5230 uses the same basic architecture as the PCF5212 and PCF5213 PCF5213 basebands, so it offers an ... Original

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ARM946 arm946 instruction ARM946E-S audio codec i2s - philips semiconductor CCIR656 cmos sensor usb jpeg encoder PCF5213 otp polyfuse PCF5212 PNX5230 LFBGA280 PCF5212/5213 PNX5230 abstract
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NXP / Philips Cross Reference Results

NXP Semiconductor / Philips Part Industry Part Manufacturer Type Comments
PCF5212EL/065/3I/M1 Buy PCF5212EL/065/3I Buy Replacement For Discontinued NXP Product