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ISL21010CFH320Z-T7A Intersil Corporation Micropower Voltage Reference; Calc Package Type: SOT3; Calc Temperature Range: Full-Range Ind; CalcDeviceStatus: AC; CalciSimModel: No; Hysteresis: 50; InitialAccuracy%Vout: 0.2; LowFreqNoise: 72 µVPP; LTDStability: 50 ppm; MaxOperatingTemp: 125 °C; MinOperatingTemp: -40 °C; OutputNoise: 58 µVPP; OutputVoltage: 2.048 V; ParametricTechnology: Band-gap; SinkCurrentMax: 118 mA; SourceCurrentMax: 25 mA; SupplyCurrentIsMax: 100 µA; SupplyVoltageVsMax: 5.5 V; SupplyVoltageVsMin: 2.2 V; TempCo: 15 ppm/°C; ri Buy

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